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Belgian music

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New Beat [...]

New Beat music was a contemptorary genre to Techno and House music from Detroit and Chicago respectively, although not intrinsically linked. New Beat originated in Belgium in the late 1980s and was a fore-runner to European House music. Legend has it that New Beat was invented by accident when a DJ mistakenly played a 45rpm acid house record at 33rpm. The iconic example of early New Beat is said to be the playing of the track Flesh by A Split Second, by DJ Marc Grouls. As well as A Split Second, New Beat was also heavily influenced by other Old-school EBM acts such as Front 242 and The Neon Judgement, as well as the likes of Fad Gadget, Gary Numan and Anne Clark. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_beat [Oct 2005]

Luc Janssen and Krapuul Deluxe'

Krapuul Deluxe was a highly influential radio show presented by Luc Janssen, who has been described as Belgium's answer to John Peel.

De radiocarrière van Luc Janssen (51) begint in 1979 bij BRT Radio 1. Een jaar later maakt hij de overstap naar BRT Radio 2. In 1985 begint hij naast zijn werk in Vlaanderen ook in Nederland bij de VPRO op Hilversum 3. Vanaf 1990 is hij vijf jaar niet te horen op de Vlaamse radio, tot hij in 1995 achter de microfoon kruipt bij Studio Brussel.

Radio Panik

RADIO PANIK - 105.4 FM - 4 Place Dailly, 1030 Bruxelles - Tel: +32.2.7340450 - Fax: +32.2.7321445 - E-mail: panik@bigfoot.com - émissions en français, néerlandais, anglais, albanais, grec, lingala, assyrien../ broadcasts in French, Dutch, English, Albanian, Greek, Lingala, Assyrien, etc.- Contact: Jean Cherman - Fax: +32.2.673.5771.

Luc van Acker

Luc van Acker is a musician from Tienen, Belgium. He began writing and releasing solo material in 1982, and worked with a few other bands and with Anna Domino over the next few years. Then in 1985, he met Richard 23 of Front 242 at the DNA Club in Brussels, Belgium, and thereby became a founding member of Revolting Cocks. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luc_Van_Acker [Oct 2005]

Two Man Sound, Lou Deprijck

Successful party-band in the seventies who combined disco and Brazilian rhythms and the good-time Latin-American carnival hits. Biggest hits : Copacabana, Charlie Brown, Que Tal America and Disco Samba (this last one in the 80s, long after the group had ceased to exist). The group was a mixture of the talents of two famous (at that time perhaps not so famous) Belgian producers :

Lou Deprijck est un interprète, compositeur et producteur belge né à Lessines. Il a été à l'origine de plusieurs succès pop d'importance dans les années 1970 et 1980, en tant qu'interprète ou producteur. Les principaux sont Lou & The Hollywood Bananas, Two Man Sound, Plastic Bertrand et Viktor Lazlo.

Il réside actuellement à Pataya en Thaïlande, et a sorti plusieurs disques en thaïlandais. --http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lou_Deprijck [Oct 2005]

  • Lou Depryck (previously with Liberty Six - later on with Lou & the Hollywood Banana's and projects as Viktor Lazlo, Plastic Bertrand)
  • Sylvain Vanholmen (previously with The Wallace Collection and Octopus, later with The Machines, Jo Lemaire & Flouze)

    Wannes Van De Velde

    Wannes Van de Velde is a Flemish singer-songwriter working in a style known in the low countries by the rather self-deprecating term kleinkunst or 'little art'. This typically combines poetic lyrics, often with the edge of social commentary or satire, with music partly inspired by folk, early jazz, and, in Wannes' case, early music. Some of it is reminiscent of the great southern French chansonnier Georges Brassens.

    Wannes Van de Velde is a Flemish singer-songwriter from Belgium, well-known throughout the Low Countries. His style is known as kleinkunst (little art) and is a fusion of jazz, folk music and other styles, often with socio-political or satirical lyrics. Van de Velde played an instrumental part in the Belgian roots revival. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wannes_Van_de_Velde [Oct 2005]

    Play It Again Sam

    Play It Again Sam (also known by its acronym, PIAS) is an international record label. It began as a record shop in Brussels, Belgium in 1983, Founded by Kenny Gates and Michel Lambot. It now has offices there as well as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Sweden, and the United States.

    Among its most prolific artists are The Legendary Pink Dots, Young Gods, Neon Judgement, La Muerte, and Click Click. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Play_It_Again_Sam [Oct 2005]


  • http://www.crammed.be Crammed Discs and associated labels, published the Telex remixes, ...
  • http://home.planet.nl/~frankbri/crestory.html Les Disques Du Crepuscule
    Over the past two decades Les Disques Du Crepuscule has proved to be one of the finest record labels on the Continent, with a high and lasting reputation worldwide. The Brussels based label -nowadays going in low gear- issued more than 350 titles on vinyl, cassette and CD, and also tried its luck in book publishing, video production and fashion. The sheer musical variety ranging from pop to jazz and from classical to experimental music; the hype-free treatment and presentation of the artists and the close attention paid to graphic design; these have delivered Crepuscule a very special name among the independent record labels that were founded in the late 70's and early 80's. -- Frank Brinkhuis
  • http://www.gonzocircus.com Belgian Dutch music and subculture magazine


    1. 2 many DJs - Various Artists[1 CD, Amazon US]
      Stephen & David Dewaele from Soulwax have created a new way of old-style DJ-ing, which is definitely influenced by great names like DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel. Their cutting technique just works in a major fashion, just listen to the intro by Emerson, Lake & Palmer Vs. Basement Jaxx. Others thrown into this past & present eclectic mix include Velvet Underground, Salt 'n Pepa, The Stooges, 10cc, Royksopp, The Breeders and... you get the idea. 45 tracks in 60 minutes!
      1. Cant Get You Out Of My Head (Soulwax Elektronic Remix) - Kyl 2. Wheres Your Head At (Head A Pella) - Basement Jaxx 3. Fuck The Pain Away - Peaches 4. Im Waiting For The Man - Velvet Underground 5. J Aime Regarder Les Mecs - Polyester 6. Dance To The Music - Sly And The Family Stone 7. Oh Sheila - Ready For The World 8. I Wanna Be Your Dog - Dakar And Grinser 9. Disko Kings - Ural 13 Diktators 10. The O Medley - Bobby Orlando 11. Silverscreen Shower Scenes - Felix Da Housecat 12. No Fun - The Stooges 13. Push It - Salt N Pepa 14. Joe Le Taxi - Hanayo With Jurgen Paape 15. Crush On You - The Jets 16. Funkacise - Funkacise Gang 17. Motocross Madness - Soul Grabber 18. French Kiss - Lil Louis And The World 19. Serious Trouble - Zongamin 20. Androgyny Thee Glitz Mix By Felix Da Housecat - Garbage 21. Disc Jockeys Delight Vol 2 - Frank Delour 22. Kaw Liga (Prairie Mix) - The Residents 23. Shake Your Body - Carlos Morgan 24. Into The Stars (Firebirds Remix) - Alapawezen 25. Concepts - Interstelllar 26. 99 Luftballoons - Nena 27. Independent Women Part 1 - Destinys Child 28. Dreadlock Holiday - 10cc 29. 9 To 5 - Dolly Parton 30. Eple - Royksopp 31. Death Disco - Arbeid Adelt 32. Keine Melodien Feat MJ Lan - Jeans Team 33. I Wish - Skee Lo 34. My Gigolo - Maurice Fulton Presents Stress 35. Cannonball - The Breeders 36. Human Fly - The Cramps 37. Danger High Voltage - The Wildbunch 38. Dont Bring Me Down - Op 1 Bastards 39. Hand To Phone - Adult 40. La Rock 01 - Vitalic 41. I Was Made For Loving You - Queen Of Japan 42. The Beach - New Order 43. Sandwiches - Detroit Grand Pubahs 44. I Sit On Acid - Lords Of Acid 45. Start Button - Streamer Feat Private Thoughts In Public Places [...]

    2. Marc Moulin - Top Secret [1 CD, Amazon US]
      Drawing on three decades of jazz playing, Belgian born keyboardist Marc Moulin produces a funky mix of acid-jazz back beats, rolling organ & guitar licks and (thankfully sparse) electronically enhanced vocals, pushed well above the "comfortably pleasant" zone by strong compositions, clever arrangements and effortlessly tight musicianship (including some excellent sax & trumpet breaks) that give virtually all of the tracks the hard edge needed to draw you back for more. Similar to Saint Germain's "Tourist" but with a much stronger pure jazz feel, the album flows from start to finish and, while a couple of tracks come dangerously close, avoids falling into the boringly lush waters of "hotel lobby background music" that engulf too many of his contemporaries. Supercool, interesting & fun - a rare combination indeed! -- A music fan from London [...]

    3. Eskimo Vol.1 - Various Artists [Amazon UK]
      1. Disco 4 - 33 & A Third 2. I can't go for that (no can do) - Hall & Oates 3. Say no go (bonus beats) - De La Soul 4. Planet E (Acid Drop mix) - KC Flight 5. Outta limits - Mission Control (1) 6. Awade (ah way day) (Stan's friendly mix) - Instant House 7. Get your own - Willis, Doug 8. You better (Es Cavalett mix) - Mount Rushmore (3) 9. STP - Mang, Ray & John Stitch 10. Flying machine - War (1) 11. Underwater (part 1) - Thumann, Harry 12. Disco drunkard - TET 13. Njia walk (street walk) - Fatback Band 14. Scraper (Psychonauts remix) - Liquid Liquid 15. Revival (original mix) - Girault, Martine Quite surprised to see no one has reviewed this amazing danceable funk-collection. Compiled by Belgium's finest dj-duo Mo & Benoelie. They pick the right tracks from any genre, as long as it's funks. You're just obliged to move!!... The True FunkMasters. --(cinematiq@angelfire.com) from Kortrijk,Belgium

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