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Presagio di rose (1967) - Archizoom, part of a dream bed series

Mies Chair (1969) - Archizoom, Poltronova

Studio Archizoom

Studio founded in 1966 in Firenze (Italy) by four architects: Andrea Branzi (born 1938), Gilberto Corretti (born 1941), Paolo Deganello (born 1940), Massimo Morozzi (born 1941) and two designers: Dario Bartolini (born 1943) and Lucia Bartolini (born 1944). They worked on exhibition installations and architecture and designed interiors and products. Archizoom was polemical in speech and practice in this period of social radicalism. In 1968, at the Triennale in Milan, they organized the 'Center for Eclectic Conspiracy'. In 1972, they declared the 'right to go against a reality that lacks 'meaning'... to act, modify, form, and destroy the surrounding environment. The 'Mies' chair is a well-known example of their work. --http://www.designaddict.com/design_index/index.cfm/fuseaction/designer_show_one/DESIGNER_ID/8/index.cfm [Feb 2005]

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