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1998 music

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  1. Armand Van Helden feat. Duane Harden - You Don't Know Me
  2. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
  3. USG - African Blues
  4. MAW - Tribute To Fela Kuti
  5. Norma Jean Bell - I'm The Only Queen
  6. Kerri Chandler - Love Will Find A Way
  7. Eddie Amador - House Music
  8. BeBe Winans - Thank You (MAW Remix)
  9. Terrence Parker - My Studio Sessions #1


  1. The Perfect Beats, Vol. 1 [Amazon US]
    1. Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa/Soulsonic Force 2. Play At Your Own Risk - Planet Patrol 3. Don't Go - Yaz 4. The Mexican - Jellybean 5. Bostich - Yello 6. Trans Europe Express - Kraftwerk 7. Numbers/Computer World - The Perfect Beats Volume 1 8. Don't Make Me Wait - Peech Boys 9. Just An Illusion - Imagination 10. Starchild - Level 42 11. A Little Bit Of Jazz - Nick Straker Band 12. Dirty Talk - Klein/M.B.O. 13. Love Money - T.W. Funkmasters 14. Bonus Track - The Perfect Beats Volume 1
    Part 1 of Tommy Boy's comprehensive compilation of early electro, hip-hop, and freestyle hits concentrates on the fundamentals. The collection begins as it must, with Afrika Bambaataa and Soulsonic Force's epochal "Planet Rock," a sort of Rosetta stone for producers in the decade that followed and beyond. Loved (and sampled) to this very day, "Planet Rock" cleared the way for all the tracks that follow it here (arranged chronologically), including "Walking on Sunshine" by Rocker's Revenge and Jellybean's timbale-mad upgrade of Babe Ruth's "The Mexican." But despite the limitations implied in the compilation's subtitle, "New York Electro Hip-Hop + Underground Dance Classics, 1980-1985," the set reaches back to earlier sources, inevitably including Kraftwerk's bleats, blips, and beats. --John Sanchez for amazon.com [...]

  2. Mad Styles & Crazy Visions[1CD, Amazon US]
    With three cd's crammed with the best disco/house-music you can track down out there, this easily competes wih the best compilations I've heard this year. Put your trust in MAW's "Little" Louie Vega. He knows his music, and as soon you drop one of the cd's (one mix-cd and two with selected full tracks, with names like Glasgow Underground, Simply Red and The Sunburst Band) you'll know that I'm right in awarding 'Mad Styles and Crazy Visions' the full five stars it deserves. For hot summer nights and chilly winter parties; A little expensive, this compilation, but what can you expect! It's made by a master at work! -- Erlend Hogstad [Selection late nineties house classics compiled by Louie Vega from MAW]

  3. Manu Chao - Clandestino [1 CD, Amazon US]
    As one of the driving forces in the French-Spanish ethno-punk band Mano Negra, songwriter-guitarist Chao delivers a surprising solo endeavor. Centered around a simple editorial writing style and an acoustic guitar, this album chronicles his political and personal travels around the world, studying the foibles of life in Latin America and the Caribbean, through Africa and back to Europe. He quotes but never actually plays salsa, son, reggae, Latin pop, and African folk music, all to the service of his songs (written and sung in English, French, and Spanish). The backing is a deceptive hodgepodge of guest artists and collected sounds he has pasted together to service the simple songs he sings. There is a circuslike feel to the whole project, a childlike sense of wonder coupled with a cynical and sometimes sly glance at the "real world." This is a single piece of work, each song bleeding into the next without stopping, a train ride that slows at each station along the way but never stops. It has charm, wit, and depth--a rare and potent combination of virtues for a pop musician. --Louis Gibson [more ...]

  4. Terry Callier - Timepeace [1CD, Amazon US]
    I bought this cd without ever having heard any of brother Callier's music. Word of mouth was enough for me to take a chance. This is easily the best contemporary music I have bought in many, many years. The disc starts with a powerful, yet peaceful track, and continues to mesmerize as the album continues. Some songs are more jazzy, some a bit more folky. We even have Pharoah on many songs! This is a must buy cd! -- Reviewer: A music fan from Chicago, IL United States

  5. Roy Davis, Jr. in the mix [Amazon US]
    Transitions - Roy Davis Jr. & Jay Juniel | Galactic Soul - Roy Davis Jr. | Ladbroke Groove - Kerri Chandler | Jay's Love Vibration Mix - Freedom Group 'Red Hot' | Green Tea - Freemen | Gabriel - Roy Davis Jr. | Bless It - Paul Johnson Club Land | The Rock Shock - Roy Davis Jr. | Beautiful One - Roy Davis Jr. | Watch Them Come - Men From The Nile | Home - Mateo & Matos | Fixation - Johnny Fiasco | Reprezent - Louie Maldonado | Dancin' Revisited - Jordan Fields | Pieces Of Funk - Risque De Funk Electrique

    Five of Roy's own material on this comp CD: Watch Them Come (!), The Rock Shock, Galactic Soul, Transitions, Beautiful One. All of this is superbly mixed with other people's material, best of which is Jordan Fields 'Dancin' Revisited'.
    Five of Roy's own material on this comp CD: Whatch Them Come (!), The Rock Shock, Galactic Soul, Transitions, Beautiful One. All of this is superbly mixed with other people's material, best of which is Jordan Fields 'Dancin' Revisited'.

  6. Africafunk Vol. 1 [Amazon US]
    1. African Rhythms - Oneness of Juju 2. Ajo - Peter King 3. Hail the King - Wali 4. African Battle - Manu Dibango 5. Malik 6. African Hustle 7. Expensive Shit 8. Talkin' Talkin' 9. Megaton - Vecchio 10. Weya - Manu Dibango 11. Netsanet - Mulatu Astatqé 12. Racubah 13. Road Close [Dance Dub] - Tony Allen

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