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Art genre

Parent categories: art - genre

Contrast: genre art

Hierarchy: applied arts - fine arts

Art genre is associated with the high end of the arts.

Art movements and genres: academic art - abstract art - anti-art - body art - conceptual art - contemporary art - dada - decadent art - decorative art - electronic art - degenerate art - expressionism - fantastic art - impressionism - Fluxus - futurism - landscape - minimialism - Mannerism - modern art - Modernism - pop art - postmodern art - romanticism - realism - renaissance - surrealism - symbolism - transgressive art -

Art forms

Of all art forms, music is the only one that has the quality of invisibility.

There are a variety of arts including visual arts and design, decorative arts, plastic arts, and the performing arts. Artistic expression takes many forms. Painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, music, literature, and architecture are the most widely recognised forms (Traditionally they are the "seven arts", each with a muse directing it). However, since the advent of modernism and the technological revolution, new forms have emerged.

Within each form a wide range of genres may exist. For instance, a painting may be a still life, a portrait, or a landscape, and may also deal with historical or domestic subjects. In addition, a work of art may be representational or abstract.

Although there is no clear dividing line, most forms of art fit under two main categories: fine arts and applied arts. It has been proposed that each of the fine arts deal specifically with a main characteristic or trait as follows:

Of all these, music is the only one that has the quality of invisibility. In the visual arts, the term fine arts most often refer to paintings and sculptures; arts which have little or no practical function, are valued in terms of the visual pleasure they provide, or their success in communicating ideas or feelings. Other visual arts typically designated as fine arts include printmaking, drawing, photography, film, and video. Often the tools used to realize these media are used to make applied or commercial art as well. Architecture typically confounds the distinctions between fine and applied art, since the form involves designing structures that strive to be both attractive and functional. The term applied arts is most often used to describe the design or decoration of functional objects in order to make them visually pleasing. Artists who create applied arts or crafts are usually referred to as designers, artisans, or craftspeople. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art#Art_forms [Jun 2006]

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