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Bad Taste (1987) - Peter Jackson

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Bad Taste (1987) - Peter Jackson

Bad Taste is a low-budget 1987 cult film, one of the first directed by Peter Jackson, in which aliens invade an isolated New Zealand village in order to harvest human beings for their fast food franchise but are repelled by a three-man paramilitary force. Part of the film was shot in Jackson's home town of Pukerua Bay, north of Wellington, New Zealand. It was shot primarily on weekends over the course of four years, at a total cost of around $11,000, and Jackson himself plays at least two roles. Careful editing makes it possible in one scene for one character played by Jackson to torture the other character played by Jackson.

The rest of the roles are filled by friends of Jackson's who were co-workers of his at the time. Jackson also created the over-the-top gory make-up effects, which emphasized absurdity. The film secured international distribution (quite unexpected even by its director) after playing at the Cannes Film Festival.

This film may have established the exploding sheep concept in the computer gaming subculture. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Taste [Mar 2005]

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