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2002, apr 05; 21:42:
March saw me dealing a lot with philosophical issues. More on philosophy
2002, apr 04; 21:42:
  • Funk Spectrum: Real Funk for Real People - Compiled by Keb Darge[1CD, Amazon US] more on Keb Darge
    2002, mar 30; 20:23:
  • Logg - Logg [1CD, Amazon US] Featuring the sweet vocals of Leroy Burgess
    2002, mar 30; 20:12:
  • Iain Banks - The Wasp Factory [1 Book, Amazon US] One of the best novels I read in recent years, disburbing and very well written
    2002, mar 30; 17:56:
  • Journeys by DJ - Gilles Peterson and Norman Jay [2CD, Amazon US] I missed this one when it came out. Good selection by both Norman Jay and Gilles Peterson
    2002, mar 26; 11:25: WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT AHEAD
    For those of you who didn't know, I am a big fan of all sorts of erotica, not all sorts, just the Meta Soul sort? :-) I have recently found two pages with illustrations from my favourite artists.
  • I first saw the work of Hayashi when I was 13 or 14 years old, on a school visit to Paris. It was in a bookshop facing Centre Pompidou, I found this booklet in the bargain bin. I saw it and was immediately very excited but due to my young age, I was too afraid to buy it. I regret this to this day!
  • I recently discovered Hans Bellmer in my local library in Antwerp while looking for info on a favourite writer of mine: George Bataille. I read his Story of the Eye about a year ago, and this wonderful transgressive porn-tale appears to have been illustrated by Hans Bellmer in the same style as the pictures behind the link above
    2002, mar 21; 10:56:
  • Herbaliser - Something Wicked This Way Comes [1CD, Amazon US] Slow beats, downbeat with wonderful vocals
    2002, mar 21; 10:35:
  • Brazilian Beats - Mr Bongo records compilation [1CD, Amazon US] Third installment of this wonderful series
    2002, mar 21; 10:28:
  • Disco Not Disco 2 - [1CD, Amazon US]
    TRACKLISTING: 1. Bostich - Yello 2. Let's Go Swimming - Russell, Arthur 3. Timewarp - Grant, Eddy 4. Spectacle (Sean P edit) - Can 5. White Horse - Laidback 6. Problems d'Amour - Alexander Robotnik 7. Radio clash - Clash (2) 8. Ciguri - Material 9. Sting - Waits, Barry 10. Listen to the Rhythm Band - MD 20 20 11. Get down - Case, Connie & King Sporty 12. Fourteen days - Lex (2)
    [see also No Wave]
    2002, mar 20; 13:29:
  • Faze Action - Abstract Funk Theory [1CD, Amazon US] Faze Action compile a set of their classics. Includes Carry On, Turn Me On[more on Faze Action]
    TRACKLISTING: Space - Carry On, Turn Me On | Richard Evans - Burning Spear | James Vincent - Space Traveller | Brian Bennett - Solstice | Mandre - Light Years (Opus IV) | Creative Source - Let Me In Your Life | Azymuth - Dear Limmertz | Electric City - What's Up | Undisputed Truth - Sandman | Johnny ''Hammond'' Smith - Star Borne | Beach Boys - God Only Knows
    2002, mar 20; 13:27:
  • Azuli is set to release a second installment of Choice - a Selection of Classics. This time the selection is by Francois Kevorkian. [more on Francois K]
    2002, mar 15; 20:16:
  • Catch me on MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger at or
    2002, mar 14; 16:22:
  • Best of Wave, Vol. 1 - Mixed By Francois K [1CD, Amazon US] Wave Music is Francois K's label [more on Francois K]
    2002, mar 14; 16:18:
  • Deep and Sexy: A Wave Music Compilation - Mixed By Francois K [1CD, Amazon US] Wave Music is Francois K's label [more on Francois K]
    2002, mar 13; 18:00:
  • Osunlade - Paradigm[1CD, Amazon US] African inspired down tempo deep house. Featuring vocals from Wummi (Masters At Work), Fiona Apple & Socrates. Already on the playlists of Gilles Peterson & Kenny Dope. 2001.
    2002, mar 13; 13:44:
    Found an article by Philip Tagg which discusses white music and black music
    Another probable reason for my discontent with the use of the terms under discussion is that I have helped propagate them. I am not the only white middle class intellectual with an interest in forms of music outside those taught in conservatories to have reacted viscerally against the absurd aesthetic dictates of elitist European bourgeois music culture with its canonisation of some musics and its deprecation of others.-- Philip Tagg
    2002, mar 13; 12:07:
    1. Information cannot be possesed . It is not property since it cannot be taken away.It is object nor energy , but essentially form.
    2. Every form of treating information as a product is intrinsically contradictory to its very nature.
    3. Copyright protection is not only based on an epistemological lie, but it is also immoral towards society as well as it is a reactionary reflex towards capitalisation of thought.
    4. Composers, authors nor inventors need protection since the use of their work is not an attack, but contrarywise it rather constitutes an honour.
    5. Regardless any ideological considerations , the further development of new technologies will make the idea of copyright completely anachronistic and obsolete. Copyright protection will reveal itself to be just inefficient.
    Godfried Willem Raes in
    2002, mar 10; 18:11:
    Whenever I talk to a band who are about to sign with a major label, I always end up thinking of them in a particular context. I imagine a trench, about four feet wide and five feet deep, maybe sixty yards long, filled with runny, decaying shit. I imagine these people, some of them good friends, some of them barely acquaintances, at one end of this trench. I also imagine a faceless industry lackey at the other end, holding a fountain pen and a contract waiting to be signed. [...] -- Steve Albini in Baffler magazine
    2002, mar 10; 17:52:
    Perhaps pop music's greatest strength is its ability to depict the torments of personal crises through lyrical ambiguities. By emphasizing emotion and skimping on the details, a songwriter lets listeners interpret the words until they resonate with their own lives. -- Yancey Strickler
    2002, mar 03; 08:28:
    "As long as you keep buying the crap they make you think you need, the more you have to work that job you hate so very much just to keep up. It's the modern day slavery. The key is that you aren't the slave to a nasty terror state that drinks the sweat from your brow like nectar. That would give you something to hate, something to stand up to. No, the enemy here is your own dumb self, and you are just too stupid to see what you're doing to yourself." -- Jim Martin talks about debt, banks, and life in the corporate empire. []
    2002, mar 02; 11:51:
  • Tribe Called Quest - Anthology [1CD, Amazon US] a good groove
    2002, mar 01; 18:25:
    For Audiogalaxy users This is my online profile. Dunno if the link is permanent. Let me know if it works! Sorry about a couple of dodgy tracks in there like the radiohead track mixed by zero 7, I must have accidentily downloaded it.
    2002, mar 01; 18:20:
    The music industry today and tomorrow:
    I have been called a communist for expressing my views on this subject matter, but the way I see the music industry is as follows: 'Today the music industry makes its money selling its music to as many people as possible, while at the same time trying to prevent people who have not paid to have access to that music. Tomorrow, the music industry could be about trying to give as many people as possible access to your music, while at the same time making money from your copyrighted material.' The artist would be able to choose. It is a paradigm shift. [more on technology]
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