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The end of World War II and the public disclosure of the Holocaust atrocities. [Feb 2006]

Films: Mom and Dad (1945) - Open City (1945)

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La Môme Vert-de-Gris (1945)
de Peter Cheyney
premier titre de la Série Noire
[ ici, couverture cartonnée de la réédition de 1950 ]
info sourced here. [Jul 2005]

Paragraph 175 [...]

In 1945, when concentration camps were liberated, gays were not freed but made to serve out their sentence under Paragraph 175. In 1950, East Germany abolished Nazi amendments to Paragraph 175, whereas West Germany kept them and had them even confirmed by its supreme court. About 100,000 men were implicated in legal proceedings from 1945 to 1969, and about 50,000 were convicted (if they had not committed suicide before, as many did). But in 1969, Social Democrats eased Paragraph 175 to an age of consent of 21. It was lowered to 18 in 1973, and finally repealed in 1994. East Germany reformed its more lenient version of the paragraph already in 1968, and repealed it in 1988. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paragraph_175

Adolf Hitler commits suicide [...]

On 30 April 1945, Adolf Hitler committed suicide as Russian shells exploded in the Chancellery garden above. It was twelve years and three months since he had become dictator of Germany. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_II#European_Theatre [Aug 2004]

Hypertext [...]

1945 Vannevar Bush foresees the invention of hypertext
Vannevar Bush, American nuclear physicist and futurist, recognized the information explosion that few recognized was in progress even then. The technological and scientific advances made during the recent world war did much to hasten the coming of the information revolution. Bush realized that if a way were not soon found to search for information following the thread of an idea across many publications, books, and documents, the vast store of knowledge amassed by humanity would become all but inaccessible, and therefore of little use to anybody except narrowly defined specialists in a particular field. The idea of hypermedia was born.

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