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Judith I, 1901 - Gustav Klimt

The Fourth Estate, Il Quarto Stato (1901) - Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo

At the time of its creation, Klimt's painting Judith I, 1901 , was considered the incarnation of the femme fatale.

Sexual Inversion (1901) - Havelock Ellis

Though Krafft-Ebing made a lasting contribution by spreading a vocabulary of perversion, the theory of degeneration he espoused fell on hard times at the turn of the 20th Century.  Havelock Ellis rejected it in his Sexual Inversion of 1897, and in 1905 Freud published a withering criticism of the idea that amounted to its death knell.  The year before he died, Krafft-Ebing even recanted himself.  In a 1901 article in the Jahrbuch für Sexualzwischenstufen, a journal published by the Scientific Humanitarian Committee he declared that even though inversion is an inherited variation, it is not morbid or degenerate.  Unfortunately, the last edition of his book predated his conversion, and its frequent reprints contain the old model of degeneration. --Andrew Wikholm, http://www.gayhistory.com/rev2/events/1886.htm [Sept 2004]

The Psychopathology of Everyday Life (1901) - Sigmund Freud

The Psychopathology of Everyday Life (1901) - Sigmund Freud [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Book Description
The most trivial slips of the tongue or pen, Freud believed, can reveal our secret ambitions, worries, and fantasies. The Psychopathology of Everyday Life ranks among his most enjoyable works. Starting with the story of how he once forgot the name of an Italian painter-and how a young acquaintance mangled a quotation from Virgil through fears that his girlfriend might be pregnant-it brings together a treasure trove of muddled memories, inadvertent actions, and verbal tangles. Amusing, moving, and deeply revealing of the repressed, hypocritical Viennese society of his day, Freud's dazzling interpretations provide the perfect introduction to psychoanalytic thinking in action. --via Amazon.com

Freudian slip
The Freudian slip is named after Sigmund Freud, who described the phenomena he called faulty action (Fehlleistung or parapraxis) in his 1901 book The Psychopathology of Everyday Life.

The Freudian slip is an error in human action, speech or memory that is caused by the unconscious mind. The error often appears to the observer as being casual, bizarre and nonsensical.

Although it is certainly true that not all errors done by humans can be explained as Freudian slips, such behavior is often analyzed on the basis that they may be. "Sometimes the truth has a way of coming out in the most embarrassing and unexpected ways." Although this may be true in many cases, such analysis should certainly be treated with skepticism. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freudian_slip [Sept 2005]

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