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Café del Mar

Café del Mar is a bar located in San Antonio, Ibiza. Tourists flock there on a daily basis during the summer to view the beautiful sunset. Café del Mar is the original "the sunset bar" in San Antonio opened by Ramón Guiral, Carlos Andrea, and José Les in 1978.

Part of watching the sunset is the music - described as ambient, easy listening instrumental music. The bar originally sold their own tapes of the music but a series of Café del Mar CDs have been sold. Currently (as of 2005) there are 12 volumes plus 2 albums commemorating the 20th and 25th Anniversary. A total of about 9 million albums have been sold worldwide.

The original first six volumes' tracklists were selected by José Padilla (not to be confused with U.S. convict José Padilla), a DJ then commonly found at the Café del Mar. Padilla's web site can be found here.

In the summer of 2005 Café del Mar celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a special album and a festival on a big stage in front of the sea. 4 Café del Mar artists were invited to play live at the festival: D.A.B. (Spain), Tom Oliver (Germany-also on the 25th Anniversary CD), Paco Fernandez (Spain) and La Caina (France). A Dvd of the festival is supposed to come out at the end of 2005. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caf%C3%A9_del_Mar [Nov 2005]

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