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Contrast with: good


Bad is a concept used to describe undesirable circumstances or events.

Though bad often is used to imply moral turpitude of a person, the term more specifically refers to an unfortunate circumstance. While bad is often used as a synonym for evil, bad can also refer to something flawed or unusable. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche made much of a distinction he drew in German between the böse, ("evil"), which he was prepared to admire, and the schlecht ("bad"), which he disdained; in Nietzsche's thought, evil was powerful, menacing, and dangerous; bad was weak and ineffective. In African-American vernacular English, and varieties of American English that have been influenced by it, bad or badass are frequently used as compliments, an example of rhetorical irony. "Badass" can also be used to describe a person prone to physical altercations. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad [Nov 2005]

Bad Music for Bad People (1984) - The Cramps

  • Bad Music for Bad People (1984) - The Cramps [Amazon.com]
    This album was my introduction to The Cramps, and it highlights the best of their early (and best) albums on I.R.S. Records, from the days when that was the most happening punk/new wave label. The Cramps successfully mix rockabilly, surf trash, punk, country and garage into an outta sight 60's B-horror movie sound that opens the ears,boggles the mind, and gets you to jump around the room, insane and highly recommended. -- John Spokus for Amazon.com [...]

    Andy Warhol's Bad (1977) - Jed Johnson

  • Andy Warhol's Bad (1977) - Jed Johnson [Amazon.com]
    Very John Waters-esque, darkly funny comedy about a housewife (Carroll Baker) who supplements her income as a hair remover by running a murder racket, specializing in hit ladies who take out kids and animals. Sick and bizarre, but very straight-faced: if you have the sense of humor for this sort of thing, it's loads of fun. And probably the best mainstream feature to carry Warhol's name.

    (Although, despite what the previous review says, the film is not directed by longtime Warhol associate Paul Morrissey -- it was Jed Johnson this time around -- and there is no South African surfer bedding anyone. Perry King doesn't sleep with any guys this time around, and Baker vents her sexual frustration in abject cruelty towards everyone around her.) --An Amazon.com Customer

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