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JahSonic's Meta Soul traces the history of disco, garage, house and techno, all the way down to the nineties, providing you with useful links, a buying guide, biographies, pictures and discographies.

2002, feb 28; 09:38:
  • Mastercuts - Bar Social [1CD, Amazon US] [more Mastercuts releases]
    1. Sincere (Re-cued) - MJ Cole 2. Alabama blues (Todd Edwards Vocal mix) - St. Germain 3. Finally (DJ Meri Vox mix) - Kings Of Tomorrow 4. Don't stop the music (Original mix) - Yarborough and Peoples 5. Witness (1 hope) (Album version) - Roots Manuva 6. Runnin' (Album mix) - The Pharcyde 7. The Truth (feat. Roisin and J-Live) - Handsome Boy Modelling School 8. Baby I love you so (Original mix) - Colourbox 9. Uptown top rankin (Album version) - Althea & Donna 10. Little samba (Extended version) - Ugly Duckling 11. Roller skating jam named Saturday (Album version) - De La Soul 12. Last night a DJ saved my life (Original mix) - In Deep Disc: 2 1. I am the black gold of the sun (4 Hero mix) - Nu Yorican Soul 2. Running away - Roy Ayers 3. I'm the baddest bitch (Moodyman Main mix) - Norma Jean 4. It's yours (Original Distant Music mix) - Jon Cutler feat. E-Man 5. Contact (Extended version) - Edwin Starr 6. Release the pressure (Album version) - Leftfield 7. Your love - Frankie Knuckles 8. Mighty hard rocker (Album mix) - Cash Money & Marvellous 9. The message (Full Length version) - Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five 10. Pull up to the bumper (Original mix) - Grace Jones
    2002, feb 28; 09:25:
  • Brazilian Beats vol.1 -- Mr Bongo [1CD, Amazon US]
  • Brazilian Beats vol.2 -- Mr Bongo [1CD, Amazon US] [more Brazilian music]

    2002, feb 28; 09:12:
  • Afrika Underground -- Jazz, Funk, & Fusion Under Apartheid [1CD, Amazon US]
    'Afrika Underground' is the first from Counterpoint records to begin to explore the rich heritage of South Africa's underground jazz , funk & fusion scene during 1970's-80's. Tracks from Movement In The City, Dick Khoza, Harari, and others are being released for the first time outside of South Africa.
    Straight No Chaser: 'An album that will uplift the soul as well as get those feet and hips swinging'.
    DJ : 'Another Quality underground selection.'
    IDJ : 'Uniformly Excellent.'
    [more Counterpoint releases]
    2002, feb 27; 11:02:
  • Bamboozled - Spike Lee[1DVD, Amazon US] [Blaxploitation]
    2002, feb 27; 11:02:
  • Sonic Boom: Napster, MP3, and the New Pioneers of Music -- John Alderman [1Book, Amazon US]
    Napster may or may not be a factor in the music scene of the future, but its extraordinary rise--and the attention it focused on the MP3 digital audio format--has ensured its status as a key figure in bringing this new type of sound recording to public consciousness. Sonic Boom, by veteran cyberjournalist John Alderman, cogently recounts the brief but tumultuous story that led up to this upstart song-trading exchange attracting 500,000 users each night--along with the wrath of the traditional recording industry.
    2002, feb 23; 12:36:
  • Babe Ruth - First Base[1CD, Amazon US] 1972 progressive rock classic, which features The Mexican, a track made popular in countless nightclubs around the world, has been sampled numerous times. You can buy the 'the Mexican'- track on the Afrika Bambaata comp on strut records.
    2002, feb 23; 11:41:
  • Victor Davies - Victor Davies [1CD, Amazon US]
    Reviewer: Jcohn B. Jackson from Chicago, IL 60601
    Victor Davis can be considered the Jon Lucien of the new soul movement. Combining a soulfully pure soul sound with a touch of a Brazilian house and jazz groove. Victor takes you from the dance floor, lounge type groove, to the bedroom (if you are with the right person) without missing a beat. The R&B world need to take notice that there is another artist that is doing his own thing and not following the typical boring rules. If you love Lewis Taylor, Stephen Simmonds or D'Angelo, you have to give this artist a close listen. Jazzanova and Compost have done it again. If he ever gets the love in the states that this cd deserves watch out. It is a must have.
    2002, feb 22; 14:53:
  • Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Stevie Wonder]
    2002, feb 22; 09:32:
  • Spirit of Brasil - Compilation[2CDs, Amazon US] [more on Brasil]
    2002, feb 21; 16:33:
  • Les Fleurs - Minnie Ripperton Anthology[1CD, Amazon US] [more on Minnie Ripperton]
    2002, feb 21; 12:58:
  • The Official Adventures of Grandmaster Flash - Grandmaster Flash [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Grandmaster Flash]
    Strut Records hooked up with Grandmaster Flash and asked him to delve deep and faithfully re-create the original days, to play the tunes that actually were played. Flash has got rhythms you haven't even used yet. The result is a real piece of dance music history for anyone remotely into hip-hop. Flash takes us through different aspects of the block parties from the extended freestyle mixes to the tracks he used to play in their entirety. There are even some snippets of original block party tapes and some exclusive interview footage with Flash himself. The deluxe packaging features cover photography from Vincent MacDonald along with a 28-page booklet featuring original photos and memorabilia. A comprehensive Flash history courtesy of Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton is included.
    2002, feb 21; 08:31:
  • Jazz in the House vol 7. [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Phil Asher]
    2002, feb 21; 08:59:
  • Kyoto Jazz Massive Presents Crossbreed [1CD, Amazon US] [more on the Kyoto Jazz Massive]
    2002, feb 21; 07:51:
  • The Poets of Rhythm - Discern / Define [1CD, Amazon US] This is one hell of a great album, you must at all costs get a copy of this or at least try and hear it, it's a cross label recording made by 'Quannum' in San Francisco and 'Ninja tunes' in the United Kingdom. Boy does this album rate. -- Blatnouik on Meta Grooves
    2002, feb 20; 21:26:
  • Black Rio - DJ Cliff [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Brazil], [more Strut recordinigs]
    2002, feb 20; 21:08:
  • Nathan Haines - Sound Travels [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Jazz] Self confessed "jazz punk", Nathan Haines has contributed to recordings of Francois K., Ron Trent and Little Louie Vega. This album is a mixture of jazz, dub, funk and latin.
    2002, feb 20; 11:24:
  • Nova Records and Radio Station from France, Europe I want to put the spotlight on Nova again, not in the least because they have an excellent radio station which broadcasts 24/7 in French with a truely eclectic selection, but also because Matthieu from Nova has sent me their entire back-catalogue of CDs, most of which are only available at Amazon FR. My preferred cds are 'Underground Moderne', to date the best comp of the 21st century and Nova Classics 01 and 02. [more on Radio Nova and Nova Records]
    2002, feb 19; 23:33:
  • Cymande - Soul of Rasta[1CD, Amazon US] [more on Cymande] Features The Message, Bra, ...
    2002, feb 19; 23:00:
  • The Philadelphia Experiment[1CD, Amazon US] [more on Philadelphia] comes highly recommended, Taking a Risk With Jazz, Funk and Hip-Hop
    2002, feb 19; 10:19:
  • Tougher Than Tough: The Story Of Jamaican Music [4CDs, Amazon US] [more on Reggae] I had forgotten about this one, it came out a couple of years ago. An essential introduction to the loudest island in the world. Compiled by Steve Barrow.
    2002, feb 19; 10:04:
  • Darker Than Blue: Soul from Jamdown (1973-1980)[1CD, Amazon US] [more on Reggae] Another excellent release on the Blood and Fire label.
    2002, feb 18; 23:53:
  • Harnessed the Storm - Drexciya [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Detroit Techno]
    2002, feb 18; 23:27:
  • In the Beginning there Was Rythm - Soul Jazz records[1CD, Amazon US] [more on No Wave]
    1. Shack up - Certain Ratio 2. Coup - 23 Skidoo 3. To Hell with poverty - Gang Of Four 4. Being boiled - Human League 5. She is beyond good and evil - Pop Group 6. In the beginning there was rhythm - Slits 7. 20 jazz funk greats - Throbbing Gristle 8. Knife slits water - Certain Ratio 9. 24 track loop - This Heat 10. Sluggin' for Jesus - Cabaret Voltaire 11. Vegas el bandito - 23 Skidoo
    2002, feb 18; 23:02:
  • Peer-to-Peer : Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technologies - Andy Oram [1Book, Amazon US] [more on the internet]
    Peer-to-peer raises the possibility for people interested in a topic to create their own language for talking about it. While different communities may all share an underlying infrastructure, like Jabber's chat service or Gnutella file sharing, the structure of the users' data can emerge directly from the users.

    Metadata, which describes each file and the elements within it, holds the key to self-organization. XML is a good foundation -- but only a foundation, because it just offers a syntax. Building on the XML foundation, schemas hold some promise for structuring both content and users' reactions to the content. One slogan we considered was, "Publish my taste, not just my music files."

    2002, feb 18; 21:57:
  • Vikter Duplaix [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Vikter Duplaix] My friend called me and said this was an excellent cd. We'll see. Hey Joris, are you reading this? | Sales Rank: 4,355
    2002, feb 18; 14:59:
  • Disco Forever - Dimitri from Paris[3CDs, Amazon US] [more BBE releases] 3CDs, one is mixed and two are the full length tracks.
    1. Were on Our Way Home - Brainstorm 2. My Love Supreme - Hamilton, Milton 3. Barely Breaking Even - Universal Robot Band 4. Chameleon - Pregunta 5. You're So Right for Me - Eastside Connection 6. Ain't No Stopping Us Now - Charanga 76 7. Flight to Jamaica - Crashers 8. Que Tal America - Two Man Sound 9. Corazon - LTG Exchange 10. Love Hangover - Touch 11. Let's Make Love - Napoli, Jeanne 12. Just as Long as I Got You - Love Committee 13. Smile - Skylite 14. I Got a Thing - Silver, Platinum & Go 15. Shout at the Disco - Little Scotty 16. Work Song - Lundy, Pat
  • A Night At The Playboy Mansion - Dimitri From Paris [1CD, Amazon US]
    2002, feb 18; 14:51:
  • Requiem for a Dream [1DVD, Amazon US] [more movies] Story of a mother (Ellen Burstyn) and her son. Mother is on uppers to lose weight, son is doing heroin. Starts friendly enough, evolves into a nightmare, excellent movie. Visually stunning. 10/10
    2002, feb 18; 14:10:
  • Snatch- Guy Ritchie [1DVD, Amazon US] [more movies] Saw Snatch yesterday evening, this UK heist movie is fast-paced and well acted by a mostly male (apart from Brad Pitt's mom) male cast. I mentioned Brad, but other noticeable appearances are by Benicio Del Toro and Alan Ford (Brick Top Polford). There is one scene (each time Avi flies from New York to London) which reminded me of another favourite: 'Requiem for a Dream'. Soundtrack is top, a mixture of pop and classical music. 8/10
    2002, feb 17; 01:30:
  • Telex - I Don't Like Remixes [1CD, Amazon US]
  • Telex - One Point (almost) [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Telex]
    2002, feb 15; 09:46:
  • Tommy Boy - Greatest Beats Vol. 1 [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Hip Hop] Spin The four CDs of Tommy Boy's Greatest Beats aren't sequenced chronologically, but they tell the undeniable story of a music's growing pains, and they brilliantly trigger the nostalgic impulse. At the time, the fact that this music came from a zip code beginning with 9 just added to its novelty, but in retrospect it was a harbinger of the day when hip-hop would grow large enough to challenge New York chauvinism. --Spin Magazine.
    The box has liner notes by David Toop
    2002, feb 15; 09:55:
  • is rapidly becoming the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) for electronic music. You can contribute to it.
    2002, feb 15; 09:46:
  • Arthur Russell - Another Thought [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Arthur Russell] This is the only full length CD of Arthur which one is likely to find. Not dance material this one, albeit that some releases on this CD have later been remixed by the late great Walter Gibbons.
    2002, feb 14; 09:59:
  • Joe Bataan - Mr New York [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Joe Bataan] Features 'What Good is a Castle', my fave track
    2002, feb 14; 09:59:
  • Joe Bataan - Best Of [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Joe Bataan] Features 'Ordinary Guy', The Bottle, 'Women Don't Want To Love Me' but not 'What Good is a Castle', my fave track
    2002, feb 13; 13:54:
  • Idjut Boys - Saturday Nite Live[1CD, Amazon US] [more on Idjut Boys]
    2002, feb 13; 13:21:
  • United DJs of America, Vol. 18: DJ Tony Humphries [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Tony Humphries]
    2002, feb 13; 12:54:
  • Glenn Underground - Lounge Excursions [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Glenn Underground]
    2002, feb 13; 12:23:
  • Todd Terry - House Movement[1CD, Amazon US] [more on Todd Terry]
    2002, feb 13; 12:07:
  • Zero 7 - Simple Things[1CD, Amazon US] Longtime North Londoner friends Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns on their debut LP. Zero 7 has been dubbed the British 'Air'.
    2002, feb 13; 09:38:
  • Grassroots - Ashley Beedle[1CD, Amazon US] [more on Ashley Beedle] Ashley's faves, from jazz to hip hop, from disco to reggae. The way it should be. Eclecticism rules.
    2002, feb 13; 09:28:
  • Glucklich Vol. 1[1CD, Amazon US] [more on Compost Records] Comp with tracks with a Brazilian feel. Excellent. Bossa Nova Movement.
    2002, feb 13; 09:12:
  • Jazzanova - The Remixes 1997-2000[1CD, Amazon US] [more on Jazzanova]
    2002, feb 12; 17:49:
  • Philadelphia Classics [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Philly Soul]
    2002, feb 12; 17:49:
  • Cloude One - Atmosphere Strut [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Patrick Adams] Features one of my alltime fave cuts: Atmosphere Strut itself. I believe this is a collaboration with Greg Carmichael of Red Greg Records
    2002, feb 12; 13:59:
  • Terry Callier - Lifetime [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Terry Callier]
    Reflecting a lifetime of experience, Terry Callier squeezes every ounce of emotion from his world-weary voice. Born in Chicago, Callier recorded several albums during the 1960s and was an integral part of both the soul and folk movements of that time. Returning to music in the late 1990s after a decade-long hiatus with this great album. The subsequent album, Timepeace, did not do much for me.
    2002, feb 12; 11:23:
  • Ecstasy Passion & Pain (The Roulette Recordings 1973-1977) [1CD, Amazon US] Remember their hit Touch and Go?
    2002, feb 12; 11:23:
  • Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler - Saturday [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Kerri Chandler]
    2002, feb 12; 08:30:
  • Liberatore's Women - Tanino Liberatore [1Book, Amazon US] [more on Tanino Liberatore]
    Tanino Liberatore is well known in his field. That field would be independent comic, and erotic art. He drew and created Ranx, the anti-hero featured in Heavy Metal magazine. Since this is a book of art, whether you like it or not depends on what art you enjoy. Liberatore's art is lush in color, and his attention to detail is wonderful! He is an Italian artist, and one gets the feeling that he studied the masters, while looking at his work. However, his style is quite unique. His art is very erotic, which is fine, to a certain extent (for my taste). There are some pictures which I simply do not enjoy, while there are others which are wonderful. If you are conservative in your taste, perhaps this is not a book for you! If you enjoy modern science-fiction art that is done bizarre, erotic, and often most beautiful, you might very well love this book (it's not all sci-fi)! I would give this book 5 stars, if some of the images displayed were not so sexual. It's simply a matter of taste. -- Amazon reviewer Tanino Liberatore is one of my favourite visual artists.
    2002, feb 11; 21:19:
  • Frank Zappa - Freakout[1CD, Amazon US] [more on Frank Zappa] "This is the voice of your conscience, baby..." The recording debut of the Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention is a brilliantly wicked counter-strike to the flower power sensibilities prevalent at the time of it's release in 1966. Arguably rock music's first true "concept album," Zappa's aural collage mashes together chunks of psychedelic guitars, outspoken political commentary, cultural satire, and avant-garde musical sensibilities, and then hides it all under cleverly crafted pop melodies. Not diminished in the slightest by the passage of time, Freak Out! remains as vital and relevant today as it was in the 1960's. --Andrew Boscardin
    The other day 'It Can't Happen Here' was playing on our local radio station and my 5year old was really amused. It's a very funny song.
    2002, feb 11; 20:58:
  • Computer World - Kraftwerk [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Kraftwerk] Sales Rank: 4,711
    This is the album pundits like to point to when they accuse Kraftwerk of being digital-age visionaries; an all-too-easy assessment to make in the face of tracks such as "Home Computer" and "Computer Love" (not an ode to one-hand typing!). But to saddle the band with the reputation of sages is to completely miss the low-key wit and all-too-human playfulness of this album. "Pocket Calculator" and "Numbers" (the lyrics: numbers one to eight--period) could be read as tongue-in-cheek ripostes to too much bad "educational" programming, but that would smack of creeping punditry. Computer World is Kraftwerk's most lovable bundle of contradictions: at once its most technologically obsessed album and its most human. --Jerry McCulley
    2002, feb 11; 14:53:
  • Simon Reynolds - Generaton Ecstacy [1 Paperback, Amazon US] "So the kids take a pill to feel the funk and the DJ takes a pill to feel the funk. I don't take a pill to feel the funk." -- Derrick May [more on Drugs]
    2002, feb 11; 14:24:
    Because it's now accepted as undeniable history that Carl, Kevin, Derrick and Juan Atkins somersaulted dance and electronic music beyond disco, electro, Kraftwerk, Eno, Kraut Rock, P-Funk, New Romantic and New Order into something new. At the time they called it techno. []
    2002, feb 11; 12:18:
  • Kevin Saunderson - Faces & Phases [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Kevin Saunderson] Representing Detroit
    2002, feb 11; 12:12:
  • Lil' Louis - Journey with the Lonely [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Lil' Louis] One of the best soul albums of the nineties, great ballads too.
    2002, feb 11; 10:50:
  • The Story of the Original Hot Mix 5 Article by Rebecca Ortiz tracing the origins of this influential Chicago radio show in the period 1981-1984.
    2002, feb 11; 00:32:
  • Mastercuts Vol. 1-Classic Jazz Funk [1CD, Amazon US] [more on Jazz Funk] [more on Mastercuts records]
    2002, feb 11; 00:30:
  • Expansions - Lonnie Liston Smith & the Cosmic Echoes [1CD, Amazon US] More on [more on Lonnie Liston Smith]
    Pretty much anybody who's anybody in the New York house scene, from David Morales to Danny Tenaglia, was a "Loft baby" (or claims they were). Although the Sanctuary's Francis Grasso—who died this year—invented DJ'ing in the modern sense (long sets "beat-matched" to sustain a nonstop groove), it was Mancuso who pioneered the we-are-family vibe central to house culture and the idea of the club as total experience, with every aspect—audiophile sound system, lights, decor, free food—micromanaged for your pleasure.
    2002, feb 09; 09:39:
  • Nigeria 70 - Afro Compilation [1CD, Amazon US] More on [more on Strut Records]
  • The Shrine - Afro Digital [1CD, Amazon US] B000005MLY
    2002, feb 09; 00:01:
  • Story of O [Paperback, Amazon US] More [books]
    2002, feb 08; 23:23:
  • Natural Blaze[1CD, Amazon US] More on [more on Blaze]
    2002, feb 08; 22:18: From Rob Mello's website:
    CLASSIC (KLASSIK) adj. 1. Having lasting significance or recognized worth.
    2.Serving as an outstanding representative of it's kind; model.
    3.a. Of or in accordance with established principles or methods in the arts or sciences.b. Having a simple and harmonious design unaffected by passing fashions.

    2002, feb 06; 17:14:
  • Mastercuts Vol. 2-Classic Rare Groove [1CD, Amazon US] More on [more on Mastercuts records] This is a fabulous cd and goes to show how wide the meaning of rare groove can be. To me this is more mellow groove. Anyway, rare grooves just means that they are tracks which are hard to find. More on [more on Rare Groove]
    1. Caveman boogie - Wilson, Lesette 2. LA nights - Agawa, Yasuko 3. No 1 girl - Light Of The World 4. You need a change of mind - Brooklyn Express 5. There's a reason - Hi-Tension 6. Work it out - Break Water 7. Barely breaking even - Universal Robot Band 8. I'd like to get into you - Kelly, Denise & Fame 9. Windy city theme - Davis, Carl 10. Bump and hustle music - Stewart, Tommy 11. God made me funky - Headhunters (1) 12. Give me some - LA Boppers
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