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1985 music

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New genres: house music

Trends and developments: demise of Salsoul records

House music

And house music was born with ‘Mysteries of Love’ by Mr. Fingers; The 110bpm original instrumental becomes an anthem at the Garage after Levan gets hold of it on acetate. [...]

By 1985 it was clear that something big was beginning to stir. Ron Hardy, who was to become the backbone of the Chicago club scene by consistently breaking the new records, began playing at The Music Box around the same time as Frankie Knuckles left The Warehouse, and other DJs like Farley and the Hot Mix 5 who threw down the mix shows on the radio station WBMX were making names for themselves. But making a record wasn't the priority for most of the DJs at the time - they were making music specifically to play at the clubs and the parties that were beginning to spring up in the city. Larry Heard and Robert Owens, later to be known as Fingers Inc, and Steve Hurley were all experimenting with basic rhythm tracks long before they made the jump to vinyl. - Phil Cheeseman [...]

DJ International [...]

A Chicago label that was founded by Rocky Jones in 1985. DJ International focused on releasing mainly vocal house, while the other big Chicago label, Trax, is known for rougher tracks.

Label's hits include "Music is the key" by J.M.Silk (the first release), "Acid Thunder" & "Can U dance" by Fast Eddie, "It's allright" by Sterling Void, and Chip E's "Like This". Definitely a class house label!

For Licensing, please contact: Benji Espinoza: djrecordschicago@aol.com -- http://www.discogs.com/label/DJ_International

MDMA Exposed

The Face magazine runs the first in-depth article on MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine), which is the basis for the party drug Ecstasy. It was first synthesised and patented before World War I by German company Merck as a diet aid. In the 60s it was rediscovered by Alexander Shulgin, a US biochemist, who used it for theraputic purposes. It was banned in the USA in 1985.

Post Disco Singles

  1. Fingers, Inc. - Mysteries of Love
  2. Chip E. - Like This (12")
  3. Gwen Guthrie - Seventh Heaven/Getting Hot/Peanut Butter
  4. T.C. Curtis - You Should Have Known Better
  5. J.M. Silk - Music Is The Key
  6. Steve Hurley - Jack Your Body
  7. Tramaine - Fall Down (Spirit Of Love) with the famous 'I Need You' sample
  8. Tony Paris - Electric Automan
  9. Colonel Abrams - Trapped
  10. Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way
  11. Alexander Robotnick - Problemes D'Amour
  12. Nile Rodgers - State Your Mind/Stay Out Of The Light (Levan 12" Remix)
  13. Rochelle Fleming - Love Itch
  14. Serious Intention - You Don't Know
  15. Farley Jackmaster Funk - Farley Knows House (Chicago has the rawest tracks)
  16. Wally Badarou - Chief Inspector
  17. Model 500 - No UFOs
  18. Roberta Gilliam - All I Want Is My Baby
  19. Skipworth & Turner - Thinking About Your Love
  20. Jenny Burton - Bad Habits
  21. Chocolate - It's That East Street Beat
  22. Under Me Sleng Teng - Wayne Smith


  1. Sing & Shout (1985) - Chosen Brothers [Amazon.com]
    Track Listing: 1. There You Are 2. Sing & Shout 3. Jah Don't Like That 4. Hey Lady 5. Joy Joy 6. I Gave You Love 7. Dancing In The Rain 8. Mash Down Babylon 9. Back To Africa 10. All Things
    This album came out in 1985 on the Wackies label, it was reissued by Blood and Fire in 1996. [...]

  2. King of Rock (1985) - Run D.M.C [Amazon.com]
    1. Rock the House 2. King of Rock 3. You Talk Too Much 4. Jam-Master Jammin' 5. Roots, Rap, Reggae 6. Can You Rock It Like This 7. You're Blind 8. It's Not Funny 9. Darryl and Joe (Krush-Groove 3) [Krush-Groove 3]

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