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August Endell (1871 - 1925)

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August Endell on abstract art: "We stand at the threshold of an altogether new art- an art with forms which mean or represent nothing, recall nothing, yet which can stimulate our souls as deeply as only the tones of music have been able to." --August Endell, 1898 via August Endell: ‘The Beauty of Form and Decorative Art' 1897-98.

Elvira house, Munich (1897) - August Endell
Image sourced here. [Nov 2005]


August Endell (or Endel, born April 12, 1871, Berlin - April 15, 1925, Berlin) was a German Jugendstil architect.

Endell is noted for many designs, including the Elvira Studio in München (Munich) by commission of his friend Hermann Obrist, built in 1897 and destroyed in 1944. It had an imaginative motif evocative of a breaking wave or a dragon that dominated the facade. The building incorporated elements of styles by Antoni Gaudí and Hector Guimard.

Endel contributed to the publication Pan and was briefly and unhappily married to the "Dada Baroness" Else Endell. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_Endell [Feb 2006]

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