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Crying Spider (1881) - Odilon Redon
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In the Tepidarium (1881) - Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Salon [...]

by 1881, the French government withdrew its support from the official Salons

Les Contes d'Hoffman [...]

The Tales of Hoffman (in French: Les Contes d'Hoffman) is a French opera by Jacques Offenbach. The libretto was written by J. Barbier and M. Carré. It was first performed in Paris in 1881, after the composer's death. Guiraud completed the scoring and supplied the recitatives which in most productions have replaced the original spoken dialogue.

The hero of the plot is based on German romantic writer E.T.A. Hoffmann, and the succession of amorous adventures is drawn from his works.

The Tales of Hoffman is part of the standard operatic repertoire, but it is only occasionally performed. There are a several recordings of it. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tales_of_Hoffman [Nov 2004]

Censorship in France

En droit français, la censure a disparu en 1881, lors de la promulgation de la loi du 29 juillet 1881, sur la « Liberté de la Presse ».

Ce texte a confié au judiciaire l'essentiel du contrôle des informations publiées en France, et a déplacé le moment de cette action : elle est maintenant exclusivement postérieure au début de la diffusion, ce qui limite les pouvoirs et donc les risques du contrôle. --http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censure [Jan 2005]

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