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Antwerpen: Scheld'apen reopens with Volxkeuken and Kontra film

Zaterdag 26 MAART 2005, 19.00u

Kontra stelt voor : "De Letterleggers"
Raphael Vandeputte en Iwan Verhulst mogen als de letterleggers de cinemazaal openen. Vanuit hun achtergrond als grafici verwerken zij letters aan de hand van vrije associatie tot animaties, dansvoorstellingen of een 'live typo performance'.

dj raphael

Zaterdag 2 APRIL 2005
Kontra film : "THEMROC" [IMDb]

Zaterdag 9 APRIL 2005, 21.00u
Kontra film : "TIERISCHE LIEBE" [IMDb]

Zaterdag 16 APRIL 2005, 21.00u
Kontra film : "MEIN LIEBSTER FEIND" [Amazon.com]

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STIJN (B), vr, muziek
“Wiezeddegij?” Zoiets vraagt Stijn Vandeputte zich af op zijn eerste reguliere plaat EP # 1 [aka “Sexjunkie”]. De 27-jarige muzikant, acteur en voormalig filmschoolstudent stoeit met Michael Jackson, Sly & the Family Stone en The Flying Lizards als een Chinees lego-genie. Het is spelen met machines maar dan zonder platte samples, elektronicaclichés, laptopfetisjisme of playbackgezwam toe te passen. Wat hij doet, doet hij rechtuit voor je neus. Een mens van vlees en bloed die naar eigen zeggen zijn inspiratie voor “Sexjunkie” haalde op het moment dat hij zijn vriendin vuilnis zag weggooien. Kinky.
--Negende editie van DE NACHTEN 30 & 31 januari 2004 in deSingel in Antwerpen, http://www.kkunst.com/kk/20031218526.php [Mar 2005]

Iwan Verhulst en Raphael Vandeputte zijn als duo bekend van De letterleggers of ‘the world’s very first live typo performance’, waarin ze met een alfabet in zwart rubber gedurende uren improviseren met beeld en taal op een wit oppervlak - een witte dansvloer. Dat alles onder het oog van een camera die alles registreert; de beelden worden geprojecteerd tegen de achterwand. --http://www.wpzimmer.be/ne/artiesten/bouche_project.html [Mar 2005]

--http://users.skynet.be/scheldapen/ [Mar 2005]

Artbrussels April 20-24

As the capital of Europe, Brussels has rapidly become one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural places on the continent. The diversity and character of the different communities provides an endless source of inspiration for the many international artists who come to live in Brussels. The city is fast becoming an exciting creative laboratory, with a tempting dynamic fusion of artistic talents and ideas.

Belgium is a country that can be proud of the number of its art collectors, whose artistic vision is unrivalled abroad. Moreover, many Belgian companies have made their passion for contemporary art one of the pillars of their corporate culture. In Belgium contemporary art is mostly a matter of private initiative.

It is precisely this rich combination of private initiative and professionalism that sees galleries, collectors and public institutions working together to give artbrussels its unique character.

More than any other event in Belgium, artbrussels is a show that, year after year, manages to hold the attention of the entire art world. A place where foreign galleries and artists find an ideal platform to present themselves to Belgian collectors, and where young Belgian talent can introduce itself to the international market. --http://www.artbrussels.be/ [Mar 2005]

April 9, 1950

[...] one Michel Mourre, who in 1950 took over Easter Mass at Notre-Dame to proclaim the death of God --http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog/MARLIP.html [Feb 2005]

April 9, 1950
A group of lettrists - including Serge Berna, Jean-Louis Brau, Ghislain Desnoyers de Marbaix and Michel Mourre - perpetrates the Notre-Dame Scandal, when Mourre, dressed as a Dominican monk, reads a sermon prepared by Berna announcing the death of God at Easter mass. --http://www.cddc.vt.edu/sionline/chronology/1956.html [Feb 2005]

Frankfurt: The Naked Truth

Art and scandal in Vienna around 1900: there is hardly another city more suited for such an investigation than the metropolis on the Danube – a city conveying the sense of a new era of art about to dawn and full of visual, sensuous, and intellectual energies on the one hand and a center determined by a Catholic conservative basic attitude, the hub of an empire on the eve of its decline on the other. The exhibition "The naked truth - Klimt, Schiele, Kokoschka and other scandals" highlights the society’s conflict with modernity. At odds with the secular and clerical authorities, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, a.o. explored a range of taboos: pregnancy, sexuality and power, homoeroticism, the battle of the sexes, and adolescence. Egon Schiele portrayed Eros, misery, and death with a radical directness and was imprisoned for doing so. And Adolf Loos caused one of the greatest architectural scandals that Vienna ever saw with his – in the words of the contemporary press – “obscenely naked” house on Michaelerplatz. The exhibition presents the Austrian art of the beginning 20th century beyond all fin de siècle romanticism in its uncompromising modernity and its still effective explosive social impact. Curator: Tobias G. Natter, Vienna.

Kunsthalle Frankfurt, 28 Jan - 24 Apr 2005 --http://www.schirn-kunsthalle.de/index.php?do=exhibitions_detail&id=31&lang=en [Jan 2005]

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