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Nuyorican Soul (1997) - Nuyorican Soul [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Boulevard (1995) - St Germain [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]


When future generations look back upon the nineties, it seems most likely that they will recognize the '90s as a time of fusion. Much like the '70s, most of what has pushed the musical envelope in this decade have been the sounds of combined elements; jazz, disco, house, funk, reggae, soul, you know your black music. Much of what today is hailed as electronica in the US and garage in the UK, falls in line with this very '90s mode of creating music. In lack of a name for this genre, I refer to it as nineties eclecticism.

Big beat

Big beat (also Big Beat, or sometimes chemical breaks) is a term devised in the mid 1990s by the British music press, as a way of describing the work of The Chemical Brothers. At a time when electronic dance music tended to have deliberately artificial, robotic beats mixed with sampled drum loops, the Chemical Brothers took the unusual step of recreating rock-style drum lines with individually-sampled drums, their music consequently combining elements of dance and rock music. The term caught on, and was subsequently applied to a wide variety of acts, notably Bentley Rhythm Ace.

Other 'big beat' acts included Fatboy Slim, the aforementioned Bentley Rhythm Ace (and other artists from Brighton's Skint label), Mr. Oizo, and (to some extent with their later work) The Prodigy. By the time of the latter's successful 1997 album The Fat of the Land, the music press were increasingly drawn to the term 'electronica' instead, and 'big beat' is now no longer used.

Big beat tended to feature distorted, compressed breakbeats at moderate tempos, acidic synthesizer lines and heavy jazz loops. It was often punctuated with punkish-style vocals and driven by intense, distorted basslines, with conventional pop and techno structures. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_beat [Apr 2005]

The Nineties - The Best and the Worst in Music

http://members.aol.com/press101/90s.htm --Simon Reynolds

Compilations [...]

In 1993, the Classic Jazz Funk series came out on Mastercuts records. This started the compilation boom of the nineties. Compiling a record. It can be done in different ways ... a nice booklet ... good liner notes .... accurate track information ... musical background ... packaging. Of course, the most important element of a good compilation is the selection of tracks. I am choosing two cds that have made a significant impact in my appreciation of music. From the mid-nineties onwards, the recorded musical landscape overflowed with compilations. Like I promised: just two:
  1. Gilles Peterson's INCredible Sound of Gilles Peterson , with his fusion of funk, jazz, nineties downtempo and disco
  2. Francois Kevorkians Essential Mix ... lots of disco, nice techno, James Brown, Level 42 and the mix works.

Detroit second wave

Carl Craig, the Underground Resistance crew, Maurizio, Basic Channel

Detroit third wave

Moodymann (Kenny Dixon Jr) Theo Parrish and Terrence Parker

Chicago second wave

Derrick Carter, Chez Damier, Curtis Jones and Gene Farris

Fave Nineties CDs

  1. Vol. 1-Classic Jazz Funk [Amazon US]
  2. Lil' Louis - Journey with the Lonely[1CD, Amazon US]
  3. Classic Salsoul Mastercuts, vol 1 [Amazon US]
  4. Material - Hallucination Engine[Amazon US]
  5. Give Your Body Up: Club Classics & House Foundations, Vol. 1[1CD, Amazon US]
  6. The In Sound from Way Out! (1996) - Beastie Boys [1 CD, Amazon US]
  7. Nuyorican Soul [CD, Amazon US]
  8. Roy Davis, Jr. in the mix [Amazon US]
  9. Grassroots - Ashley Beedle[1CD, Amazon US]

More CDs

  1. K&D Sessions (1998) - Kruder and Dorfmeister [Amazon.com] Trip hop
  2. Nuyorican Soul [Amazon US] Extremely accomplished Latin Jazz outing of MAW, featuring Roy Ayers, Vince Montana, Jocelyn Brown, India, Dave Valentin, one of the best albums of the nineties.
  3. Stop and Listen 5 [Amazon US] Favourites of Louie and Kenny
  4. Masters at Work: 10th Anniversary Pt.1 [Amazon US] Covering 1990 - 1995
  5. Masters At Work presents West End Records: the 25th Anniversary Mastermix [Amazon US]
  6. INCredible Sound of Gilles Peterson [Amazon US] Gilles' excursions in jazz, hip hop, house, broken beats, mixing old and new.
  7. Roy Davis, Jr. in the mix [Amazon US]
  8. Programmed - Innerzone Orchestra [Amazon US] with the Stylistics cover of People Make the World Go Round.
  9. 4Hero - Creating Patterns [Amazon US]
  10. Maurizio - Maurizio[Amazon US]
  11. Jazzanova - The Remixes 1997-2000[1CD, Amazon US]
  12. Romanthony - R Hide in Plain Site[1CD, Amazon US]
  13. Francois Kevorkian's Essential Mix [Amazon US] Nineties eclecticism at its very best. This two CD set, fantastic comp, from Maurizio to EWF from King Tubby to Kraftwerk in a superbly crafted mix. Homepage material!
  14. Francois Kevorkian - Body & Soul, Vol. 1 [Amazon US] Mix CD of tracks played at Body and Soul. Includes The Prayer and Escravos De Jo.
  15. Francois Kevorkian - Body & Soul, Vol. 2 [Amazon US] Mix CD of tracks played at Body and Soul. Includes The Prayer and Escravos De Jo.
  16. Francois Kevorkian - Body & Soul, Vol. 3 [Amazon US] Mix CD of tracks played at Body and Soul.
  17. Joe Claussell's Spiritual Life Music [Amazon US] Organic house, nineties essence.
  18. Mix the Vibe - Joe Claussell [Amazon US] Mix CD by Joe with tracks by Ten City, 4 stars out of 5.
  19. Mateo and Matos - Classic Inspirations [Amazon US] Alltime faves of Mateo and Matos.
  20. Faze Action - Plans & Designs [Amazon US]
  21. King Britt - When the Funk Hits the Fan [Amazon US] Very cool and relaxed. Beautiful.
  22. King Britt presents Inspirations V.1 [Amazon US]
  23. Mark Farina - Mushroom Jazz Vol.2 [Amazon US] Amazon.com Sales Rank: 5,085!
  24. Vol. 2-Abstract Afro Lounge [Amazon US]
  25. Vol. 3-Abstract Afro Lounge [Amazon US]
  26. Nuyorican Soul [CD, Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    Little Louis Vega and Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez, the New York DJs/producers otherwise known as Masters At Work have consistently ignored musical rules when creating their genre-busting music. Nowhere is that refusal more apparent than on their 1997 Nuyorican Soul project. The aim was to explore New York's rich musical heritage by fusing quality jazz, latin, Salsoul disco, funk and hip-hop together. The result was a typically melody-soaked, sublime but burly MAW-style atomic jam, perfect for both dance floor and lounge. Supported by a cross-generational cast of musicians including vibraphonist Roy Ayers, vocalist Jocelyn Brown, New York salsa queen India and Philly hip-hop producer Jazzy Jeff among others, the pair joyously straddled the house/retro divide. Not only was this a ground-breaking album but Vega and Gonzalez successfully resurrected the credible careers of those who had become known as schmaltzy easy-listening fodder: their version of Rotary Connection's "I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun" fused swirling keys with only the best wonky disco ingredients. Sweetly sung by Jocelyn Brown (who previously was under-used as an archetypal shrieking diva), this is a five-minute slice of pure joy that doesn't fail to move. They masterfully reconstructed the glory days of legendary guitarist/singer George Benson with his contribution to the glorious "You Can Do It (Baby)". Elsewhere they provided Roy Ayers with his best material in aeons with "Sweet Tears" and gave us a real taste of real Nuyorican latin-jazz with the great pianist Eddie Palmeiri on " Taita Caneme" and "Habriendo El Dominante". Nuyorican Soulis an unpredictable, inventive, wonderful, landmark album. --Na'solo So' Fahed for Amazon.co.uk [...]
  27. Green Velvet - Green Velvet [1 CD, Amazon US]

    Chicago's Curtis Jones (a.k.a. Cajmere and Green Velvet) is, by far, on of the top producers of house music in the world. In the mid-'90s, his self-run record labels, Cajual and Relief, spearheaded the continuing renaissance of the genre with distinctive tracks that delivered a powerful dance-floor rush and gave DJs a deep arsenal of guaranteed crowd pleasers. While his Cajmere tracks are upbeat vocal workouts, it's his work as Green Velvet that continues to fascinate and gain legions of new devotees. Jones sets his GV material on a bed of dark, relentless, dirty beats, while adding his own twisted vocal flourishes that are one part Gary Numan and one part Bauhaus. Each track has a distinct narrative (i.e., a tour of a night club or an imagined reincarnation as a drop of water); the results are both frightening and hilarious. Long out-of-print on vinyl, the new Green Velvet CD combines such "classics" as "Flash," "Leave My Body," and "Answering Machine" with more recent material, including the fantastic Giorgio Moroder-inspired drive of "Coitus." --David Prince for amazon.com

Nova Tunes 01 - 08

  1. Nova Tunes 01 [Amazon FR] | [Amazon US]
    1. I Know A Place (Shades Of Black Mix)(Jaymz Nylon;Mooney) 2. Sing It Back (Herbert's Taste Ful Dub)(Moloko) 3. Failure (Radio Edit)(Skinny) 4. Enchant Me (Radio Edit)(The Amalgamation Of Soundz) 5. Got It Going On (Aim Remix)(Deadbeats) 6. Brother (San Paolo Mix)(Davies Victor) 7. All My Favourite People (Stay With Me)(A Man Called Adam) 8. Africa(Meitz) 9. Burnin' (Sound Boy Remix)(Tate's Place;Dexter July) 10. Silly Games (Part 1)(Catalyst) 11. Eve(Spacek) 12. Velvet Blues Ii (2nd Transmission Apparently About 1st)(Avril) 13. Black & Blue(Taxi)

  2. Nova Tunes 02 [Amazon FR] | [Amazon US]
    1. Café De Flore (Radio Edit)(Doctor Rockit) 2. Purdey For President (Original Mix)(Espionage) 3. Pylar Sanchez(Da Gessroots;Ressin' Remy) 4. Gorilla With A Gun(The Bell Cafe Band) 5. See The Sun(Les Gammas) 6. I'm Still The Best (Radio Edit Vocal)(Montana Orchestra) 7. The Greatest Hit (Radio Edit)(Annie) 8. Bushes The First Re-Creation (Version 1.2)(Nikolai Markus) 9. Sun Is Back(Jabre Julien) 10. Autour De Toi (Original Edit)(Lake Soul;Mathilde) 11. Me & Me Princess(Lightning Head;Singing Bird) 12. Chase The Blues (Psychonauts Remix)(Terranova) 13. Ancoats 2 Zambia (Geoff Barrow Remix)(The Baby Namboo's) 14. Same(Smith & Mighty;Payne Tammy) 15. Speak Up-Up With People (Zero7 Remix)(Lambchop)

  3. Nova Tunes 03 [Amazon FR] | [Amazon US]
    1. Outro Lado (presence Mix By Charles Webster)(Zuco 103) 2. The Next Degree(Unsung Heroes;Siah;Karime Kendra) 3. No Rhyme No Reason(Ltj X-perience;Jackson Sloan) 4. Les P'tits Chefs(Pm) 5. Hide U(Kosheen) 6. Latina Cafe (power O Conquer)(Osunlade) 7. Amour(Soha) 8. Music Males Me Feel This Way(Grand Unified;Kadeem) 9. Tell Him(Bb Boogie) 10. Sail (rae & Christian Remix)(Aim;Kate Rogers) 11. Why(Donna Regina) 12. Greed (avril Radio Mix)(Laurent Garnier) 13. Distractions(Zero7;Sia)

  4. Nova Tunes 04 [Amazon FR] | [Amazon US]
    1. My Crew(The Subterraneanz) 2. Car Video(Sporto Kantes) 3. Turn Off The Lights(Frank De Jojo;Terri Pace) 4. Blackman(Osunlade) 5. When It Rains (restless Soul Peaktime Vocal)(Jeymes Samuel) 6. Party Day(Cosmo Vitelli) 7. Fire(Tommy Hools) 8. Tonky Pumpz(Metro Area) 9. Let Me Luv U (1 Mo' Time)(Jori Hulkkonen) 10. Love Is Not A Game (original Radio Edit)(J Malik;Kathy Brown) 11. Eve(Soha) 12. State Of Grace(Swayzak;Kirsty Hawkshaw) 13. Mechanisms(Tommy Guerrero;Gadget;John Gold) 14. Mes Objectifs(Di Maggio) 15. My Library(Defined Print)

  5. Nova Tunes 05 [Amazon FR] | [Amazon US]
    1. You're The One(Booster;Juan Rozoff) 2. Evolution Revolution Love(Tricky;Ed Kowalczyk & Hawkman) 3. Le Magicien D'os (ark Original Mix)(Ark) 4. Working Night(John Thomas) 5. Frank Sinatra 2001(Miss Kittin;The Hacker) 6. Formenverwandler(Der Zyklus) 7. What Sound(Lamb) 8. Take It Back(Swollen Members) 9. Take A Walk(Bolz Bolz) 10. Join The Dots(Roots Manuva;Charli 2na) 11. After School Special(Detroit Grand Pubahs;Miss Kittin) 12. Fantasize (vocal Club Mix)(Rob Mello) 13. Emerge(Fischerspooner) 14. Hydrocution(Oxymore) 15. Duet(Howie) 16. Les Chats Couchés(Renaud Paravel)

  6. Nova Tunes 06 [CD, Amazon US] [FR] [DE] [UK]
    1. Date - Avril 2. Let's push things forward - Streets 3. Money - Will I Am & Huck Fynn/Cezlem/The Horn Dogs 4. Manila - Seelenluft 5. Same people - Gasoline & Marissa Knight 6. Drole de situation - Baer, Julien 7. It's complete (Chateau Flight's darkside mix) - At Jazz 8. Relax (Tempovision tour mix) - De Crecy, Etienne 9. Psychometry (part 3) - Akufen 10. Contemplation (King Britt funke mix F edit) - Josh One 11. Blackwater / String Instrumental Mix 12. All I got to know (rework) - Kowalski, Alexander & Raz Ohara 13. Cotton gun - Joakim 14. Alpha and Omega - Boards Of Canada

  7. Nova Tunes 07 [Amazon FR] | [Amazon US]
    1. Rational Behaviour 2. Dripping In Gold (Diana Wave Mix) 3. Peace 4. Taboo 5. Flowers 6. Should I Sing Like This 7. Sarareve 8. Kelly Reid 9. Bart à La Pêche Aux Coquillages 10. Gingham Smalls 2 11. That Wish Is Coming 12. Legacy 13. Bus Stop Bitties 14. Homoerotic 15. Maria

  8. Nova Tunes 08 [Amazon FR] | [Amazon US]
    01 rouge rouge - décide-toi / 02 rhianna - world love / 4hero soul mix / 03 miss kittin & the hacker - stock exchange / 04 sébastien schuller - weeping willow / 05 ellen allien - wish / 06 pulseprogramming - blooms eventually / 07 tommy guerrero & lyrics born - gettin it together / 08 lacquer – behind / 09 syd matters - end & start again / 10 black joy – untitled / 11 romuald - a strange light in your eyes / 12 künstler treu - postcard from a foreign strand / 13 sébastien martel - verts lents / 14 alpha – elvis / 15 luomo - present lover

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