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Bitter Moon (1992) - Roman Polanski

"We were headed for sexual bankruptcy." --Oscar

"Just watch it Nigel. Anything you can do, I can do better." --Fiona

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Bitter Moon (1992) - Roman Polanski [Amazon.com]

Bitter Moon (1992) - Roman Polanski

  1. Bitter Moon (1992) - Roman Polanski [Amazon.com]

    Bitter Moon is a 1992 film starring Hugh Grant (Nigel), Kristin Scott Thomas (Fiona), Emmanuelle Seigner (Mimi), and Peter Coyote (Oscar). Directed by Roman Polanski. The film is also known as Lunes de fiel in France. The script is inspired by a book with the same name, written by the French author Pascal Bruckner. The score was composed by Vangelis.

    A very prim and proper British couple, Fiona and Nigel, are on a Mediterranean cruise ship to Istanbul, en route to India. They encounter another couple on the ship, the seductive French woman Mimi and her paraplegic American husband Oscar, who is a failed writer. The story unfolds as Oscar invites Nigel to his cabin where he recalls in a series of episodes, how he and Mimi met on a bus in Paris and fell in love. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitter_Moon [Dec 2005]

    Look beyond the titillation. In the end, this is a story about the boundaries of love and how easy we can flip between the two emotions.sadism and masochism, and how seemingly ordinary people can be drawn into fetishes. It's not a movie for everyone, just like putting on a pig mask and rooting around the bedroom isn't for all tastes, but the openminded can relate to the movie on some level. --Christopher Null, filmcritic.com, 1999

    This is one of those excellent films that gets unjustly overlooked at the theatres and by the public. the few that have learned to appreciate it have turned it into a cult classic. It's a romantic film that can be viewed sevral times as a result of the variety of emotions it stimulates. Love, hate, bitterness and laughter co-exist in this odd tale fileld with excellent character studies. The movie can be very romantic at times. The story of the meeiting of the Coyote and Seigner characters is simple, engaging and beleivable. The poignant and subtle score by Vangelis that accents the deeper scenes is one of his best-and most overlooked. Most appreciate the film for its - justly praised - eroticism. I rather enjoyed the study of human failure, of the symbiosis of love and hate that can exist in passion and both repressed and exuberant sexuality. Inevitably, Polanski also indicts traditional bourgeois values. Like many Polanski films there are also some very funny parts and some in the most unexpected situations. Find out for yourself what many have already discovered. -- alessandro bruno for amazon.com

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