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Belier Press

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From 1975 to 1986, Belier Press released 24 volumes of "Bizarre Comix". These were reprints of bondage cartoon serials from the 1950s, sold via mail order by Irving Klaw. The artists included Eric Stanton, Gene (Eneg) Bilbrew, Jim, Ruiz and Mario. Each volume was devoted to a single artist and included 2 or 3 complete serials and introductions by publisher J.B. Rund which contained important historical information on the artists and Klaw's business operations.

The original issues of Bizarre Comix are long out of print and highly sought after collector's items.

Through a collaboration between Belier Press and Bonvue, the first 5 issues of Bizarre Comix have been reissued. Each volume has been redesigned with full color covers and with new introductions by J. B. Rund. The reprint campaign unfortunately only lasted for the first 6 volumes, and it appears that no further issues will be forthcoming.

BIZARRE COMIX #1 - STANTON: "Diana's Ordeal" & "Perils of Diana"

BIZARRE COMIX #2 - ENEG: "Princess Elaine's Terrible Fate" & Dangerous Plight of Princess Elaine"

BIZARRE COMIX #3 - STANTON: "Priscilla, Queen of Escapes" & "Poor Pamela"

BIZARRE COMIX #4 - RUIZ: "Ruth's Wild West Adventures", "Lina Foils Female Western Bandits" & "Captives in Distress"

BIZARRE COMIX #5 - JIM: "Baroness Steel" & "New Adventures of Baroness Steel"

BIZARRE COMIX #6 - MARIO: "Captives of the Scientists", "Prisoners of the Inquisition" & "Rubber Queen's Captives"

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  1. The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline, 2nd Edition - John Willie [1 book, Amazon US]
    This is the Second Edition (Revised & Enlarged) of a work that was originally published in 1974 (144 pages, cloth) and sold over 26,000 copies in the US alone. It was translated into French, German and Italian, and was also made into a movie, THE PERILS OF GWENDOLINE (1984, directed by Just Jaeckin). This revised edition was published on December 9, 1999, the birthday of `John Willie`, as well as the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of the first edition. It contains 368 pages, which includes a wealth of previously unpublished and uncollected work by the artist. Also included in this expanded edition are 36 black and white reproductions of drawings and paintings (circa 1935-50), most from original artwork and all but 2 have never been published before. Along with the black and white illustrations are an equal number of full-color pages many of which are previously unpublished. The biographical introduction has been expanded to include much new information about J.W. - including 4 previously unpublished photographs of the artist! --amazon.com

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