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Boudisque has some well thought out catagories of music, all easily decernable in it's large central store. There's lashings of Metal in Gothic, Progressive, or just plain old Heavy forms on CD, vinyl, and DVD. Then there's the usual supects of Pop & Rock, also on all three media, and a good collection of movies on DVD and, to a lesser extent video. Techno, Dance, Lounge, Trip-Hop, D&B, etc., are all present, and there's a large collection of Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rap, and Soul (be it urban or otherwise).

There's a lot of good DVDs here if you're bored of the usual big budget American hype thing. Hong Kong gets well represented, as do European, Art House, Cult, Horror, and animated movies. Music DVDs are available in Metal, Gangsta, Latin, Pop, Rock, Spliff Friendly Reggae, and other less decernable flavours. The techno section, and Dance genres in general are intelligently stocked, and the Reggae section has some crucial vinyl on offer. --FB via http://www.eatdrinketc.com/amsterdam/source/site_content_item.asp?item_id=1179

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