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2005, Jan 12; 13:30 ::: Bruno Schulz (1892-1942)

Bruno Schulz (1892-1942)

Bruno Schulz (July 12, 1892 - November 19, 1942) was a Polish writer and painter of Jewish faith, widely considered to be one of the greatest Polish prose stylists of the 20th century. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruno_Schulz

The Drawings of Bruno Schulz (1990) - Bruno Schulz [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

From Book News, Inc.
The first complete collection of the known artwork of Polish writer and artist Schulz (1892-1941). Drawing from the Viennese Expressionists and the Old Masters, Schultz portrays his sense of personal and cultural degradation through scenes of grotesque eroticism and masochism. About 200 b&w drawings and sketches are reproduced. No index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

2005, Jan 11; 20:21 ::: Zaad op mijn Huid (2004) - Amélie O.

Zaad op mijn Huid (2004) - Amélie O.

Seks is de meest gezonde, zielsbevredigende en hartverwarmende ervaring die een mens met een kredietkaart kan kopen, zo wil het gezegde. Een grotere waarheid werd zelden prijsgegeven. Op het grote Bal van het Leven komt immers iederéén enthousiast van zijn stoel voor de Horizontale Dans, het stuntelig ballet van knieën en ellebogen dat ontstaat wanneer twee mensen hun genitalia in een voor beide partijen min of meer bevredigend samenspel proberen te betrekken. Lees de vorige zin opnieuw en u zal het met mij eens zijn: eens te meer wordt onomstotelijk bewezen dat het slechts weinigen is gegeven om, nuja, deugdelijk over seks te schrijven. Amélie O. is een van die weinigen. Geestdriftig en - zo stel ik het me graag voor - driftig tout court, plaatst ze de “pen” opnieuw in “penis”. Bij haar geen slap onderscheid tussen seks en erotiek maar wel geestige en zelfs na herhaaldelijk gebruik nog steeds erectiele columns over alles van balzakonderhoud via clitorismanagement tot bij vagijngymnastiek. Amélie O. gaat ons op zwierige wijze voor naar het royaal gedekte Wandelbuffet der Lusten waar wij ons à volonté kunnen van bedienen om op het grote komfoor der seksualiteit onze geheel eigen bouillabaisse op smaak te brengen. Lees de vorige zin opnieuw en u zal het ten tweede male met mij eens zijn: het is werkelijk de hoogste tijd om deze flaptekst te laten voor wat hij is en het échte werk te gaan lezen.’ (pdw) Zaad op mijn huid is de langverwachte bundeling van de columns die Amelie O. schreef voor De Morgen, Mao Magazine en Deng. Kunstenaar Wim Delvoye levert met zijn Sexrays de treffende illustraties voor dit boek. --Amélie O. via Van Halewyck uitgeverij : dissonant en toonaangevend, http://www.vanhalewijck.be [Jan 2005]

Lick 2 (2000) - Wim Delvoye
Cibachrome print on aluminum, ed. 5/6
100x125 cm

Sperone Westwater is pleased to announce the exhibition "Wim Delvoye: Gothic Works” featuring nine stained glass windows in the tradition of medieval stained glass, which will be installed in the windows of the gallery. In contrast to their historical and ecumenical sources, Delvoye´s "Gothic Windows” reflect darker, more secular imagery, mainly erotic and taken from medical x-rays, which are sandwiched between colored glass. These windows form part of an ongoing project in which Delvoye employs techniques associated with various vernacular craft traditions-- his 1999 life-size Cement Truck carved from teak first shown at the Venice Biennale; his taxidermied pigs tattooed with popular contemporary motifs; and everyday objects (shovels and gas canisters) rendered in the manner of Delft porcelain. Also on view will be examples of Delvoye´s "Sex-rays”(sexual x-rays), his stuffed and tattooed pigs, "Bird Houses” (cuckoo clocks) and a sculpture in the form of a Caterpillar carved out of wood particle-board in the "Gothic Style”. Much of Delvoye´s work emanates from the confrontation between historical objects and contemporary references that seemingly have nothing to do with each other, thus striking a balance between the reality of the moment and the romantic glorification of the past.

Wim Delvoye, born in Belgium in 1965, lives and works in Ghent and New York. --http://www.speronewestwater.com/cgi-bin/iowa/articles/record.html?record=187 [Jan 2005]

2005, Jan 10; 13:19 ::: Marquis (1989) - Henri Xhonneux

Marquis (1989) - Henri Xhonneux [Amazon.com]

An audacious rendering of the political, social and sexual manners of the ancien regime and the class division and social disruption that produced the French Revolution. Adapted from the writings of the Marquis de Sade, Henri Xhonneux and Roland Topor's elegantly witty film uses elaborate puppets in human form to act out erotic and sexual decadence. "Elegantly naughty with wry, intellectual satire. The film plays out all manner of human desire" (J. Hoberman). via http://www.1worldfilms.com/France/marquis.htm [Jan 2005]

2005, Jan 10; 13:19 ::: picture by Jean Baptiste Mondino

picture by Jean Baptiste Mondino

2005, Jan 10; 13:03 ::: La Philosophie dans le boudoir (1969) - Jacques Scandelari

La Philosophie dans le boudoir/Beyond Love and Evil (1969) - Jacques Scandelari [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

2005, Jan 10; 11:03 ::: Dfa Records Presents: Compilation 2 (2004) - Various Artists

Dfa Records Presents: Compilation 2 (2004) - Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

DFA's second compilation includes many unreleased tracks and a beautiful packaging that includes a sturdy box enclosing three LP style CD jackets. A sampling of the tracks on this compilation include: The Rapture Alabama Sunshine (Unreleased in America); LCD Soundsystem Yeah (Pretentious Mix); Black Dice Wastered (Unreleased); J.O.Y. Sunplus (Original) (Unreleased); The Juan Maclean Less Than Human (Unreleased); and many more by the likes of these artists and others...30 TRACKS!

2005, Jan 10; 09:50 ::: Is It All Over My Face? The Life and Music of Arthur Russell (to be released) - Tim Lawrence

Is It All Over My Face? The Life and Music of Arthur Russell will tell the story of the vocalist, cellist, percussionist and composer Arthur Russell. Having worked and partied in the creative milieu of downtown New York in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Russell forms a symbolic bridge between Tim Lawrence's first book, Love Saves the Day , which examines seventies dance culture, and Paradise and After , which will focus on dance culture in the 1980s and early 1990s. Russell generated a remarkable roster of quirky, off-beat, radical recordings that relentlessly tested the boundaries of established genres -- and which are worthy of a biographical study. --Tim Lawrence http://www.timlawrence.info/writing-pages/wr_forth_is-it.html [Jan 2005]

2005, Jan 10; 09:50 ::: Continental film review (1952 - 1983?)

First issue in 1952.

'UK-based ''international'' film magazine which purported to be a somewhat serious film journal devoted to foreign films, but which in its later years focused rather more on pruriently on the scantily-clad and often nude young actresses which peopled films of the era.'

There was also published a US-priced edition which was exactly the same as the UK-counterpart except that it was dated a month later and was priced at 35 or 50 cents rather than 1/6. --http://www.geocities.com/moviemags/continental61.html [Jan 2005]

2005, Jan 08; 22:52 ::: Larry Levan: Greatest Salsoul Mixes - Various Artists

Larry Levan: Greatest Salsoul Mixes - Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Jocelyn Brown 2. How High - The Salsoul Orchestra 3. By the Way You Dance - Bunny Sigler 4. Handsome Man - Sparkle 5. Double Cross - First Choice 6. Greatest Performance of My Life - Loleatta Holloway 7. Crying - Instant Funk 8. When I Come Home - Aurra 9. I Know You Will - Logg
Disc: 2
1. I Got My Mind Made Up - Instant Funk 2. First Time Around - Skyy 3. It's Just Begun - The Jimmy Castor Bunch 4. Everybody - Instant Funk 5. Summertime Lovin' - Steve Arrington 6. Skyzoo - Skyy 7. Slap Slap Lickedy Lap - Instant Funk 8. High - Skyy 9. Bodyshine - Instant Funk 10. Make It Last Forever - Jocelyn Brown

Album Description
All mixed up by Larry Levan, featuring Instant Funk, Loleatta Holloway, Jocelyn Brown, Aurra, Jimmy Castor Bunch, Skyy, Inner Life and more. 19 tracks packaged in double gatefold digipak. Salsoul. 2003.

2005, Jan 08; 15:54 ::: The Salsoul Acappellas (2004) - Various Artists

The Salsoul Acappellas (2004) - Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Amazon - Jimmy Castor (Original Acappella Version) 2. Amazon - Jimmy Castor (Original Chorus Acappella) 3. Amazon - Jimmy Castor (Original Skit Acappella) 4. By The Way You Dance - Bunny Sigler (Original Acappella Version) 5. By The Way You Dance - Bunny Sigler (Original Background Vocals Acappella) 6. Cheaters Never Win - Love Committee (Original Acappella Version) 7. Cheaters Never Win - Love Committee (Original Background Vocals Acappella) 8. Checking You Out - Aurra (Original Acappella Version) 9. Checking You Out - Aurra (Original Background Vocals) 10. Everyman - Double Exposure (Original Acappella Version) 11. Everyman - Double Exposure (Original Background Vocals Acappella) 12. I Can't Turn You Loose - Anthony White (Original Acappella Version) 13. It Gets To Me - Jimmy Castor (Original Acappella Version) 14. I've Been Singing Love Songs - Eddie Holman (Original Re-Edit Acappella Version) 15. My Love Is Free - Double Exposure (Original Acappella Version) 16. My Love Is Free - Double Exposure (Original Background Vocals Acappella) 17. No Stoppin' That Rockin’ - Instant Funk (Original Acappella Version) 18. No Stoppin' That Rockin’ - Instant Funk (Original Background Vocals Acappella) 19. No Stoppin' That Rockin’ - Instant Funk (Original Voicebox Acappella) 20. Show Me The Way - Skyy (Original Acappella Version) 21. Show Me The Way - Skyy (Original Adlib Vocals Acappella) 22. Show Me The Way - Skyy (Original Background Vocals Acappella) 23. Ten Percent - Double Exposure (Original Acappella Version) 24. Ten Percent - Double Exposure (Original Background Vocals)
Disc: 2
1. Dancin' And Prancin - Candido (Original Acappella Version) 2. Dreamin' - Loleatta Holloway (Original Acappella Version) 3. Dreamin' - Loleatta Holloway (Original Background Vocals # 1) 4. Dreamin' - Loleatta Holloway (Original Background Vocals # 2) 5. Hit & Run - Loleatta Holloway (Original Acappella Version) 6. Hit & Run - Loleatta Holloway (Original Background Vocals Acappella) 7. I Like It Like That - Inner Life (Original Acappella Version) 8. I Like It Like That - Inner Life (Original Background Vocals Acappella) 9. If You're Looking For Fun - Weeks & Co (Original Acappella Version) 10. Jack & Jill - Salsoul Orchestra (Original Re-Edit Acappella Version) 11. Jingo - Candido (Original Acappella Version) 12. Let No Man Put Asunder - First Choice (Original Acappella Version) 13. Love Thang - First Choice (Original Acappella Version) 14. Love Thang - First Choice (Original Background Vocals Acappella) 15. Ooh I Love It - Salsoul Orchestra (Original Acappella Version) 16. That's What You Said - Loleatta Holloway (Original Acappella Version) 17. Tunnel Of Love - Weeks & Co (Original Acappella Version) 18. We're Getting Stronger - Loleatta Holloway (Original Acappella Version) 19. We're Getting Stronger - Loleatta Holloway (Original Background Vocals Acappella) 20. When You're X Wants You Back - Surface (Original Acappella Version)

2005, Jan 08; 15:42 ::: Soul Jazz Presents Nicky Siano's Gallery (2004) - Various Artists

Soul Jazz Presents Nicky Siano's Gallery (2004) - Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Album Description
The Gallery, The Loft and The Paradise Garage were the three most important clubs in New York's underground disco scene. DJ Nicky Siano, whose club The Gallery ran from 1972-77, had the distinction of being connected to all three. He was also the DJ when the most celebrated of all clubs, Studio 54, opened it's doors playing as Bianca Jagger entered on a white horse. Artists featured on this disc include Jeanie Brown, Undisputed Truth, The Temptations, Dinosaur, Vernon Birch, Bill Withers, Bobby Womack, The Tramps and more. Soul Jazz. 2004.

1. Can't Stop Talking by Jeanie Browne 2. Big John by Undisputed Truth 3. Law Of The Land by The Temptations 4. Exuma by Exuma 5. And They Call That Love by Vernon Birch 6. We're Getting Stronger by Loleatta Holloway 7. Get Into Something by The Isley Brothers 8. Yes We Can Can by the Pointer Sisters 9. I Can Understand It by Bobby Womack 10. I Got It by Gloria Spencer 11. Sang and Dance by The Bar-kays 12. Love Epidemic by The Tramps 13. I'm Gonna Let My Heart by the Supremes 14. Harlem by Bill Withers 15. Crazy Bout My Baby by Bonnie Bramlett

2005, Jan 08; 14:02 ::: Essential Brazilian Flavas (2004) - Various Artists

Essential Brazilian Flavas (2004) - Various Artists [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Track Listings
1. Carolina Carol Bela - Jorge Ben 2. A Minha Menina - The Bees 3. Parabens (Buscemi's Jungle Jazz Mix) - Marcos Valle 4. Freestyle Love - Stereo Maracana 5. Convite Para Vida Domestic House Edit - Seu Jorge Antonio Pi 6. Acanda O Farol (Meme's Philly Flavour Mix) - Rim Maia 7. Trains - Cibelle 8. Nao Vem Que Nao Tem - Wilson Simonal 9. Take It Easy My Brother Charles - Jorge Ben 10. Sambassin - Fernanda Porto 11. Corcovado (Dj Marky Remix) - Everything But The Girl 12. Capoeira - Infrared Ft Gillfelix 13. Quem Que Caguetou - Tejo Black Alein E Speed 14. The Aldy Is A Tramp - Lennie Dale & The Sambalanco

Album Description
Subtitled - From Barrio Beats To Funky Bossa. 2004 compilation of 14 Brazilian flavored dance tracks & the music that inspired it. Artists include Jorge Ben, The Bees, Marcos Valle, Stereo Maracana, Tim Maia, Everything But The Girl, & more, packaged in a slipcase. Outcaste.

2005, Jan 07; 16:33 ::: Pola X (1999) - Leos Carax

Pola X (1999) - Leos Carax [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Based on Herman Melville's 1852 novel Pierre: or the Ambiguities, filmmaker Leos Carax (Lovers On The Bridge, Mauvais Sang) presents an ambitious tale of one man's search for the truth in a vague world. A young, successful author (Depardieu) is haunted by a recurring dream of a woman obscured in darkness. After discovering the identity of this mysterious figure, he finds his life spiraling downward into a world of lies, ambiguities and masquerades.

2005, Jan 07; 14:20 ::: Force Mental 16 winter 2004

FORCE MENTAL is a magazine that deals with excesses of all kinds. It is a product of CLUB MORAL vzw.

After 16 years of time for reflection we have decided to take up again the publishing FORCE MENTAL, Magazine For Excesses. Time is right to join with some infamous veteran servicemen to provide a sharpened platform to a fresh posse of hard thinkers.

Just as we abruptly finished our last printed issue 15 in 1988 with page 578, we start our first digital issue 16 in 2005 with page 579.

The new FORCE MENTAL is not just a random collection of web pages, it's a strict format in the continued tradition of earlier issues. 24 pages in an accurate reconstruction of the layout provisionally still as in older Club Moral publications and referring to the original use of simple techniques of design, editing and printing. We assume that new participants will experiment in new directions in future issues.

FORCE MENTAL 16 with international contributions from: Ons Feuilleton/AMVK, Mauro Pawlowski, Ivan H. Sladek, DDV, Dennis Tyfus, Sickboy, agency-agence-agentschap, Erik Vloeberghs, Nini Cinotti, Heinrich Obst, Dirk Paesmans, Harry Heirmans, John Wantling, Agnes Geoffray, German Scalona, Claire Roudenko-Bertin, Frank Pinckers, Romain Slocombe, Dr. Mangelware, The Good Example, Stocklist, Bernaded Dexters. --http://www.clubmoral.com/forcemental/16/ [Jan 2005]

2005, Jan 07; 12:46 ::: Choses Secrètes/Secret Things (2002) - Jean-Claude Brisseau

Choses Secrètes/Secret Things (2002) - Jean-Claude Brisseau [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Two young women discover the power of sex to get what they want in the male-dominated business world. Nathalie, a performance artist-stripper, instructs her new friend, the beautiful but inexperienced Sandrine, on the art of seduction. Without delay they put their skills to the test at a Parisian bank, where both rise to the top. But they meet their match in the ruthless son of the bank's president -- a vain, unbridled, power-hungry monster.

2005, Jan 07; 00:18 ::: Beautiful Rafaela (1927) - Tamara De Lempicka

Beautiful Rafaela (1927) - Tamara De Lempicka

"Suddenly," Tamara would say, "I became aware of a woman walking some distance in front of me. As she walks, everyone coming in the opposite direction stops and looks at her. They turn their heads as they passes by. I am curious. What is so extraordinary that they are doing this? I walk very quickly until I pass her, then I turn around and come back down the path in the opposite direction. Then I see why everyone stops. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen - huge black eyes, beautiful sensuous mouth, beautiful body. I stop her and say to her, "Madmoiselle I'm a painter and I would like you to come pose for me. Would you do this? She says, "Yes, why not?" And I say , "Yes, come. My car is here."
--Quotes excerpted from Passion By Design ~ The Art And Times Of Tamara de Lempicka, by Baroness Kizette de Lempicka - Foxhall via http://www.paloma.ca/rafaela.html [Jan 2005]

2005, Jan 04; 20:16 ::: Aspects of contemporary art in Belgium 1970-1985

Carlos Ginzburg, Latin American Prostitute (holding a statement by Baudelaire), performance in het ICC, 1974 foto ©archief ICC/MuHKA

exhibition at the MuHKA, Antwerp, Dear ICC 18 dec 2004 - 27 feb 2005

Aspects of contemporary art in Belgium 1970-1985
During the
seventies and the early eighties, the ICC was an intermediary between a progressive art praxis and the ill-at-ease public, as well as an alternative platform for the production and the presentation of -amongst other things- recent conceptual art, installations, video, happening and performance.

A critical reflection on the function of this institution throws another (for ‘historical’) light on different contemporary problematic issues in the museum world as of today with regard to interdisciplinarity, production facilities, social positioning and dealing with the museum public. At the same time, the project suggests a possible interaction with and opening of an important body of archives which, at present, is still drifting in between archaeology and actuality.

with works and/or documents by a.o. vito acconci, laurie anderson, alessandro, artworker foundation, ben, conny beckley, fred bervoets, guillaume bijl, guy bleus, marcel broodthaers, daniël buren, james lee byars, andré cadéré, jacques charlier, leo copers, cel crabeels, thierry de cordier, raoul de keyser, paul de vylder, daniël dewaele, luc deleu, denmark, yves de smet, robert devriendt, danny devos, michael druks, lili dujourie, benni efrat, pieter engels, filip francis, jonah friedman, jef geys, marc ghens, dan graham, michael harvey, pieter kortekaas, joseph kosuth, marie-jo lafontaine, jacques lennep, jacques lizène, bernd lohaus, lea lublin, brice marden, gordon matta-clark, danny matthys, guy mees, ludo mich, antonio muntadas, jacques louis nyst, orlan, ria pacquée, panamarenko, fabrizio plessi, reindeer werk, maurice roquet, guy rombouts, susan russell, jean-michel sanejouand, buky schwartz, sosnowski, narcisse tordoir, niele toroni, boy & erik stappaerts, nicolas uriburu, thé van bergen, patrick van caeckenbergh, hubert van es, johan van geluwe, anne-mie van kerckhoven, philippe vandenberg, frank van herck, raoul van den boom, wout vercammen, bill vazan, jan vercruysse, marc verstockt

curator: johan pas

--http://www.muhka.be/toont_beeldende_kunst_detail.php?la=en&date=&id=98&subbase=actueel&jaartal=&jaargang=&letter=&person_id=&work_id= [Jan 2005]

2005, Jan 04; 17:37 ::: Mixed with Love (2004) - Walter Gibbons

Mixed with Love (2004) - Walter Gibbons [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

1. Ten Percent (Original 12" Mix) 2. Block Party (Original 12" Mix ) 3. Catch Me On The Rebound (Original 12" Mix) 4. Just As Long As I Got You (Original 12" Mix) 5. It’S Good For The Soul (Original Lp Remix) 6. Let No Man Put Asunder (Original Lp Remix) 7. Love Is Finally Coming My Way (Original 12” Mix) 8. We’Re Getting Stronger (Original 12" Mix) 9. Ice Cold Love (Original Lp Remix) 10. Cheaters Never Win (Original 12" Mix) 11. Law & Order (Original 12" Mix) 12. Catch Me On The Rebound (Original Lp Remix) 13. As Long As You Love Me (Original 12" Mix) 14. I Can’T Turn You Loose (Original 12" Mix) 15. My Love Is Free (Original Album Remix) 16. Hit & Run (Original 12" Mix) 17. I Wish That I Could Make Love (Original Lp Remix) 18. Nice N’ Naasty (Original 12" Mix) 19. Where Will It End (Original 12" Mix) 20. Salsoul 3001 (Original 12" Mix) 21. Moon Maiden (Original 12" Mix) 22. (Dance With Me) Let’S Believe (Original 12" Mix) 23. Catch Me On The Rebound Inst (Original 12" Mix) 24. Ten Percent (Original Lp Remix) 25. Rocket Rock (Original 12" Mix) 26. Magic Bird Of Fire (Original Album Remix) 27. Super Queen (Original 12" Mix) 28. Stand By Your Man (Original 12" Mix) 29. Your Cheatin’ Heart (Original 12" Mix)

Yet Walter Gibbons, against all odds, still became a DJ's DJ. "Everyone was going to hear Walter," says Smith, who would go down to Galaxy once he had wrapped up for the night at Barefoot Boy. "Most DJs finished at four so we could hear Walter from five until ten." After that, Gibbons and Smith would go for breakfast and, weather permitting, a trip to the beach, where they would talk about music. "DJs couldn't go and listen to too many people because we had played all night and didn't want to hear the same thing all over again. But we knew Walter would turn us on. Everyone showed up." --http://www.timlawrence.info/writing-pages/wg_mixed-w-love.html [Jan 2005]

2005, Jan 04; 12:47 ::: Beluga (2004) - Jean Van Cleemput

Beluga (2004) - Jean Van Cleemput [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Using the interior of Wah-Kel, the unique Chinese restaurant that Cleemput discovered in Antwerp, he staged a montage of photographs that also appeal to areas other than the taste buds. For added impact he decided to get on board chef Wouter Keersmaekers, proud owner of a Guide Michelin star, whose stylish international culinary creations top off this rich seafood dish of photographical ingredients.

Wah-Kel (Verversrui 32) is situated in Antwerp's lively red light district, just across the famous dance club Café d'Anvers and pretty close to the hottest club in Antwerp: Red & Blue. When Wah Kel was founded back in 1923, it became the first Chinese restaurant in Belgium.

Back in the old days, Belgian people did not know much of 'exotic' food. Chinese food was something completely weird for them. E.g. chicken slices were something which Belgians had never seen before. They even thought that it was rat meat. Soy bean sprouts (basic ingredient of chop suey) were thought to be the poisonous roots of a potato. As you can imagine, the Chinese have had a hard time in convincing the Belgians that the Chinese cuisine was -- together with French cuisine -- the best in the world. --http://www.angelfire.com/biz/wahkel/ [Jan 2005]

2005, Jan 02; 13:32 ::: Les Nuits Fauves/Savage Nights (1992) - Cyril Collard

Les Nuits Fauves/Savage Nights (1992) - Cyril Collard [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Savage Nights is a semi-autobiographical story of the rebellion of a suburban Frenchman with AIDS (writer-director Cyril Collard) who carelessly slips in and out of bisexual affairs. A major hit in France, where it won the César (the French equivalent of an Oscar) three days after its creator died of AIDS, this is a bitter, energetic look at love in the '90s, one that is far removed from Jonathan Demme's more whitewashed Philadelphia. Collard's story is jumbled, but his presence is inviting as a latter-day bohemian. Romane Bohringer (The Accompanist) plays one of his loves, a woman with maddening devotion. --Doug Thomas, Amazon.com

2005, Jan 01; 00:01 ::: Fashionable Nonsense: The Sokal Affair (1996)

Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals' Abuse of Science (French: Impostures Intellectuelles, published in the UK as Intellectual Impostures) is a book by professors Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont. Sokal is best-known for the Sokal Affair, in which he submitted a satirical article to the journal Social Text, a moderately important critical theory journal, and got it accepted as a legitimate article. The book was published in 1997 in France and 1998 in the United States.


Therefore, Sokal and Bricmont contend, the authors of those texts probably attempted an incompetent show of erudition in an attempt to impress their readers. The authors who are criticized include Jacques Lacan, Julia Kristeva, Paul Virilio, Jean-François Lyotard, Gilles Deleuze, Luce Irigaray, Bruno Latour, and Jean Baudrillard. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fashionable_Nonsense [Dec 2004]

2005, Jan 01; 00:01 ::: Marie-Laure de Noailles (1902 - 1970)

Marie-Laure de Noailles via http://www.jeancocteau.net/01poete/intro02.htm [Dec 2004]

Marie-Laure, Vicomtesse de Noailles (31 October 1902 - 29 January 1970), was one of the 20th century's most daring and influential patrons of the arts, noted for her associations with Salvador Dalí, Balthus, Jean Cocteau, Man Ray, Jean-Michel Frank and others as well as her tempestuous life and eccentric personality.

She was born Marie-Laure Henriette Anne Bischoffsheim, the only child of Marie-Thérèse de Chevigné, a French aristocrat, and Maurice Bischoffsheim, a Paris banker of German Jewish and American Quaker descent. One of her great-great-great-grandfathers was the infamous Marquis de Sade, and her maternal grandmother, Laure de Sade, Countess de Chevigné, inspired at least one character in In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust. Her nephew, Count Philippe Lannes de Montebello, is presently (2004) the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. And her stepfather was the French playwright Francis de Croisset.

After a brief romance with the artist Jean Cocteau, Marie-Laure Bischoffsheim married, in 1923, Arthur Anne Marie Charles, Vicomte de Noailles (1891-1981), a younger son of the Antonin-Just-Léon-Marie de Noailles, 5th duc de Mouchy. They had two daughters, Laure Madeleine Thérèse Marie (Mme Bertrand de La Haye Josselin) and Nathalie Valentine Marie (Mme Alessandro Perrone). --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie-Laure_de_Noailles [Dec 2004]

L'Age d'Or/The Age of Gold (1930) - Luis Buñuel

L'Âge d'Or is a 1930 surrealist film directed by Luis Buñuel and written by Buñuel and Salvador Dalí.

The film was financed to the tune of a million francs by the nobleman Vicomte de Noailles, who commissioned a film every year for his wife's birthday. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%27%C2ge_d%27Or [Dec 2004]

The film's coda recreates the conclusion to 'The 120 Days of Sodom' by the Marquis de Sade (a hero of the surrealist movement), blasphemously portraying the depraved ringleader of de Sade's deviant torturers as a Christ figure, and ending with an image of beards (or is it pubic hair) nailed to a crucifix. --Anton Bitel, http://www.movie-gazette.com/cinereviews/654 [Jan 2005]

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