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Arthouse cinemas

Cartoon's Cinema
For 25 years, Cartoon's Cinema has been the longest running art house cinema in Antwerp. http://www.cartoons-cinema.be/

Kaasstraat 4 - 6 / E. Van Dijckkaai 8 - B-2000 Antwerpen
Tel. 03 232 96 32

  • Filmmuseum (MuHKA): Filmmuseum Antwerpen, Waalsekaai, 47, Antwerpen-Zuid, http://www.cinebel.be/nl/cine.asp?count=59&ondate=30000101


    In summer, locals drink on the pavements in front of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. When it rains, they dive into Hopper (Leopold de Waelplaats 2) to listen to live jazz and drink creamy home-brewed lager. For more of a scene, head towards the river to Bar Tabac (43 Waalse Kaai), popular with fashion designers and models. Around the corner, sip Champagne cocktails at moody Velvet Lounge on the hippest nightstrip in Antwerp (Luikstraat 6). This little lane is full of funky bars, dance clubs and chic eateries. Go to Little Buddha for Asian cuisine (Luikstraat 4, 0032 32940293), or make reservations at Onstage (Luikstraat 7, 0032 32370588) for a bright-white lounge experience with three floors of lightshows, video installations and loud music. For late, late night, Club Geluk (Luikstraat 6) is the perfect spot to dance in the dawn. --Michelle Jana, A weekend in Antwerp: (Filed: 05/03/2004) http://www.travel.telegraph.co.uk/travel/main.jhtml?xml=/travel/exclusions/Supplements/eurotunnel/eteuroantwerp.xml [Jul 2004]

    Biologisch Dynamische Bakkerij

    Volkstraat 17 (between Nationale straat and the Zuid district.)
    2000 Antwerpen
    T +32 (0)3 216.00.42
    Open: Ma. - za. 8:00 - 18:00.

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