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New York music - Dan Selzer


"(ALLDISCO) residents...capture the quintessence of Larry Levan's Paradise Garage and Frankie Knuckles' Warehouse parties with fists pumping... the air to the chic sounds of Prelude, Salsoul, marauding Giorgio and the Italian Disco beauties." --I-D Magazine

The residents are: Jeremy Campbell, Daniel Selzer, Rob Uptight, PappaWheelie.

I decided to record all our sets and post mp3s and to try to get playlists up for each night that are as complete as possible.

--http://alldisco.net/playlistsaudio.shtml [May 2005]

Tim Sweeney and beatsinspace.net

RVNG PRSNTS MX3: Tim Sweeney - Tim Sweeney
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1 Intro 2 Manuel Gottsching E2-E4 7:20 3 Can Vitamin C (Unkle Remix) 4:21 4 Throbbing Gristle Hot On The Heels of Love 3:00 5 Aphex Twin bbydhyonchord 1:53 6 Tones On Tail Performance 2:46 7 Radiohead Kid A 3:17 8 Cybotron Techno City 3:09 9 Kraftwerk Numbers 1:55 10 LFO Nurture 2:59 11 Scrappy Freeze 2:26 12 Fingers Inc A Path 2:58 13 Psychonauts Magnetic 3:18 14 Bauhaus Kick In The Eye 2:36 15 Was Not Was Wheel Me Out 3:50 16 Grace Jones Walking In The Rain 3:01 17 Yoko Ono Walking On Thin Ice 2:55 18 Mu Let's Get Sick 3:55 19 Zongamin Painless 2:23 20 Carl Craig Climax 9:23 21 Cat Power Free 3:15

As more blogs flux pop and more asshole promoters threaten station kids into samey CMJ playlists, college radio continues to lose what little tastemaking power it had in the first place. At this point the scene's an academic discipline, excitement hardly ever reaching outside the station's DJ community. Which is a shame, because I bet there are tons of shows around as fun as Tim Sweeney's "Beats In Space" on WNYU 89.1.

Almost every Thursday for the past three years, the NYU student-turned-grad has run down the city's most consistently exciting mixed radio sets. Sweeney breaks lots of new wax, but he's insanely generous too, sneaking in the hits when they fit. While a dancekid at heart, Sweeney plays an expert dilettante, reaching deep into the bowels of hip-hop and stalwart indie alike, then ripping a sparse Playhouse twelve on his way out. After an internship at the DFA, Sweeney's reputation has grown substantially. He has mixing credits on that killer third disc of DFA Compilation #2, co-spins with Tim Goldsworthy and James Murphy around New York, and works regularly at APT, arguably the city's last great venue for dance music.

Sweeney's shows are archived and downloadable as MP3, but Rvng Prsnts Mx3 is his first official CD release. The mix doesn't pack the surprises of Sweeney's radio sets, and the tracklisting's not nearly as risky, but Sweeney compromises with more delicate beat- and mood-matching. While other dilettante acts like 2 Many DJs and Optimo sell themselves with abrupt genre jumps and cheeky mash-ups, Sweeney is far more selfless, keeping the tracks in the limelight with thoughtful sequences. Manuel Göttsching's E2-E4 begins the first half of Mx3, then is put under the scalpel. Dropping Aphex Twin ("bbydhyonchord"), UNKLE (a remix of Can's "Vitamin C"), and Radiohead ("Kid A") after it, Sweeney examines the monumental 1984 recording's influences, nodding at the same time to some of E2-E4's own touchstones: Kraftwerk ("Numbers") and synth-pop (Tones On Tail's "Performance").

By now Sweeney's impressed us; midway through, he just wants us to dance-- though not without a brilliant conceit. Mutant disco (Was Not Was' "Wheel Me Out", Yoko Ono's "Walking On Thin Ice") butts heads with techno legend Carl Craig ("Climax"), whose rubberfunk is chaser for Mu's sewer slime ("Let's Get Sick"), but in the end they're all servile to Sweeney's elaborate song title wordplay: "Kick in the eye. Wheel me out. Walking in the rain. Walking on thin ice. Let's get sick. Painless. Climax. Free." The joke nails Sweeney better than I can.

-Nick Sylvester, January 21, 2005 via http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/record-reviews/s/sweeney_tim/rvng-prsnts-mx3.shtml [May 2005]

Listen online to Tim Sweeney's shows at http://www.beatsinspace.net

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Very nice beatsinspace.net mix of early hip hop

listen to this

Tracklisting 1. Afrika Bambaataa and the Jazzy 5 - Jazzy Sensation (Manhattan Version) - Tommy Boy
2. Spoonie Gee meets the Sequence - Monster Jam - Sugar Hill
3. The Furious Five - Step Off - Sugar Hill
4. The Treacherous Three - Put The Boogie In Your Body - Enjoy
5. Family - Family Rap - Sound of New York
6. The Treacherous Three - At The Party - Enjoy
7. - The Pop - Chocolate Star
8. Bohannon - Let's Start II Dance Again - Phase II
9. New York Citi Peech Boys - Life Is Something Special - Island
10. David Joseph - You Can't Hide (Inst) - Mango
11. Instant Funk - Everybody - Sal Soul
12. - Long Train Running -
13. Extras - Haven't Been Funked Enough - Coko
14. Liz Torres - Mama's Boy (Dub) - State Street
15. Glimmer Twins - Rated R - Buffalo Jams
*Brennan Green on the mix::
16. Brennan Green - Section 75 - Bare Funk
17. Brennan Green - Section 75 Drive - Bare Funk
18. Universal Being - Elephant Disco Fusion - Holistic
19. Carlos Hernandez - Roller Giggles - BNO
20. Pointer Sisters - Pinball Number Count - Ninja Tune
21. Research - River Art - Dossier
22. Candi Station - Evidence (Pepe Bradock Mix) - Honest Jon
23. - -
24. Labi Siffre - I Got The... - Milestone
25. Johnny Hammond - Tell Me What To Do - Milestone
26. Lopazz - I Need Ya (Brennan Green Mix) - Output
27. Ministry - Burning Inside (Brennan Green edit)
28. Disconnection - Bali Hai - Y
29. Nick Chacona - Me So Loco - Mood Music
30. Infantwo - Modern Robot Chorus - Modal

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