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Music shopping and music in Antwerp

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Music stores

    Kloosterstraat 10, near the Tunnelplaats, and the Plantin kaai.
    Tiny second hand cd/vinyl store, they sell almost all genres, but the records are stuck away in tiny carton boxes, all pressed together on a small area.

    Lange Koepoortstraat 51, near Melkmarkt and Grote markt.
    Run by two very friendly people, Fat Kat offers a small selection of most un-commercial genres. They have a reasonable selection of second hand records, where you can come across great bargains if you’re lucky. If you’re thinking of ordering a cd, this is the best place to do so; they hardly charge extra costs and are fairly quick.

    In the basement of the Free Record Shop The Metrophone is a strange but interesting store, with a wide selection of UK ‘dance’ music, as well as other “alternative” music genres, as Hip Hop, Reggea, Indie, etc... Hardly any singles though, and overall, they’re pretty expensive. They've got a small selection of vinyl as well. STEREOPHONICS
    Pieter Van Hobokenstraat 12 - 2000 Antwerpen (near Ossemarkt). Specialises for 95% in underground electronical music. A tiny store, and at times expensive, but if you’re interested in the genre, a véry interesting store to visit. --www.freaksendfuture.com [Jul 2004]

    Korte Nieuwstraat 9, near Melkmarkt, Groenplaats, Meir. Small but cosy second hand vinyl store, selling most genres but electronic music.
    The owner’s a friend of Stef Kamil Carlens, and Mauro Pawlowski and Rudy Trouvé pop in from time to time there too. Therefore, he (occasionally) has got really cool/limited edition records from the guys themselves in his store…

    Aalmoezenierstraat, near the Nationalestraat.
    As its name suggests, mostly vinyl is sold here. Lots and lots of old (and second hand) records, with a very ‘trendy’ atmosphere. The store is cosy, service is friendly and their records are rarely overpriced. http://www.vinylrecords.be [Nov 2005]

    Lange Nieuwstraat 126 , near the Meir
    Mostly vinyl is sold here, new and second hand. Electronic music and a lot of disco re-edits. They have a stock of 27.000 records that you can check trough the computer. Conveniantly located not far from USA Import. --http://wgwsite.swax.com/


    St. Jacobsmarkt 75, near the Meir
    Oldest dance music store of Antwerp, as the name suggests, lots of imports from the USA but also English European grooves. Small cd section. Next door, you will find the comics store Mekanik.-- http://www.usaimportmusic.be/

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