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Baird Jones

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There's a hot new lady painter on the scene -- Tama Janowitz. The Slaves of New York scribe has been painting up a storm in her new sprawling penthouse in Brooklyn (directly across from the Brooklyn Museum). The 42-year-old Barnard grad's painterly inspiration might be described as a cross between the floating Surrealist imagery of Marc Chagall, the biomorphic forms of Paul Klee and the light touch of Alexander Calder -- though one critic noted that the repetitive use of fish in her imagery made him think of a Greek restaurant. Janowitz's next novel, A Certain Age (Doubleday), is due in July. The satire follows a social-climbing girl who works at a Manhattan auction house and gets desperate at 32 when she can't snag a rich husband. Janowitz's own spouse, Brit Tim Hunt, works as a curator at the Andy Warhol Foundation in Manhattan and can often be spotted doing the gallery rounds pushing their adopted Asian daughter Willow in her stroller.

--BAIRD JONES, http://www.artnet.com/magazine/news/jones/jones5-17-99.asp [May 2004]

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