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Bizarre magazine

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Bizarre: The Complete Reprint of John Willie's Bizarre, Vols. 1-26 (1995) - Eric Kroll
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BIZARRE: The Complete Works of John Willie reproduces the entire run of the rarest and most collectible fetish magazine ever created in an incredible 1540-page, boxed, double volume format packed with erotic images of women in high heels, silk hose, garter belts and panties--all bound, gagged, caged, whipped, hobbled, and humbled! A staggering 1650 illustrations, comics, and photos by the artist/author of Sweet Gwendoline. Book edited by Eric Kroll

Best of Bizarre (2001) - John Willie
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Pocket sized book by Taschen, best of the volume depicted above.


John Willie's Bizarre appeared from 1948 - 1959 at irregular intervals. Alongside articles, photographs, letters to the editor and drawings, mostly originating from the pen of John Willie himself, they contained Willie's classic comic strip "Sir d'Arcy d'Arcy" with the unforgettable Sweet Gwendoline. Willie is the recognized master of bondage photography and illustration.

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