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August Strindberg (1849 - 1912)

Lifespan: 1849 - 1912

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The pupil asked: "What is a woman-hater?" The teacher answered: "I do not know. But the expression is used as a term of reproach by noodles, for those who say what all think. Noodles are those men who cannot come near a woman without losing their heads and becoming faithless. They purchase the woman's favour by delivering up the heads of their friends on silver chargers; and they absorb so much femininity, that they see with feminine eyes and feel with feminine feelings. There are things which one does not say every day, and one does not tell one's wife what her sex is composed of. But one has the right to put it on paper sometimes. Schopenhauer has done it the best, Nietzsche not badly, Joséphin Péladan is the master. Thackeray wrote Men’s Wives, but the book was ignored. Balzac unmasked Caroline in Physiologie du Mariage, and Petites Misères de la Vie Conjugale; Otto Weininger, having discovered the treachery when he was twenty, did not wait for the revenge but left the scene. -- August Strindberg in A Blue Book (1907 - 1912)


Johan August Strindberg (January 22, 1849 – May 14, 1912) was a Swedish writer, playwright, and painter. He is ranked among Sweden's most important authors. Strindberg is known as one of the fathers of modern theater. His work falls into two major literary movements, Naturalism and Expressionism. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_Strindberg [Sept 2006]

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