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Holocaust [...]

- Jews throughout Western Europe are forced into ghettos.

-Jews may not leave their houses without permission form the police.

-Jews may no longer use public telephones.


Germany invades Russia, Crete, North Africa
Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, USA enters war
Japan invades Phillipines
John Cage and Lou Harrison: Double Music (first collaborative musical composition)
Shostakovich: Symphony No. 7 (about Nazi invasion of Russia)

Recorded music broadcasting on radio

Like Edison's phonograph, radio was first conceived as a business tool--a talking telegraph. But even in the early ham days, when would-be broadcasters would first distribute crystal sets to their neighbors, some had more poetic ideas--a San Jose buff was airing live and recorded music as early as 1909. By 1926, when there were already Tin Pan Alley songsmiths who limited their melodies to the five notes early receivers could handle, David Sarnoff, who'd first proposed a "radio music box" in 1916, had assembled the NBC network. Much of the networks' allure, however, lay in the access they afforded to swank (and costly) metropolitan entertainment as it happened--stars live in your living room, big bands playing big hotels. Only in 1941, when the federal government--which back in 1922 had allotted the choicest frequencies to operators who promised not to broadcast records--moved to break the power of the networks, was the stage set for the small local stations whose need for cheap programming would soon transform disc jockeys into tastemaking local celebrities. And in those days, local celebrities played local music--including all the insurgent folk-pop BMI had had the luck or vision to exploit. -- Robert Christgau, Robert Christgau: BE: A Dozen Moments in the Prehistory of Rock ...

Masochism in Sex and Society (1941) Theodor Reik

  1. Reik, Theodore. _Masochism in Sex and Society_. Trans. Margaret H. Beigel and Gertrud M. Kurth. New York: Grove, 1962. (First ed. 1941)

    Original title:Aus Leiden Freuden. Masochismus und Gesellschaft

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