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1991 music

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Jeff Mills starts Axis records.


  1. Lil Louis & the World - Club Lonely
  2. System 7 - Listen (Derrick May)
  3. CeCe Peniston - Finally
  4. Kerri Chandler - Superlover/Get It Off
  5. Don Carlos - Alone
  6. The Reese Project - Direct Me
  7. Susan Clark - Deeper
  8. Charles Dockins/James - We Can Do It
  9. Incognito featuring Jocelyn Brown - Always there
  10. Jovonn - Be Free
  11. Soulboy - Harmonica Track
  12. Susan Clark - Deeper (Deeper than Deep Mix)
  13. Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman


  1. Nevermind (1991) - Nirvana [Amazon US]
    If Nevermind's sound is familiar now, it's only because thousands of rock records that followed it were trying very hard to cop its style. It tears out of the speakers like a cannonball, from the punk-turbo-charged riff of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" onward, magnifying and distilling the wounded rage of 15 years of the rock underground into a single impassioned roar. Few albums have occupied the cultural consciousness like this one; of its 12 songs, roughly 10 are now standards. The record's historical weight can make it hard to hear now with fresh ears, but the monumental urgency of Kurt Cobain's screams is still shocking. --Douglas Wolk, Amazon.com

  2. Vol. 1-Classic Jazz Funk [Amazon US]
    1. Expansions (Original 12 Mix) - 2. Always There (Original 12 Mix - 3. Bottle (Original Version - 4. Change (Makes You Want To Hustle) - 5. Inherlt The Wind (Original 12 Mix) - 6. Shaker Song (Original 12 Mix) - 7. Jazz Camival (Original 12 Mix) - 8. Los Conquistadores Chocolates - 9. Say You Will (Original 12 Mix) - 10. Brasilla - 11. Till You Take My Love (Original 12 Mix) - 12. Unicorn (Original 12 Mix) - [...]

  3. The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld (1991) - The Orb [Amazon US]
    Track Listings Disc: 1 1. Little Fluffy Clouds 2. Earth (Gaia) 3. Supernova at the End of the Universe 4. Back Side of the Moon 5. Spanish Castles in Space Disc: 2 1. Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Center Of The Ultraworld, A 2. Perpetual Dawn 3. Into the Fourth Dimension: Essenes in Starlight 4. Outlands 5. Star 6 & 7 8 9 6. Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ult
    The first Orb album was entirely new when it appeared: a low-key dance record, with echoes and swells more than up-front tunes, stoner-level dub bass, and all sorts of samples and sounds--seagulls, film clips, astronaut voices, bits of disco--fluttering through the mix like hallucinations. Essentially a techno album for tired dancers, it's held up nicely over time, thanks to its intricate, dreamy sonics. Beyond the classic "Little Fluffy Clouds"--a set of interlocking synth hooks and loping percussion, held together by a cut-up sample of Rickie Lee Jones talking about the skies of her youth--there are lots of mellow delights here, particularly the blissful reggae groove "Perpetual Dawn." --Douglas Wolk for amazon.com [...]

  4. The Mix (1991) - Kraftwerk [Amazon US]
    1. Robots 2. Computer Love 3. Pocket Calculator 4. Dentaku 5. Autobahn 6. Radioactivity 7. Trans Europe Express 8. Abzug 9. Metal on Metal 10. Home Computer 11. Musique Non-Stop This 1991 Kraftwerk collection of often drastically remixed "greatest hits" offers a good, if slightly skewed, overview of the Dusseldorf legends' career. Inspired by the band's continuing influence on modern pop, dance, and techno, founders Florian Schneider and Ralf Hutter tweak Kraftwerk's sonic foundations with the intention of making their music more club-friendly. While some of the faithful have lamented the tinkering, The Mix presents a distinct, typically idiosyncratic take on modern club music. It also represents the way Kraftwerk usually sounds in their infrequent live forays; witness the reworking of "Radioactivity" into an unexpected (the band has been notably apolitical) antinuclear statement aimed largely at Britain's Sellafield installation. The Mix bows to trend in concept only; the execution is pure Kraftwerk. --Jerry McCulley for Amazon.com

  5. Material - The Third Power [Amazon US]
    First of all, check out the members of this band:Bootsy Collins, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Shaba Ranks, Herbie Hancock, Bernie Worrel,Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, and Pee wee Ellis. Yet this album had very little promotion and so it is sadly relatively "unknown". Big Shame....To me, the two great tracks from this album are:COSMIC SLOP (cover of the Parliament song) MELLOW MOOD (reggae love song) -- A music fan from Tokyo, Japan, for amazon.com [...]

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