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Bert Reid

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I just received this from Brian Chin:

December 15, 2004

To everyone I know, and please pass along these details:

I'm very sad to let my friends in music know that Bert Reid passed away Sunday, December 12 of lung cancer.

Bert was, of course, a key figure to our musical history since the very beginning of disco, when he was blowing us down with his sax in the horn section of Crown Heights Affair. Pull out your copy of "Dreamin' a Dream" and play both versions and you'll see there's more music in those two cuts than in the entirety of today's top 50. And I mean the pop top 50.

He became even more central to the evolution of music in the post-disco period, by the fusion of dance electronics with hardcore R&B elements, in progressive, atmospheric and wonderfully tuneful records like "I'll Do Anything for You" by Denroy Morgan, "Do It to the Music" by Raw Silk, and "I Hear Music in the Streets" and "Searching to Find the One" by Unlimited Touch, to name just a couple. His example of combining strong songwriting mechanics with the eclectic, enthusiastic fusion of the old and the new remains obvious in the later records of everyone from Madonna, Full Force, Teddy Riley and Robert Clivilles/David Cole all the way up to the crunkmasters of today who are using the same early-80s keyboard sounds. --via http://www.discomusic.com/people-more/3552_0_11_0_C/ [Aug 2006]


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