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Adam Groves

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What follows are the horror films I LIKE the most

What follows are my fifty favorite horror movies of all time.  I like 'Best of' lists as much as the next guy, and anyway, a number of you have asked me about my favorite horror movies, so here they are.

In drawing up this list, I've endeavored to be strict in my definition of Horror.  Hence, faves like MASSACRE AT CENTRAL HIGH, TAXI DRIVER, SHOGUN ASSASSIN, THE FACE OF ANOTHER, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN and STALKER, although they may be close to horror (and considered as such by many), don't make the cut.

Furthermore, you may notice some 'classics' missing from the list.  FRANKENSTEIN and DRACULA may be widely respected, but neither are particularly good movies in my view.  I'm not looking to impress anyone with the sophistication of my selections (I like THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI and EYES WITHOUT A FACE, but neither is a favorite) and I'm not choosing based on historical relevance (I respect M and PSYCHO for their precedent setting originality, but I'm partial to neither, particularly PSYCHO, which strikes me as overly calculated and mechanical).  Quite simply, what follows are the horror films I LIKE the most.

--http://www.fright.com/edge/fiftybest.html accessed and copied for research purposes May 2004

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