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Andrew Weatherall (1963 - )

Lifespan: 1963 -

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Andrew Weatherall (b. 1963, Windsor, England) is a DJ, producer, and remixer. His seven known Bloodsugar DJ sets have played a huge role in commercializing minimalist house music.

He created the band Sabres of Paradise, and has produced artists like Primal Scream and One Dove. He has done remixing work for Björk, The Orb, and many others. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Weatherall [Apr 2005]


One of the UK's most respected and versatile DJ and producer. A regular at guest at Pure, he is a musical chameleon of sorts covering all bases - deep house, techno, electro, experimental & downtempo. As busy as ever Djing here, there and everywhere with residencies at Haywire, Heavenly, Circulation and his two Bloodsugar nights. Outside the UK Andrew is over in Canada in August, Prague in October and San Francisco in December. Numerous projects in the studio most recently as Two Lone Swordsmen with Keith Tenniswood who together have signed with the formidable Warp Records with an EP due out this summer and an album penciled in for release in September of this year. Most recent TLS remixes include Dot on Heavenly Records, the Red Snapper remix 'Bogeyman' due for release on June 15th, and a remix for Spiritualised. Andrew continues to record for his own label, Emissions Audio Output, as Rude Solo.


  • Nine O'Clock Drop - Andy Weatherall [Amazon US]
    1. Nice mover - gina x performance 2. Dominatrix sleeps tonite - dominatrix 3. Coup - 23 skidoo 4. My spine (is the bassline) - shriekback 5. Genius - quando quango 6. Water line - a certain ratio 7. Vegas el bandito - 23 skidoo 8. Black and white mix up - 400 blows 9. P2E remix - torch song 10. Warm leatherette - the normal 11. October (love song)'86 version - chris and cosey 12. Looks lie we're shy one horse - colourbox 13. Warrior charge - aswad [...]

  • Hypercity - Andrew Weatherall [1 CD, Amazon US]
    Another mix disc by aficionado Andrew Weatherhall of Two Lone Swordsmen and Sabres of Paradise? Sign me up. Hold on, it's a stirred together collection of Germany's Force Inc and their sub-labels recent output (it appears). Meaning intricate, imminently danceable techno-meets-house is on order today, not the kind of music to grab the spotlight and run with it, but aptly suited to command your spirit all the same.

    M.R.I.'s 'To Be Honest' is a prime example of the operandi, with structured, building layers of muted drums and whispers, buried click-pops among the other surprises to peel back upon subsequent listens. Crane A.K.'s 'Polsterplanet' rides a shimmering synth over darting hi-hats while Safety Scissors' 'Form From Morf' seemingly spins back and forward sample snippets for a cool brain twister. Dirk Diggler's 'Silverfinger' is spot-on spatial minimalism dropping the pace before, by golly, an actual full-blown song ('Tessio' by Vladislav Delay alias Luomo) ends the glide on a warm, fuzzy note.

    There's not a bad track in the lot, and don't sweat the artist anonymity; if you recognize more than three anyway, it's time to join me in Music Junkies Anonymous. The term Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) having long been co-opted by the laptop warriors of the world and their fan base, I'm tempted to demand a moniker recall. 'Hypercity' truly represents music designed for the hips and aimed at your head, while leaving the spastic, glitch-probing on the hard drive. Richard Diaz for amazon.com [...]

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