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Alain Goraguer (1931 - )

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Alain Goraguer (August 20, 1931, Rosny sous Bois, France) was a French jazz pianist, sideman of Boris Vian and Serge Gainsbourg, arranger and composer.

He reached his creative peak in the 1960s and 1970s. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alain_Goraguer [Aug 2005]

Go Go Goraguer - Alain Goraguer

  1. Go Go Goraguer - Alain Goraguer [Amazon.com]
    Alain Goraguer is famous for his arrangements on the greatest albums of Serge Gainsbourg, but Goraguer was also an outstanding jazz pianist in the French tradition (Urteger, Arvanitas, Legrand...). This 24-bit remastered digipak features 16 tracks including 'Darn That Dream', 'It's Easy To Remember' & 'What Is This Thing Called Love'. --Album Description from amazon.com
    In France, Alain Goraguer is mostly known for beeing the arranger for writer Boris Vian's recordings,and also for some of french singer's Serge Gainsbourg early sessions.This reissue of a Philips LP,recorded in Paris,1956, gives us the opportunity to discover a fantastic jazz artist.Alain Goraguer is backed by two great french musicians of the fifties,bassist Paul Rovère and drummer Christian Garros,a master of brushes.They mostly play standards,a couple of french songs and two riginals by Goraguer. Until I bought this CD,some hours ago,I only knew Goraguer as a good arranger; he worked for the great writer and jazz critic Boris Vian,when Boris decided to sing his own compositions;he worked for Serge Gainsbourg,and also for Jacques Brel,and wrote the music for several movies.But I discovered that he was an amazing jazz piano player.His way of playing standards is completely original;and even if some influences appear sometimes (Garner,Powell,Wilson...),he's got his own writing,his own style,and this record is a very important record of jazz piano. You'll meet one of the great jazz artists from France.Too bad he didn't record much more as a jazz pianist ! If you love piano trio settings, this record will be a treasure for you.You'll meet a new voice,a player who could have been one of the top jazz artists . --JEAN-MARIE JUIF for amazon.com

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