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Key work of art: Adam and Eve (1924) Marcel Duchamp and Bronja Perlmutter

Films: Ballet Mécanique (1924) - Aelita (1924) - The Hands of Orlac (1924)

Kiki in Ballet Mécanique (1924)

Still from Diagonal-Symphonie (1924) - Viking Eggeling
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Adam and Eve (1924) Marcel Duchamp and Bronja Perlmutter

Three years later, immediately after the self-portrait in the Monte Carlo Bond –in Cinésketch, a theatrical diversion of Picabia and René Clair- Duchamp reappears as Adam in a tableau vivant based on a sixteenth-century painting by Cranach, displaying an evidently artificial beard (a significant counterpart to the ambiguous beard of foam), a watch, and a shaved pubis. Certainly not the last 'shaving' in his work. --http://www.toutfait.com/issues/volume2/issue_5/articles/mauricio/mauricio1.html [Oct 2004]


Inversions, the first French gay journal is published. Produced between 1924 and 1926, it stopped publication after the French government charged the publishers with compromising public morality.

Surrealist Manifesto

  • 1924: André Breton publishes the surrealist manifesto

    Heroin Illegal in USA

    Since 1924, when Congress made it illegal to manufacture, possess, or sell heroin, America has been free from heroin as well -- if not in practice, then at least in theory. --Schaffer Library of Drug Policy

    Corydon (1924) André Gide

    Corydon (1924) André Gide [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

    See entry for André Gide

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