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"Method of this work:
literary montage.
I have nothing to say only to show." (Passagenwerk (1927 - 1940) - Walter Benjamin)

2005, Oct 24; 23:33 ::: Blog

I am currently working on these pages, by the end of the month I will publish the complete list with updated pages (mostly cleanups). In the meanwhile, please use the search box above to find what you are looking for.

2005, Oct 17; 11:33 ::: Blog

No updates to the blog for the coming month, I will be archiving the previous blog posts. Check the archives and use the search box to locate entries. Or try the the index.

2005, Oct 15; 10:05 ::: Jahsonic 1.0

After 11 years of collecting, organizing and reorganizing I am proud to present version 1.0 of Jahsonic.com, my notes on culture, art, music, film, theory and fiction.

As with any work of reference, the bias lies in the choice of entries. Instead of trying to avoid that bias, I have deliberately celebrated it.

My special thanks to Daniel Wang, Coqui, Phil Cheeseman, the BBC, Wire Magazine, Yahoo!, Google, Amazon, Dominique, Mickie, Babynox, Rafaela and Maurice.

I dedicate this work to my family, the internet and Wikipedia.


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