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Alice Kerr-Sutherland Society International

"The Alice Kerr-Sutherland Society International was founded in 1992 after the success of "A Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen". I have illustrated most of the covers to the society's journal, The Governess, and illustrated many of the society's publications.

The Alice Kerr-Sutherland Society's magazine, The Governess is the most elegant and refined journal of disciplinary literature in the world (no idle boast!). I'm [Alain Sardax] proud to have been associated with it since its inception.Sadly the magazine itself has now finished, but books and compendia are still available.

Jacqueline Ophir

Jacqueline Ophir is one of England's foremost disciplinary theoreticians and authors, whose works include the most acclaimed series of novels of recent times—The Fellowship of the Rod, as well as The House in St. John's Wood (a dramatisation of a year in the life of Alice Kerr-Sutherland), and Tales of the Unbreeched, a manual for Mistresses on the art of "La Déculottage" (the stripping of penitents for punishment), which has been favourably compared to Miss Kerr-Sutherland's A Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen as a practical manual for those ladies who wield the domestic rod. Her most recent novel is A Perfect Mistress, which the author admits is at least fifty percent autobiographical (though she does not say which fifty percent!). Her last book was The Song of the Cane, an anthology of writings and verse about this fabled instrument. She has recently retired from writing. --http://www.aks-books.co.uk/authors.htm

The Art of Discipline (1996) - A K S Books

The Art of Discipline: A Pictorial History of the Smacked Bottom: v. 1 (1996) - A K S Books [Amazon.com] [FR] [DE] [UK]

Book Description
Nearly 600 exquisite images from the golden age of disciplinary illustration-including more than 60 from Louis Malteste, over 40 from G. Topfer and more than 30 from Jim Black-plus dozens of drawings by Beloti, Dagy, Hegener, Herric, Milewski, Soulier, Wigead, and many other artists.

Entire classic collections such as ‘Three Painful Years’, ‘Frenzies’, ‘Flora en Pension’, ‘A Dominant Mistress’, ‘Récits Piquants’, etc. Hundreds of unattributed drawings covering subjects such as School, Domestic Discipline, Postures, The Weaker Sex, Judicial Punishments, and many others. --via Amazon.co.uk

From http://www.januslondon.co.uk



     paperback books 

  Venus In Furs

by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch

Written by the man who gave his name to masochism, this erotic classic tells the developing story of the relationship between the submissive Severin and haughty, fur-clad Wanda. They journey through Italy with Severin posing as Wanda's domestic servant, who is humiliated at every turn!. From AKS.


p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £5 World
  A Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen

the successful administration of physical discipline to males - by females

Written in 1924 but before it could be published all known copies were seized by England's Vice Squad and, after a sensational trial, burned - by order of the judge..Except one! So said the supposedly reprinted edition of 1991. This was simply not true! The book, was, in fact, written by the much- admired writer, Jacqueline Ophir, prior to the formation of the Alice Kerr-Sutherland Society as a tribute to the non-existent author!This does not alter the fact that it was and still is an extremely comprehensive 'Flagellation Cookbook' detailing the philosophy, equipment and techniques of physical discipline to males... by females! Includes over 30 originial illustrations. From AKS.


p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £5 World
  Nell In Bridewell 

by W. Reinhard with illustrations

This is the story, in the form of ficiton based on fact, of a young girl who experienced the horrors and indignities of a 19th Century House of Correction in Germany. In the book, Nell describes in graphic terms the merciless floggings she witnessed - of girls and young women, as well as of boys and men - and confesses to disturbingly confusing emotions that such sights occasioned in her. She recalls the lustful expressions on the faces of the onlookers, records the fervent words of gratitude to the skillful flogger from the lips of grand ladies who 'were only to delighted to see such girls whipped', and tells of the evidently sensual appetities such cruelties incited in the torturers. From AKS.


p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £5 World
  Bride of the Birch

The Rosa Coote Letters anonymous

First published as a serial in the 'underground' magazine, The Pearl, in 1879 and 1880, Bride of the Birch is a series of letters from Miss Coote, now an old maid, to a younger lady friend. Miss Coote admits to being wedded to the birch rod and details her experiences of being severely whipped as a child, both at home by her grandfather, and then at school at Miss Flaybum's Academy. As a woman of property, she sets up her own home with a strict disciplinary regime and the birch rod is in frequent use. The gardener's wife and her two young daughters incur Miss Coote's wrath for stealing fruit and all three are soundly flogged as is a sneak-thief who tries to hide her ill-gotten gains in her private parts! From AKS.


p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £5 World
  The Queen of the Grove

The Queen of the Grove is an original collection of short stories, poems and illustrations exploring a single, albeit composite, theme: the disciplinary role the Female - especially in her relationship to the Male - and her exercise of that discipline by physical means. The central figure appears in many different aspects; by turns brave and determined, remote and implacable, vengeful yet merciful, long-suffering, demonic - and sometimes touchingly unsure of herself and her ground. Yet whatever the situation or her response to it, the moral is always the same. Success - of a kind, anyway - is asssured the moment she takes rod in hand and performs her time-honoured duty with determination and finesse...


p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £5 World
  Linton Abbey £15 
p&p £1 UK £2 EC £5 World

By Agnes Blackwood

A novel of scholastic discipline. When William was sent to join his cousin Lucy at her mixed boarding school, he had no idea what was in store for him. What was in store for him was the same thing Linton Abbey School provided in full measure for all it boy (never girl) pupils. The Hairbrush. The Slipper. And the Cane. Always on the bare bottom, and nearly always in front of the girls. Then William and his friends rebelled...
  Trouble At Linton Abbey £15

p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £5 World

A paperback book by Agnes Blackwood

Scholastic Discipline of an unusual kind. When Laura and Howard won scholarships to Linton Abbey School, in faraway England, they had no idea what they were in for. Particularly Howard. For Linton Abbey was the kind of school where corporal punishment was the everyday answer to boys' youthful peccadilloes. Always on the bare bottom, and nearly always in front of the girls. Then Howard and his friends hatched a plot...



The Governess XVIII £15
p&p £1 Uk £2 EC £5 World

The Journal of the Alice Kerr-Sutherland Society International

Blue-Black Ink/ Your Letters/ The Smack That Heals/ A Striking Posture/ Silver Screen/ New Thoughts/ On Sound and Motion/ The Light That Does Not Fail/ The Unimportance of Being Ernest/ Sex Sonnets/ An Interview With Sardax/ My Favourite Things: The Tawse/ Should We Burn th School Canes?/ Do Males Ever Grow Up?/ From the Archives 

issues 13-18 available



   Ouch!! £25

Published by the Alice Kerr- Sutherland Society. A literary history of the Smacked Bottom from Tudor times until today.Over 150 quoted passages from 500 years of disciplinary writing with black and white illustrations. 
  Sent for Six of the Best £15

p&p £1 UK £2 EC £3 World

A paperback book by Angela Richards

In this sequel to The Saturday Afternoon Detention, Angela has been caught smoking in the Fourth Form washroom by bossy-boots prefect, Amanda Wilkinson. Last term, the Headmistress had decreed that if Angela, Nicola or Caroline were caught smoking again they were to be sent to either her, or Miss Cartwright for six of the best! Angela pleaded with Amanda to take her to the Duty Mistress to be punished, as she knew that if she escorted her to Miss Mitchell, her Form Mistress, she was sure to refer her to Crusty Cartwright, the irascible Deputy Headmistress for six of the best!

  The Whip and the Rod £15

p&p £1 UK £2 EC £3 World

A paperback book by Prof. R. G. Van Yelyr

Not a book for the squeamish or faint-hearted! The Whip and the Rod was written in 1941 to draw attention to the fact that although the Report of the Departmental Committee on Corporal Punishment of 1937 had recommended that the flogging of males,and the birching of boys as young as eight, should be discontinued as a permissible judicial punishment in the United Kingdom, the Government of the day had refused to act upon their suggestions. At that time, very few civilised countries in the world still used corporal punishment as a sanction in their penal codes. The punishment was usually used for those who had committed violent offences, especially against women. Prof. Van Yelyr meticulously covers the history of the flogging of both men and women from the dark ages to the mid-20th century, describing incidences in the most lurid and bloody detail, to make his case that the practice should be abolished. Seven years later the new Socialist Government did ban the practice, the only exception being that the punishment was still retained for acts of violence in prisons.
  The Saturday Afternoon Detention £15.00.

Angela Richards recollects her very personal experiences of attending a Girls' Boarding School in the early 1960s, sensitively describing her fears and the painful events which unfold on the day that she and her two best friends had to report to the headmistress's study for a Saturday Afternoon Detention. For AKS Books.

p&p £1 UK £2 EC £3.50 World

    In Front of the Girls £15

p&p £1 UK £2 EC £5 World

by Agnes Blackwood

Sugar and Spice and all things nice? Don't you believe it! Some girls are wicked, and a few are cruel, yet to many who are neither the sight of a bad boy having his bottom smacked is the most satifying of all spectacles.And some girls go further than that...In Linton Abbey,Agnes Blackwood introduced her own vision of the ruthless teenage dominatrix. In Front of the Girls continues the story-13 helpings of punitive prose and vengeful verse in which girls stand up for themselves...and boys would like to sit down, but can't. 


    Tales Of The Unbreeched £15.00

by Jacqueline Ophir

"Take down your trousers..." For may culprits (and Mistresses), these words are the most deadly-and compelling-that may be uttered in a disciplinary environment. They are a harbinger of physical chastisement, an augury of extreme personal shame, and more than any other event their utterance symbolises the true terror of corporal punishment for those destined to receive it...Until now, no disciplinary literature has examined, in detail the many modes in which this sanction may be exercised; the particular circumstances in which a Mistress may favour one style of "unbreeching" above another, and how best to achieve her wishes with the maximum amount of shame (for him) while keeping faith with a surprisingly refined tradition...

p&p £1 UK £2 EC £5 World 



   The Janus Anthology Of Spanking Literature,Vol.1

£20.00This excellent book has been reprinted by popular demand from many Janus readers. It consists of over 180 pages of text, illustrations and photographs.

p&p £1 UK £3 EC £5 World 
   Sweet Retribution £10.00

A dazzling collection of short stories personal reminiscences, poems and other forms of discipliary literature, contributed over 12 months to "The Governess" magazine by members of The Alice-Kerr Sutherland Society, but never published due to reasons of space...

p&p £ 1 UK £2 EC £5 World


   The School Record £15.00.

Set in a strict Girls' Boarding School during the mid-1960s, you can almost hear the sound of the chalk squeaking against the blackboard and the swish of the Mistresses' canes in this sequel to "The Saturday Afternoon Detention".p&p £1 UK £2 EC £3.50 World


    The Governess Compendium.Vol's. 1,2,3 £20.00each 

The Governess is England's legendary and exclusive journal of romantic discipline. In less that two years it had established an international reputation as the best publication or it's type in the world, unmatched for elegance, refinement, intelligence and literary merit. The Governess Compendiums contain the very best of the the twelve issues of "the Governess" , sumptously republished in single volumes. Dozens of letters, essays, articles, poems, reviews, and intriguing archive material

p&p £1 UK £2 EC £4 World 
 The Governess No's. 13-18 £15.00 each . A great compilation of letters, essays, articles, poems, reviews, archive material and dozens of illustrations.

p&p £1 UK £2 EC £4 World 

     Muir Journal 14

A paperback book from Miss Prim's Muir Academy & The Academy Club. Muir College is for girls only & their tutors. Miss Prim's boarding & day schools are mixed; adult boys, girls & special girls; or for girls or boys only. A collection of stories with black and white illustrations.


p&p £1 UK £2 EC £4 World 

12 & 13 also available
     The Song of the Cane

from AKS Books. By common consent the rattan cane is the most painful of all instruments of punishment. It stings, it burns, it leaves marks and it evokes noisy responses ; and nobody who has ever been disciplined by one will ever forget the experience.


p&p £1 UK £2 EC £5 World 
    House in St. John's Wood 
by Jacqueline Ophir for AKS Books.

The House In St. John's Wood is a beautifully-written epic of excitement, discipline and self-discovery (saluted by the London Literary Review as 'highly moral in tone') with dramas both expected and unexpected, mysterious foreign noblemen, armed and murderous Bolshevist fanatics, and above all the individual personalities to add depth and complexity to the story. Set in the London of the early 1920s, it is the tale of three unpleasant and arrogant royal adolescents, exiled from their inheritance in the turmoils succeeding the Great War, and , in order to fit them for the changed circumstances of their lives, sent (in secret) to England to learn good behaviour and modest deportment at the hands of the foremost lady disciplinarian of the day.


p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £5 World
  The Kiss of the Whip 
by Edwin J. Henri from AKS Books Ltd.

The Kiss of the Whip was first published in 1961, shortly after the Lady Chatterley's Lover obscenity trial and two years prior to the Profumo Affair, which would initiate the great sexual revolution of the nineteen-sixties. Written as an anti-corporal punishment work (as the morals of the time dictated), its real purpose was given away by the fact it was originally offered by a publisher renowned for works of a more risque nature. Judicial flogging of both sexes; floggings in the armed forces; wife beating and parental punishments:'educational' flogging in fact and fiction' flagellation in brothels; the whipping of male and female servants; religious flagellation of monks, nuns and novices; whippings caused by superstition and persecution around the world; sadism and masochism; and the physical, sexual and psychological effects of whipping are all covered in precise, and oftern grisly detail!


p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £5 World
  The Cane That Lost Its Sting 
A paperback book from AKS Books by Angela Richards. Set in a strict girls' boarding school in 1967, Nicola and Angela have now reached the dizzy heights of the Upper Sixth and it is their very last week in school. As usual, at the end of each school year, the Headmistress has urged the girls to raise as much money as they could for the local Children's Home. Angela was only joking when she suggested that they should steal Mrs. Vincent's cane and sell it back to her for charity, but Nicola thought it was a brilliant idea!


p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £5 World
  The Fellowship of the Rod Book Vol I 
(Books 1 & 2)

A paperback book from AKS Books by Jacqueline Ophir. The Fellowship of the Rod was intended to be the longest, most ambitious novel yet attempted in the field of disciplinary ficiton: a seven-part journey of the imagination spanning two centuries, three continents and a dozen generations. Its subject is a strange inheritence - a passion for physical discipline - which becomes an obsession for each individual to whom the torch passes. Unfortunately, only three of the books were ever written. This volume incorporates the first two. Book I tells the story of Suzette Mantonard and how her chance witnessing of one of the most famous physical chastisements in history influenced her life thereafter. Book II, set in Regency England, is the tale of Isobel Crawfurd, a schoolmistress with a refined and delicate passion for the rod. Including erudite scenes of corporal punishment of both sexes, and by both sexes, this is a title not to be missed!


p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £3 World

  The Fellowship of the Rod Book Vol 2 
(Book 3)

'This time, you bad boy, I shall punish you myself!' Estelle's choice of posture was perhaps inevitable, given the circumstances - and her knowledge of Dinah's skills. The command' take him up!' revealed the intention, and Dinah, who might otherwise have expected to play no part in the punishment other than that of Official Witness, was pleased to be able to comply. Alexander was already deculotte, as we have stated, so all she had to do was grasp his wrists, turn around, and hoist in the old, paractised style. Down went the two heads; the wrists were pulled tight so that the culprit's nose ws pressed into the nape of her neck, and his thighs were now cushioned againsst Dinah's ample buttocks while his legs dangled limply. ...is the longest and most ambitious novel yet attempted in the field of Disiplinary Fiction; a seven-part journey of the imagination spanning two centuries, three continents and a dozen generations. Its subject is a strange inheritance - the passion for physical discipline, which becomes an obsession for each individual to whom the torch passes...


p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £3 World
  Confessions & Experiences Volume One 
a paperback book from AKS

The Autobiography of Edith Cadivec. 'On tiptoe I crept up to the door of the punishment chamber and with immense excitement listened to events being played out inside.' Famously sentenced to imprisonment for six years with hard labour for 'committing serious moral offences against children' in 1924, this first volume of Edith Cadivec's biography tells of her early childhood years in Austria and how after the death of her mother, the birch rod was introduced into her life by her new stepmother. In her adolescent years, both she and her sister attend a convent boarding school in Graz where the nuns have no hesitation in strapping errant girls to the whipping bench and administering a sound birching! At that time she also discovers her preference for members of her own sex. After leaving school, she attempts to commit suicide and, following a slow recovery, takes up teaching in a convent in Paris. There she meets Sister Marie-Claire, a keen flagellant, and together they take great pleasure in administering discipline to their female pupils. After some unsatisfactory relationships with men, she returns to Austria with her daughter, prior to setting up a language school of her own.


p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £5World

  More Confessions & Experiences Volume Two 
A paperback book from AKS. 

In this the second volume of Edith Cadivec’s autobiography, she tells of how she set up lanaguage school in Vienna, of her disciplinary methods for both the pupils and her own daughter, and of the unwanted male ‘hagers on’ whose only interest was to witness the flagellation of children.Reported by a runaway pupil to the police, she is subsequently arrested and sentenced to six years’ hard labour. She relates the vile conditions in the prison and her own attempts at suicide. On her release, she enters into prolonged correspondence with a submissive German male. After the death of her parents whe inherits a sum of money and is briefly united with her sister. She than takes a holiday in France where she has a lesbian affair with a prostitute who she birches for stealing from her.


p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £5World
  More Across My Lady's Knee 
When three teenage daughters of the 21st cetury bellemonde - Faustina,Melissa and Lysistaetia - each decide to acquire a pageboy as the latest fashion accessory, life changes drastically for the youths most closely concerned.Well-fed, well-housed and (particularly) well dressed, the three pageboys are nevertheless also extremely well disciplined, subject to frequent and humilating corporal punishment at their young mistresses' whims. What follows over the next eighteen months is a prolonged-and profound-learning experience for all concerned, in which each of the pageboys, all too often for his own tastes, finds himself 'Across My Lady'sKnee'. 


p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £5World
  The Conjugal Whip 
an illustrated paperback book by Aime Van Rod from AKS

Originally published in French in 1908, The Conjugal Whip tells the story of two families and of how the whip and birch rod were introduced to great effect, despite the initial protests of both the young wives. When Leonie's hen-pecked father discovers his new son-in-law thrashing his daughter he is naturally furious. But after eventually being placated he is persuaded to use the same treatment to tame his dominating wife! This edition includes the eight original illustrations by del Giglio. 


p&p £1.50 UK £2.50 EC £5World


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