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Alexa Internet, located in Building 37 of the Presidio of San Francisco, is a California-based subsidiary of Alexa was founded in 1996 by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat as a commercial offshoot of the Internet Archive, Alexa Internet created related links for users of the Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator web browsers.

Engineers at Alexa created the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. Alexa also supplies the Internet Archive with web crawls.

In 1999, Alexa was acquired by for around $250 million in Amazon stock. Today, Alexa is primarily a Google-based search engine and Open Directory-based web directory. The "site info" link on the Alexa site lists related links for websites and also records how much web traffic they receive. Alexa's partnership with Google began in the spring of 2002, and with Open Directory in January 2003. -- [Oct 2004]

Company Profile

Alexa Internet, the Web Information Company, gathers, stores, indexes and makes available multi-terabyte digital libraries, collections of Web sites and other Internet information. The company's Archive of the Web has been growing since 1996, and now contains over 100 terabytes of data. Alexa also offers a free Web navigation service which gives Internet users access to the Archive as they surf, as well as detailed information about Web sites such as related links, contact information, site statistics, and reviews. The company donates a copy of its Archive of the Web on an ongoing basis to the Internet Archive, which is endowed to preserve our digital heritage for general access. Alexa, a wholly owned subsidiary of, is located on the Web at

Brewster Kahle

The Internet Archive made headlines back in November with the release of the Wayback Machine, a Web interface to the Archive's five-year, 100-terabyte collection of Web pages. The archive is the result of the efforts of its director, Brewster Kahle, to capture the ephemeral pages of the Web and store them in a publicly accessible library. In addition to the other millions of web pages you can find in the Wayback Machine, it has direct pointers to some of the pioneer sites from the early days of the Web, including the NCSA What's New page, The Trojan Room Coffee Pot, and Feed magazine.

Alexa Watch

[...] how do you estimate for a non-audited site? There's a few tricks that every hack should have in his repertoire:
  1. Alexa rankings don't tell you an absolute figure, but they do allow you to estimate traffic relative to other sites. Furthermore, it's very likely that the distribution of traffic across sites follows a power law, so those below 70,000-odd probably receive several orders of magnitude less traffic than those in the top 7,000.
  2. Links known about by Google. While it's theoretically possible that a site could get all it's traffic from keen typists, it's very very unlikely, so a site that doesn't have much google knowledge, doesn't have many visitors.
  3. If they're a community site, you want to look at their messageboards. Are they busy? Even the crappiest of community sites must have a read-to-post ratio of about 1%, so you can get yourself an order-of-magnitude figure for visitors by multiplying visible posts by 100. Shoreditch in March
  4. If it's a network of sites, then obviously the picture is more complicated, but if even their flagship site languish in the doldrums you might decide to get suspicious. Especially when you can compare it with sites whose traffic you know for sure.--Tomski

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