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2002, Sep 27; 00:58:
  • Kronos Quartet - Nuevo [1 CD, Amazon US]
    To say that the Kronos Quartet's Nuevo is their most adventurous outing to date is hardly an understatement. This diverse collection of Mexican compositions and traditional tunes brims with an unpredictable energy and a dazzling array of Latin American guest performers, and, yes, Kronos keeps up throughout. A cocktail pop tune from Esquivel gets covered, there's a chamber arrangement of Revueltas's sprawling orchestral work Sensemaya, and Nortec Collective member Plankton Man remixes Kronos's interpretation of "El Sinaloense" into a sizzling dance music track, which closes the disc. The playing is spirited, to say the least (just check out "El Llorar," with guest vocalists Alejandro Flores and Efren Vargas). But this is foremost a party record. A bevy of reverb effects and instrumentation (including a squeaky musical leaf solo on "Perfidia") ensures that things stay unpredictable. Production work by Rock en Espanol producer Gustavo Santaolalla infuses this disc with an edgy modernism. The bulk of these compositions have been arranged by composer Osvaldo Golijov, who seemingly brings a manic energy and a playfulness to everything he touches. Chamber music purists may scoff, but the rest of us will be busy dancing and thrilling to this exciting, genre-blurring Kronos project. --Jason Verlinde
    2002, Sep 24; 21:31:
  • Spirit of the Sun - Kyoto Jazz Massive [1 CD, Amazon US]
    [more on Kyoto Jazz Massive ... ] New release from Japan, first full length in some time, very soulful.
    2002, Sep 24; 21:20:
  • Maps of Meaning, The Arcitecture of Belief - Jordan B. Peterson[1 Book, Amazon US]
    A far-reaching, illuminating study synthesizing research and analysis from many disciplines--neuroscience, archaeology, literature, religion, mythology--to delineate, or map, the primary structures of human behavior and motivation. Peterson, a clinical psychologist and professor at the U. of Toronto, offers bountiful food for thought, for both professional and lay readers, in writing that is clear and jargon-free, but nevertheless conveys the complexity and subtlety of his thinking. -- Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR
    2002, Sep 22; 23:38:
  • Bagdad Cafe - Percy Adlon[1 DVD, Amazon US]
    Actress Marianne Sägebrecht reunites with her Sugarbaby director, Percy Adlon, in this story of a German woman abandoned by her husband in the Mojave desert and taken into a kooky community at a remote café. C.C.H. Pounder (Dr. Angela Hicks on television's ER) gives an atypically unhinged performance as the café owner, and Jack Palance is wonderful as an artist who wants to capture on canvas the beauty he perceives in the rotund Sägebrecht. Adlon's warm but slightly unreal colors give the film a hint of fantasy and time standing still for a life-changing adventure. --Tom Keogh [the song 'Calling You' by Jevetta Steele is extremely sweet] [1988 ...]
    2002, Sep 22; 23:23:
  • Steve Reich - Remixed [1 CD, Amazon US]
    The beauty of Steve Reich's minimalist compositions can be found not in their repetition but in their evolution. Listening to the Kronos Quartet perform Different Trains, the listener quickly gets over the camp value of the conductor samples to discover an unfolding theme that harks back not only to bustling industrialism but also to the horror of the Nazi concentration-camp trains. Reich is a master of such subtle changes in sonics, and his impeccable timing turns simple phrases into musical tapestries. On Reich Remixed, some of dance music's more innovative artists pay homage to the composer in the way they know best: by sampling his works and remixing them into their own. Coldcut's take on Music for 18 Musicians adds a fast-paced techno flair to the classic composition, Howie B's Eight Lines respectfully keeps the integrity of the original piece, and Tranquility Bass peppers "Megamix" with voices and (eventually) beats. There are some misses here, and, most unfortunate, DJ Spooky's schizophrenic treatment of City Life lobotomizes a previously fine composition. No, you still can't dance to Reich, but you can see how others use him for source material. But after hearing these condensed and diced versions, you might find it's worth delving back into Reich's originals to hear what the fuss is all about. --Jason Verlinde
    2002, Sep 21; 10:53:
  • Marc Moulin - Top Secret [1 CD, Amazon US]
    Drawing on three decades of jazz playing, Belgian born keyboardist Marc Moulin produces a funky mix of acid-jazz back beats, rolling organ & guitar licks and (thankfully sparse) electronically enhanced vocals, pushed well above the "comfortably pleasant" zone by strong compositions, clever arrangements and effortlessly tight musicianship (including some excellent sax & trumpet breaks) that give virtually all of the tracks the hard edge needed to draw you back for more. Similar to Saint Germain's "Tourist" but with a much stronger pure jazz feel, the album flows from start to finish and, while a couple of tracks come dangerously close, avoids falling into the boringly lush waters of "hotel lobby background music" that engulf too many of his contemporaries. Supercool, interesting & fun - a rare combination indeed! -- A music fan from London [more ...]
    2002, Sep 21; 11:07:
  • Mr. Hire - Patrice Leconte [1 Video, Amazon US]
    Monsieur Hire, directed by Patrice LeConte, is a flawless film, winning the French Film Critics' Award for Best Feature of 1990. The story, music, acting are all superb; yet the performance and very presence of Michel Leblanc on the screen are quite extraordinary. This film introduced me to the music of Johannes Brahms
    2002, Sep 21; 10:53:
  • Manu Chao - Clandestino [1 CD, Amazon US]
    As one of the driving forces in the French-Spanish ethno-punk band Mano Negra, songwriter-guitarist Chao delivers a surprising solo endeavor. Centered around a simple editorial writing style and an acoustic guitar, this album chronicles his political and personal travels around the world, studying the foibles of life in Latin America and the Caribbean, through Africa and back to Europe. He quotes but never actually plays salsa, son, reggae, Latin pop, and African folk music, all to the service of his songs (written and sung in English, French, and Spanish). The backing is a deceptive hodgepodge of guest artists and collected sounds he has pasted together to service the simple songs he sings. There is a circuslike feel to the whole project, a childlike sense of wonder coupled with a cynical and sometimes sly glance at the "real world." This is a single piece of work, each song bleeding into the next without stopping, a train ride that slows at each station along the way but never stops. It has charm, wit, and depth--a rare and potent combination of virtues for a pop musician. --Louis Gibson [more ...]
    2002, Sep 19; 22:23:
  • Mon Oncle - Jacques Tati[1 DVD, Amazon US]
    French attack on architectural modernism
    FRANCE 1956
    Mr. Hulot (Tati) is plagued by the mysteries of improved technology. Our gentle hero, and his young nephew Gerard, are not ready for the mechanized, push-button age and whether in his sister’s precision-mad house, or at work, he is at a loss. More than being an attack on technology MON ONCLE is a satire about a middle class which embraces the fashions of modernism without really understanding the reason or impact. Academy Award and New York Film Critic’s Award for best Foreign Film.
    2002, Sep 18; 11:33:
  • Underground Moderne - Various Artists[1 CD, Amazon US]
    1. Ghost Rider (Suicide) 2. Mushroom (Can) 3. Gypsy Love (Silver Apples) 4. King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown (Augustus Pablo) 5. Solo/from The Film 'der Tote Bin Ich'(Irmin Schmidt) 6. Sweet Surrender (Tim Buckley) 7. Le Voyageur (Heldon) 8. Chrysler Rose (Dashiell Hedayat) 9. Fohat Digs Holes In Space (Gong) 10. Comme à La Radio(Brigitte Fontaine;Areski;Art Ensemble Of Chicago) 11. Revolutionary Words (Mutabaruka) 12. You Play For Us Today (Agitation Free) 13. Peaches En Regalia (Frank Zappa) 14. Birds Lament(Moondog) 15. One Nation Under A Groove (Funkadelic)
    2002, Sep 18; 23:42:
  • ESG - Step Off [1 CD, Amazon US]
    Originally signed to Factory Records in the UK their first album was produced by Martin Hannett and recorded at the same time as A Certain Ratio's classic "To Each" album. In the US they released music on New York's underground 99 Records label alongside New York's No Wave groups such as Liquid Liquid, The Bush Tetras and Konk.... This is their latest album. [more on ESG ...]
    2002, Sep 15; 21:16:
  • Reefer Madness [1 DVD, Amazon US]
    Although it was made in 1936, Reefer Madness didn't become a cult hit until 1972 when the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) rescued it from the Library of Congress film archive. Thereafter, it was a mainstay on the midnight movie circuit. And it's easy to see why. The ostensible story involves a group of upstanding young high school students who succumb to the allure of the "killer weed." What follows, as if by natural progression, is a catalog of crimes that includes hit-and-run driving, loose morals, rape, murder, suicide, and my personal favorite, permanent insanity! The action is at times so hysterical, in both senses, that you may forget to inhale. Honors go to the wild-eyed, cackling hophead David O'Brien; his performance reaches a raw intensity that is hard to imagine. One measure of this film's pervasive influence is the extent to which its title continues to be invoked in news stories about decriminalization and medical marijuana. Such posterity for unintentional humor must be rare. A great film to see stoned, man. --Jim Gay [more on cult movies ...] [more on drugs ...]
    2002, Sep 15; 00:04:
  • Serge Gainsbourg - Aux Armes et Cetaera [1 CD, Amazon US]
    Serge is the first white artist who engages the famous rhythm section of Peter Tosh, Sly Dunbar (drums) and Robbie Shakespeare (bass), which has also already played with Jimmy Cliff and Gregory Isaacs. Later, Sly and Robbie will also play with Ian Dury, Joe Cocker, Bob Dylan and Mick Jagger. The album "Aux Armes et Caetera" is recorded during five days in the Island studios in Kingston (Jamaica). Like always, when the executive at Phonogram asks him, if everthing is ready, Serge boldly lies, writes half of the songs in the plane and the other one during a sleepless night as he is used to do. Around Sly and Robbie there are Sticky Thompson (percussion), Mikey "Mao" Chung (keyboards) and Radcliffe Bryan (guitar), all three of them from the band of Peter Tosh. Plus there are the I Three, the three background singers of Bob Marley: his wife Rita, Judy Mowatt and Marcia Griffiths. In short: la crème... -- Michael

    In 1976 he became the first white guy to do major recording in Kingston, Jamaica, beginning a long stint with the great reggae rhythm duo, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare. He also employs Marley's Wailers. In 1979, a feisty Gainsbourg produces "Aux Armes Etcetera," which parodies the militaristic overtones of the "sacred" "La Marseillaise," to a reggae beat, much the way Hendrix reconfigured the "Star Spangled Banner" as antiwar song. Denunciations by generals, priests, and politicians follow. Former paratroopers and crusty war vets protest at his concerts, threaten fans. In Marseilles the protests led to cancellations. In Strasbourg, a bomb threat and 400 paratroopers vowing vengence spooked the Wailers so much that they refuse to play. So Gainsbourg took the stage alone, singing "La Marseillaise" without musical accompaniment. The goons join in to sing along and afterward file meekly from the hall. Gainsbourg has charmigly blindsided them. His album sells over 500,000 copies, goes gold -- his first. He wins "best male performer" and "best album" awards at that year's music awards in Cannes. Eugenie Sokolov, his first novel, describes the turbulence of this time. "Eugenie Sokolov" is also a great nose-tweaking "song" -- a series of farting sounds, "scat flatulence" if you will, set to a reggae beat. -- Bart Plantenga [more on Serge Gainsbourg ...]
    2002, Sep 14; 11:33:
  • Nova Tunes 1 - Various Artists[1 CD, Amazon US]
    1. Jaymz Nylon - I know a place 2. Moloko - Sing it back 3. Skinny - Failure 4. The Amalgamation Of Soundz 5. Deadbeats - Got it going on 6. Victor Davies:Brother 7. A Man Called Adam:All my favourite people 8. Meitz:Africa 9. Tate's place feat. July Dexter:Burnin' 10. Catalyst:Silly games 11. Spacek:Eve 12. Avril:Velvet blues 13. Taxi: Black & blue
    First release in a six part series, this cd features unreleased tracks and rarities. Ranges from classy groove cocktail music, with a hint of house and smooth trip-hop to spicy touches of minimal groove. Also includes a full-flavored pinch of subtle jungle and addictive ragga. [more on Nova records ...]
    2002, Sep 12; 22:33:
  • Matthew Herbert - Bodily Functions[1 CD, Amazon US]
    For some there's an obvious path in life. Matthew herbert has been playing music for as long as he can remember, taking up the piano and violin at the tender age of four. His father was a sound engineer for the BBC, and as a result the young Herbert was exposed to his extensive collection of musical gadgetry that lay around the home. At school, a music teacher heavily into jazz and pioneering composers such as Steve Reich gave musical insights that were beyond his years, whilst at University he studied drama in a conscious effort to avoid the clutches of classical music training. It was during these years spent in higher education that he first began to use sampling techniques in an exploration of the relationship between music and performance.
    [Bodily Functions features] finely crafted tunes spanning deep house, lounge piano ballad, acid jazz, and more. Highlights include 'You saw it all' which starts off with a funky dance groove reminiscent of vintage Stevie Wonder, and the totally unique 'Foreign Bodies'. Evident everywhere is a well honed sense of composition. Lyrically, the songs are connected, and the story they tell provides the glue that bonds this album's eclectic mix of musical styles into a creative whole. Stylistically, Herbert is not on the bleeding edge anywhere here, his artfulness lies in his sense of composition and attention to detail. I would hesitate to call this album a work of genius, but it's far better than most. -- Zachary Carter
    2002, Sep 12; 22:13:
  • Mastercuts Discotheque - Various Artists[2 CD, Amazon US]
    1.I feel love (1977 Original Mix) 2.Reckless girl (Original Mix) 3.Bad habit (Demo Version) 4.Shame 5.Over & over (Full Length) 6.Everybody get dancin' (Extended) 7.I feel good things for you (12" Mix) 8.I will follow you (Full Intention Club Mix) 9.There but for the grace of God go I 10.Keep on jumpin' (Extended Mix) 11.You can't hide from your bud (Full length) 12.Music makes me happy (ATFC Vocal Mix) 13.My love (Junior Jack Extra Filtered Mix) Audio CD: 2 1.The boss 2.Touch & go (Original Mix) 3.I hear music in the streets (Full Length) 4.Love is you (12" Version) 5.Let no man put asunder 6.Do what you wanna do (Full length) 7.Breathe 8.Love is freedom (Joey Negro Mix) 9.Too much love (Liquid People Mix) 10.Sunshine & happiness (Nerios Dubwork Mix) 11.Too much love (Axwell Vocal Mix) 12.Dangerous vibes (Spen & Kamizra Deepah Dub) 13.Let's get horny (Extended Mix)
    [more Mastercuts releases ...]
    2002, Sep 11; 00:40:
  • Suicide (First Album) - Suicide [1 CD, Amazon US]
    This remarkable debut album, released a full seven years after the group had formed, was still way ahead of its time back in 1978. Suicide--Alan Vega on vocals and Martin Rev on keyboards and drum machine--are one of the most original acts in the history of popular music. They're often called the first synthpop act; synth-punk is closer to the truth--their music was far more edgy and menacing than that of any of their followers, with the notable exception of Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, et al. Suicide drew on the right protopunk influence (Nuggets-type stuff, Velvets, Stooges) and came out of the same Mercer Arts scene that bred the New York Dolls. Their guitar-bass-and-"real"-drummer-deprived setup outraged audiences; on the superb bonus disc you can hear a European crowd rioting in the background while their apocalyptic nursery rhymes sound away. Tough guy Vega croons like an evil Elvis bred on garage rock and performance art; the stoic Rev lays churning, repetitive, and oddly melodic lines down on his beat-up Farfisa, and the ancient drum machine--it actually sounds steam-driven--propels the music toward a ratty, Blade Runner future. "Dream Baby Dream," "Che," "Ghost Rider"--these eerie, sturdy, steam-punk anthems rank among the most visionary, melodic experiments the rock realm has yet produced. This reissue is bright and clear-sounding, and with the full disc of live performances (a 1977 CBGB's soundboard tape plus the legendary "23 Minutes Over Brussels" performance) this is an essential purchase. --Mike McGonigal
    2002, Sep 11; 00:08:
  • Best of Colonel Abrams - Colonel Abrams [1 CD, Amazon US]
    Colonel Abrams was one of the pioneers of the mid-'80s House music movement. His deep vocals, somewhat like Teddy Pendergrass, and slammin' house beats made his music a definite favourite of mine in the '80s. Back then, his 12" singles were really difficult to get, even at DJ record stores. I was surprised to see ... carrying his "Best Of" album, so I had to get it. Even though the songs contained in this CD were recorded back in 1986, they still sound great, and have withstood the test of time -- Doug Gordon
    2002, Sep 09; 19:48:
  • Compilation of West African Funk - Booniay - Various Artists [1 CD, Amazon US]
    The rise of Afro-beat has made music fans more aware of the great music that came out of West Africa in the '70s. But while Fela Kuti's amazing Afro-beat creations were groundbreaking stuff, many musicians were content to stick closer to funk and soul music. This 10-track compilation is straight from the James Brown school of funk, although various groups also pull in elements of African music, calypso, disco, Latin, and boogaloo. Compiled by the promising new Afrodisiac label, which is at the center of L.A.'s Afro-funk scene, Booniay!! A Compilation of West African Funk features some great music. People probably won't recognize names like Bright Engelberts, Matata, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, and Atomic Bomb Zigoto, but they're all essential contributors to this treasure trove of topnotch, rare grooves that will make a welcome addition to any funketeer's collection. The pot is sweetened by the fact that this album has a warm analog sound that's been lovingly cleaned up. --Tad Hendrickson
    2002, Sep 09; 01:17:
  • Machine - Soul - Various Artists [2 CD, Amazon US]
    Disc: 1 1. Robots - Kraftwerk 2. Warm Leatherette - The Normal 3. I Feel Love - Donna Summer 4. Number One Song in Heaven - Sparks 5. Electricity - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark 6. Cars - Gary Numan 7. Adrenalin - Throbbing Gristle 8. Yashar - Cabaret Voltaire 9. Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa 10. Jam on Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song) - Newcleus 11. Clear - Cybotron 12. Blue Monday - New Order 13. Strings of Life - Rhythim Is Rhythim Disc: 2 1. Pump Up the Volume [Radio Edit] - M/A/R/R/S 2. Big Fun - Inner City 3. Enjoy the Silence [Single Mix] - Depeche Mode 4. What Time Is Love? [Live at Trancentral Mix] - The KLF 5. Little Fluffy Clouds [Dance Mix Mk I Edit] - The Orb 6. Go - Moby 7. Move Any Mountain [I.R.P. in the the Land of Oz Remix] - The Shamen 8. James Brown Is Dead [7" Version] - L.A. Style 9. Charly [Alley Cat Mix] - The Prodigy 10. Rez - Underworld 11. Life Is Sweet - The Chemical Brothers 12. Absurd [Mighty Dub Katz Vox Mix] - Fluke 13. 2 Kool 4 Skool [Short] - Überzone 14. For an Angel [PVD Angel in Heaven Radio Mix] - Paul Van Dyk 15. Godspeed [BT

    A surprisingly perceptive review gets it right: Andrew Weatherall's "Nine O'Clock Drop" is a far superior compilation of cutting edge late 70s/early 80s music. "Machine Soul" is a bunch of tracks, many individually good, with too many previously released on innumerable other compilations; as an "odyssey" it's a dud. - Grantc, Australia

    It's difficult discerning just who this collection is aimed at. Covering 25 years, "Machine Soul" regurgitates a heap of old, vaguely electronica-related commercial tunes. Anyone with even a passing interest in the pop-electronica genre would have collected these tracks years ago. As for any others, there's nothing here that would remotely interest. It's a tragic title, too: there's no flow, nor relationship, between the tracks, suggesting Rhino thinks "Machine Soul" is some clanking, grinding monstrosity. With this release, they're right.

    To its defence, I like the title (from Jon Savage) and it has the smashers Clear and Strings Of Life, Planet Rock, Cars and maybe a couple of others, ...

    2002, Sep 08; 14:39:
  • Giorgio Moroder -- E=MC2 [1 CD, Amazon US]
    German reissue of the disco legend's 1980 album for Casablanca. Billed as the first electronic live-to-digital album. Eight tracks including two bonus tracks, 'Love's In You, Love's In Me' & 'Evolution'. 2001 release.
    Digitally remastered edition of the holy grail of most Moroderphiles. This was the meister producer at his peak, with 'Evolution', 'Wanna Rock You', 'In My Wildest Dreams' and of course, the title track. [more on Giorgio ...], [1979 ...]
    2002, Sep 05; 22:39:
  • Art in Theory 1900-1990: An Anthology of Changing Ideas - edited by Charles Harrison and Paul Wood [1 Book, Amazon US]
    Since it was first published in 1992, this book has become one of the leading anthologies of art theoretical texts in the English-speaking world. This expanded edition includes the fruits of recent research, involving a considerable amount of newly translated material from the entire period, together with additional texts from the last decades of the twentieth century. The features that made the first edition so successful have been retained: The volume provides comprehensive representation of the theories, which underpinned developments in the visual arts during the twentieth century. As well as writings by artists, the anthology includes texts by critics, philosophers, politicians and literary figures. The content is clearly structured into eight broadly chronological sections, starting with the legacy of symbolism and concluding with contemporary debates about the postmodern. The editors provide individual introductions to each of the 340 anthologized texts. Material new to this expanded edition includes texts on African art, on the Bauhaus and on the re-emergent avant-gardes of the period after the Second World War. Post-modernist debates are amplified by texts on gender, on installation and performance art, and on the increasing globalization of culture.
    2002, Sep 06; 23:39:

    Some of the great days of disco, in 1976 and 1977, coincided with punk, but if you read any received history of popular music, you wouldn't know it. The inveterate rock bias in the music papers, magazines and academia has left much dancefloor history still undocumented. The trad agenda set by commentators in the Sixties, heavy with value judgments - glorifying the work of the Velvet Underground over Motown releases, the production skills of Brian Wilson over those of Norman Whitfield, and the social significance and songwriting talent of John Lennon rather than James Brown - persists. Clearly, too, most rock writing foregrounds lyrics, whereas most dance music works through texture, beats and effects. Back in 1976, punk set itself against disco wholeheartedly. In July 1979, at the home stadium of the Chicago White Sox baseball team, thousands of disco records were set alight while the crowd chanted 'Disco sucks, Disco sucks!' The 1989 edition of the Penguin Encyclopedia of Popular Music describes disco as 'a dance fad of the Seventies with a profound and unfortunate influence on popular music'. -- David Haslam [David Haslam ...]

    2002, Sep 05; 22:39:
  • Nouar - Cheikha Rimitti [1 CD, Amazon US]
    The original queen of Algerian rai music is also one of the great survivors in all of Afropop, still on stage and in the studio in her 70s.
    By the 1930s, the Berber, Bedouin and Andalusian elements that would ultimately lead to rai music had coalesced in a style called wahrani. Wahrani was championed by cheikhas--female singers--in the bars of Algeria's "Little Paris," the coastal city of Oran. Cheikhas voiced the complaints of working class people in French colonial Algeria, upsetting officials. They also sang openly about sex, upsetting conservative mujahedin rebels.
    Today, though over 75 years old, Rimitti continues to record.
    2002, Sep 04; 22:45:
  • Videodrome - David Cronenberg [1 DVD, Amazon US]
    If there is a filmmaker who has accurately captured the pathological undercurrents of late 20th Century terminal life: institutionalised disaster areas, deviant sexual impulses spinning out of control and the rise of a Dark Culture, it is truly Canadian David Cronenberg.
    Cronenberg established a strong following with his early theatrical films Shivers (1975), Rabid (1976) and The Brood (1979). Like Dario Argento, George A. Romero, John Carpenter and David Lynch, Cronenberg has used familiar 'visceral horror' film motifs like urban alienation and body mutation to reach art-house audiences. But he has never seen himself as a strictly horor director, and has viewed his films as highly personal meditations.
    [Horror...] | [Cult Movies...]
    2002, Sep 04; 21:10:
  • Rebirth of Cool vol.1 - Compiled by Patrick Forge[1 CD, Amazon US]
    1. Chameleon - The Jazz Warriors 2. Taurus Woman - Mardou Fox & Jonzi 3. Don't Say Nothin' - Opaz 4. Kickin' Jazz - Outlaw 5. Bad Brother - Ronny Jordan 6. Fever - Stereo MC's 7. Revival [Rebirth Edit] - Martine Girault 8. Caroline - MC Solaar 9. Loud Minority [Club Mix] - United Future Organization 10. Inner City Boundaries - Freestyle Fellowship [Patrick Forge...] | [Acid Jazz...] | [Jazz Funk...]
    2002, Sep 02; 22:59:
  • Captain Beefheart - Trout Mask Replica [1 CD, Amazon US]
    A colleague of Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart (aka Don Van Vliet) and his Magic Band produced some of the most eccentric music of the late 1960s--or, for that matter, ever. The high water mark of Beefheart's bizarre career, this double album of freeform "Dada rock" features such daunting tracks as "Pachuco Cadaver," "Hair Pie (Bakes 1 and 2)," and "Neon Meat Dream of an Octafish," all of which actually sound as unusual as their titles. Between Beefheart's mind-bending lyrics and cavernous voice, as well as the twisted playing of guitarists Zoot Horn Rollo and Antennae Jimmy Semens, bassist Rockette Morton and drummer The Mascara Snake, this album fully explains the expression "far out." --Billy Altman [1969...] | [Free Jazz...] | [No Wave...]
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