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1987 music

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New genres: acid house - house music

Seminal tracks: Wax The Van (1987) - Lola

New genres: acid house - house music Cut 'N' Mix: Culture, Identity, and Caribbean Music (1987) - Dick Hebdige

Sept. 27, the Paradise Garage, the quintessential "Garage" club closes its doors forever. Famed DJ/producer Larry Levan is out of a job.

Todd Terry dispenses with vocal narrative altogether on Royal House's "Can You Party," and created a dance classic out of a delirious, near chaotic collage of electronic samples.

Acid house [...]

When Marshall Jefferson, DJ Pierre and Spanky pissed about with a then defunct, cheap bass synthesiser and came up with this burbling, idiotic, weird sound, they thought it sounded like acid rock. Hence the title of the tape they handed to DJ Ron Hardy at The Music Box in Chicago. Within a couple of weeks they had the hottest record in Chicago. Within a year the sound they had created had become the rallying cry of a brand new youth movement - . - Mixmag


Abigail Adams "Movin" Records gives homegrown New Jersey artists like Park Ave ("Donít Turn Your Love") and Vicky Martin ("Not Gonna Do It") much needed exposure. Ace Munginís Ace Beat starts the careers of Blaze and Jomanda among others. The Basement Boys "Love Donít Live Here Anymore" marks the birth of the Boys as noted artists and producers. On Jump St. Records. Quark releases Blazeís "If You Should Need A Friend".

Acid jazz at Dingwalls [...]

In 1987 Gilles Peterson, having done his apprenticeship at the Electric Ballroom and developed his own thing as part of Nicky Holloway's Special Branch, was setting up a new club at Dingwalls on a Sunday afternoon. He invited Patrick to join in and for the next 4 and a half years the club ran and pioneered that Acid Jazz thang.

Death Disco (1983,1987) - Arbeid Adelt

"Death Disco" is a cover track of Public Image Limited, a post punk band with the ex-vocalist of Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten. The New Beat version has strong & slower beats. This belgian electronic mood has also basslines of TB 303 and weird effects. The original one had elements of disco bass and punk rock, with lyrics like "Seen it in your eyes", a paradox about what the eyes show and the words cannot say... Alain_Patrick - 14-Sep-04 01:01 AM via http://www.discogs.com/release/89606 [Oct 2005]

Taken from the b-side of the 7" single "De Man Die Alles Noteert' the track was recorded live. Although titled 'Death Disco' it is actually a cover of 'Fodderstompf'. Arbeid are fronted by eclectic Belgian Luc Van Acker who later played the likes of the Revolting Cocks. The band also released a single called 'Jhonnie Sexpistool'. Jan Vanroelen from the band later recorded a studio version of 'Death Disco' which was released as a 12" single.

In recent years this track has become something of a cult classic and has featured on numerous mix compilations, most notably '2 Many dj's, Soul Wax pt.2' mix album --http://www.fodderstompf.com/DISCOGRAPHY/2coverdisco.html [Oct 2005]

House music

  1. Fingers, Inc. - Never No More Lonely
  2. Lola - Wax the Van
  3. Fingers, Inc. - Mystery Of Love
  4. Royal House - Can You Party
  5. Blaze - If You Should Need A Friend
  6. Reese & Santonio - The Sound
  7. LNR - Work It To The Bone
  8. Tramaine - The Rock
  9. Touch - Without You
  10. Prince - Sign Of The Times (12"/LP)
  11. Liz Torres - Mama's Boy (12")
  12. J.M. Silk - I Can't Turn Around
  13. Janice Christie - Taking Me For Granted (12")
  14. Jungle Wonz - Time Marches On
  15. Joe Smooth - Promised Land
  16. J.M. Silk - Let The Music Take Control (12")
  17. Reese - Just Want Another Chance (Kevin Saunderson)
  18. Jump St. Man - B-Cause (Jump Street records)
  19. Arnold Jarvis - Take Some Time Out (Quark records)
  20. R-Theme - R-Tyme (recorded winter 1987 by Derrick May)
  21. Reese - Rock to the Beat (Kevin Saunderson)
  22. Rhythim is Rhythim - Strings of Life (Derrick May)
  23. Nitro Deluxe - This Brutal House
  24. Adeva - In And Out Of My Life
  25. Maurice's - This is Acid
  26. Phuture - Acid Trax defined a genre [Acid House]
  27. Ten City - Devotion (Byron Stingily)
  28. Ralphi Rosario feat. Xavier Gold - You Used To Hold Me
  29. Tullio De Piscopo / Stop Bajon... Primavera --> classic balearic
  30. Blake Baxter - Sexuality
  31. Park Ave - Don't Turn Your Love
  32. Exit - Let's Work it Out (Blaze)
  33. In-Sync - Sometimes Love (Blaze)
  34. Taravhonty - Join Hands
  35. Marrs - Pump Up The Volume


  1. Paid in Full (1987) Eric B. & Rakim [Amazon US]
    This debut album, basically a collection of early singles ("Eric B. Is President," "I Know You Got Soul," the title track), is the motherlode of late-'80s New York rap--assured, serious, and hugely influential. Rakim, a rapper's rapper, is the Chow Yun-Fat of hip-hop: cool as steel, absolutely calm, absolutely deadly. His verbal wit and rhythmic gift go hand-in-hand. He flows like a waterfall, playing around the beat, leaping from one ingenious phrase to another, letting the words do all the work. And Eric B.? He comes up with some straightforward but effective backing tracks (he favors James Brown grooves), scratches on a couple of block-rocking instrumentals, and makes room for the master to do his thing. --Douglas Wolk, Amazon.com

  2. Sign o' the Times (1987) - Prince [ 1 CD, Amazon US]
    It begins with the insistent drip-drop of a sequencer and ends with some old school R&B. In between, the artist who was still calling himself Prince unfurls an encyclopedia of moods, genres, and grooves. Widely heralded as a groundbreaker in 1987, when it was released, some of the music in oh-so-'80s synths sounds a bit dated. Yet this two-CD set is clearly the sound of a performer at the height of his power. On songs like the title track, "If I Was Your Girlfriend," and the thunderous "The Cross," Prince proves why the hype was justified. --Amy Linden for amazon.com

  3. Come On Pilgrim [EP] (1987) - Pixies [ 1 CD, Amazon US]
    1. Caribou 2. Vamos 3. Isla de Encanta 4. Ed Is Dead 5. Holiday Song 6. Nimrod's Son 7. I've Been Tired 8. Levitate Me
    When they first hit the underground scene with this debut album, the Pixies were like an exotic drink that hid its sweetness behind a ferocious bite. The album's production is like a crude explosion: every strum and clang comes down with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. English and Spanish lyrics collide as singer Black Francis (later Frank Black) shouts in a hoarse monotone and Mrs. John Murphy (later Kim Deal of the Breeders) backs him up with throaty wails. Yet somehow the clash of these bruising titans makes for tracks that print indelibly upon your consciousness--once let in. Kurt Cobain is their most famous student. He grafted the Pixies' time-honored craft of the big bang theory onto Nirvana's biggest hits. (You start with a quiet verse and then explode for catharsis in the chorus--evidenced best here with "I've Been Fired.") The Pixies themselves have served quietly, attaining post-punk godfather status not by tooting their own horns, but through the praise of a steady stream of genuflecting admirers whose word of mouth continues to increase the band's deserved critical standing. --Rob O'Connor for amazon.com [...]

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