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Cultural journalism

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Publicity Games in Cultural Criticism

Pierre Bourdieu sees culture and cultural journalism as a very competitive and merciless field. According to him, the consumption of a cultural product, such as a piece of art, is regulated in the same way as the consumption of any industrial product. Bourdieu says that cultural products and luxury products belong to the same group in the sense that their consumption indicates belonging to a special social class. In other words, the consumption of cultural products offers a chance to belong to a certain class, i.e. a chance of distinction. (Bourdieu 1984, 226.) The way Bourdieu sees the consumption of culture resembles J.K. Galbraith's definition of advertising as "the maintainer of a consumption friendly environment". The various cultural products and the status attached to them guarantee that products are sold at a steady pace and there are no blockages on the production lines. --http://users.utu.fi/arikiv/art3/ [Mar 2006]

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