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Abuse is a general term for the misuse of a person or thing, causing harm to the person or thing, to the abuser, or to someone else. Abuse can be something as simple as damaging a piece of equipment through using it the wrong way, or as serious as severe maltreatment of a person. Abuse may be direct and overt, or may be disguised and covert.

Several types of abuse include:

--http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abuse [Jul 2004]

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is physical or psychological abuse that involves sexual behavior. Most forms of sexual abuse are crimes in most countries. Forms of sexual abuse include rape, indecent assault and indecent exposure.

Women and children are the most frequent victims of sexual abuse, but men can also suffer from it. Most sexual abusers are male, but there is a significant minority of female sexual abusers.

Sexual abuse is non-consensual, and should be distinguished from consensual sex, or activities such as BDSM. Many activities which are acceptable between consenting partners would constitute sexual abuse if forced on a non-consenting person. It should be noted that people under the age of consent are presumed to be unable to give consent to any form of sexual activity. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_abuse [Jul 2004]

Abusive relationship

An abusive relationship is a interpersonal relationship characterized by the use or threat of physical or psychological abuse.

Psychological abuse includes emotional abuse, verbal abuse, threats, coercion, intimidation, and humiliation.

Physical abuse includes violence and sexual abuse.

See also: Domestic violence

--http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abusive_relationship [Nov 2004]

Domestic violence

Domestic violence occurs when a family member, partner or ex-partner attempts to physically or psychologically dominate or harm the other. The term "intimate partner violence" (IPV) is often used synonymously, other terms have included "wife beating", "wife battering", "Man Beating", "husband battering" "relationship violence", "domestic abuse", "spousal abuse", and "family violence" with some legal jurisdictions having specific definitions.

Recent attention to domestic violence began in the women's movement as concern about wives being beaten by their husbands, and has remained a major focus of modern feminism, particularly in terms of "violence against women".

Estimates are that only about a third of cases of domestic violence are actually reported in the US and UK. In other places where there has been less attention and less support, reported cases would be still lower.

Domestic violence occurs in all cultures, people of all races, ethnicities, and religions can be perpetrators of domestic violence. Domestic violence is perpetrated by, and on, both men and women, and occurs in same-sex and opposite-sex relationships. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domestic violence [Aug 2006]

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