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Académie des dames

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Académie des dames ou le meursius francais (1659) - Nicolas Chorier

Académie des dames ou le meursius francais (1659) - Nicolas Chorier
This edition: 1793
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L'Académie des dames, written by Nicolas Chorier, was first published in Latin in c.1659 as Satyra Sotadica. The first French translation appeared in 1680 (Ŕ Ville-Franche, chez Michel Blanchet) and later in 1749 as Nouvelle Traduction de Meursius. The first English translation may have appeared in 1682 as The School of Women but definitely in 1684 as A Dialogue Between a Married Lady and a Maid; for which William Cademan was prosecuted for "exposing, selling, uttering and publishing the pernicious, wicked, scandalous vicious and illicit book". --http://www.eroticabibliophile.com/banned_France_a_c.html [Sept 2005]

Nicholas Chorier's Satyra Sotadica de Arcanis Amoris et Veneris, published as the work Dialogues of Aloisia (Luisa) Sigea and subsequently translated, abridged, and reworked, notably as L'académie des Dames.

Nicolas Chorier (1609-92), French historian & literator

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