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Argosy magazine

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Argosy magazine, June 6, 1937
image sourced here. [Jun 2005]


Argosy Magazine is an American pulp magazine. Argosy is considered to be the first pulp magazine. It began as a general info magazine (Golden Argosy) in 1882. It began to publish fiction and eventually published its first all fiction issue in 1896. It thereafter was largely a fully fiction magazine and continued to publish until ceasing publication well into the 20th century. During its run, it published work in a number of literary genres; towards the end of its run, it became associated with the men's adventure pulp genre of "true" stories of conflict with wild animals or wartime combat, and later was considered a softcore men's magazine.

Other magazines have used the title since the original folded, the latest edited by Lou Anders and producing its first issue in 2003. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argosy_Magazine [Jun 2005]

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