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Bob Marley (1945 - 1981)

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Bob Marley is the most widely known writer and performer of reggae music, famous for popularizing the genre outside of Jamaica. In 1970, Bob Marley and his band teamed up with Lee "Scratch" Perry and his studio band, The Upsetters. Although the alliance lasted less than a year, they recorded what many consider the finest work by The Wailers. Marley and Perry split after a dispute regarding the assignment of recording rights. The output of the this 1970-1971 period was released on Soul Rebels (1970), Soul Revolution (1971), Soul Revolution Part II (1971), African Herbsman (1973) and Rasta Revolution (1974) on the Upsetter/Trojan label. [Aug 2006]


Robert Nesta Marley (February 6, 1945 - May 11, 1981), better known as Bob Marley, was a singer, guitarist, songwriter and Rastafarian from the ghettos of Jamaica. He is the best known reggae musician of all times, famous for popularising the genre outside of Jamaica. Much of his work deals with the struggles of the impoverished and/or powerless.

He was the husband of Rita Anderson Marley (who was one of the I Threes, who acted as the Wailers' back up singers after they became a global act). She had 4 of his 9 children, including David Ziggy Marley and Stephen Marley who continue their father's musical legacy in their band The Melody Makers. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Marley [Feb 2005]

Buffalo Soldier

This King Sporty mix of the classic Marley tune was originally released as a 12" acetate. Supposedly, it has never been released commercially, but it sounds remarkably similar to the discotheque mix of this song which appeared on the original cassette version of the Legend compilation. That was replaced by the more familiar, slower version which appears on a gazillion CD issues of Legend around the world (check under your bed or under the seat of your car, I'm sure you have a copy). This was a pleasant find for me, as I haven't heard this version in many years, not since I moved out of the big old frat-type house where I lived with a bunch of other students and spent many evenings sitting in a smoke-filled kitchen, playing endless games of gin rummy and listening to Marley, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Black 47, and They Might Be Giants. Never could find that version again. And I still haven't figured out the connection between Bob Marley and the theme song to the Banana Splits. Oi, yoi, yoi! OI, ya yoi, yoi!

Punky Reggae Party

While in exile in London [1977], Bob was introduced to punk bands, such as the Clash. Inspired by their efforts to expose various oppressive tactics used against racial minority groups, the fusion between punk and reggae was imminent. The result was the recording of 'Punky Reggae Party' with producer Lee Perry at the helm. A live version was recorded and released on Babylon By Bus. [...]


  1. Soul Rebels (1970) - Bob Marley & the Wailers [Amazon.com]

    Soul Rebels is an album by The Wailers, their first album to be released outside of Jamaica. The Wailers approached producer Lee Perry in August 1970 to record an entire album, and the sessions took place at Randy's Studio 17 in Kingston, Jamaica until November. First issued in the UK by Trojan Records in December 1970, the album has since been re-released several times on several different labels. Lee Perry's production is sparse and haunting, only featuring guitar, bass, drums and vocals with no horns or other embellishments. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soul_Rebels [Aug 2006]

  2. African Herbsman (1973) - Bob Marley [1 CD, Amazon US]
    1. Lively Up Yourself 2. Small Axe 3. Duppy Conqueror 4. Trench Town Rock 5. African Herbsman 6. Keep On Moving 7. Fussing And Fighting 8. Stand Alone 9. All In One 10. Don't Rock The Boat 11. Put It On 12. Sun Is Shining 13. Kaya 14. Riding High 15. Brain Washing 16. 400 Years
    [...] the "tinny" sound just comes with the territory (sometimes) when you delve into the older Wailers recordings. If you are new to the Wailers, this would not be my first recommendation, but it is a very fine album none the less, worthy of inclusion in any Marley collection. However, may I also recommend an alternative... "Bob Marley and The Wailers: The Early Years". You'll get a lot of the same songs, plus other great hard to find tunes, plus better sound. I normally hesitate to recommend "greatest hits" type albums but this one is exceptional and a safe bet if you're unable to collect each individual album from Bob's early work. Also, if you like "African Herbsman" or "...The Early Years" check out "Rasta Revolution"...a groundbreaking and overlooked gem, in my opinion. Any of the above mentioned albums are an excellent way to explore Bob's music before the more commercial Chris Blackwell production values came into the picture. A Lee Perry production. -- big_wheel from Los Angeles for amazon.com [...]

  3. Dreams of Freedom: Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub (1997) - Bill Laswell [Amazon US]
    I remember ignoring this album when it was originally released because the thought of an ambient Marley record sounded lame. What a terrible mistake on my part! This CD just flattened me! There's a lot more going on than just a typical dub remix so some purists may not dig it, but if you appreciate ambient and good dub this is all you. I can't believe how well these songs work in this context (with the possible exception of No Woman No Cry; it's good but not great.) This is a sweet record to chill out to or to put on when you want the mood laid back. It sounds cool in the headphones but in a good system with big bass it really opens up. Bass players take heed: Aston "Family Man" Barrett will take you to school and in this dubbed out mix he's never been more up front. Listen and learn.
    I was concerned that this was just an excuse to use the Marley name but it was obviously done with the love and respect that the music and Marley's spirituality deserves. Praise to Bill Laswell for doing it right. Wish I'd caught on sooner, but better late than never. --dubaddicted for amazon.com

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