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The Anti-Justine : or, the Joys of Eros (1798) - Restif de la Bretonne

The Anti-Justine : or, the Joys of Eros (1798) - Restif de la Bretonne [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Book Description
The Anti-Justine is a pornographic novelization of Restif de la Bretonne's own life and sexual debauches, which the author tried to defend "morally" by declaring his book to be an "antidote" to the supposed poison of de Sade; yet the book is a monumental odyssey of sexual depravity that often rivals de Sade in its relentless explicitness.

First published in 1798, this erotic classic is now published in a brand new translation. This novel was de la Breton's attempt to write something even more obscene than the books of his arch-rival de Sade. It is one of the last classic of erotica currently out-of-print and this new edition will restore it to an avid readership.

Newly translated by Julian Jones and with an introductory essay by Dr. Iwan Bloch, biographer of the Marquis de Sade.

About the Author
Next to the Marquis de Sade the most famous erotic writer of the Revolutionary period was the productive Restif (Retif) de la Bretonne (1734–1806). His other works include Pornography, and nights of Paris.

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