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Airport novels

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Airport novels represent a literary genre that is not so much defined by its plot or cast of stock characters, as much as it is by the social function it serves. An airport novel is typically a fairly long but fast-paced novel of intrigue or adventure that is stereotypically found in the reading fare offered by airport newsstands for travellers to read in the rounds of sitting and waiting that constitute air travel. Perhaps it will be finished in the hotel room that awaits them at the end of the journey; perhaps it will be saved for the return trip.

Considering the marketing of fiction as a trade, airport novels occupy a niche similar to the one that once was occupied by pulp magazine fiction and other reading materials typically sold at newsstands and kiosks to travellers. This pulp fiction is one obvious source for the genre; sprawling historical novels of exotic adventure such as those by James Michener and James Clavell are another source. In French, such novels are called romans de gare, "railway station novels," suggesting that writers in France were aware of this potential market at an even earlier date. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airport_novel [Jun 2005]

Writers whose work is identified with the airport novel genre include:

* Dan Brown * John le Carré * Tom Clancy * Jackie Collins * Clive Cussler * Len Deighton * Ken Follett * Frederick Forsyth * John Grisham * Arthur Hailey * Robert Harris * Stephen King * Jay McInerney * Robert Ludlum * James Patterson * Jacqueline Susann * Danielle Steele
--http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airport_novel [Jan 2006]

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