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Body and Soul 1996 - 2003

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In 1996, Joe Claussell, Francois K and Danny Krivit open a Sunday afternoon party at Vinyl, Body & Soul aims to reproduce the spirit of the Paradise Garage.


Body and Soul was a New York party that was regularly held from 1996 - 2003. The DJs were Francois Kevorkian, Joe Claussell and Danny Krivit.


With Francois Kevorkian, Joe Claussell and Danny Krivit on the decks from 3:00 pm till 10:00pm every Sunday, there is no better place in the world to experience what House music is all about; positivity, unity and banging tracks. When you enter the legendary space the first thing you notice is the diverse mix of people. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, male, female, straight & gay, everyone is here to get along and groove to the best the New York underground has to offer. One of the few places where everyone seems to know the words to records that haven't even been released yet. --unidentified author

Like many in the crowd, resident DJs Francois Kevorkian, Danny Krivit and Joe Claussell are middle-aged veterans of Manhattan's 1970s underground disco scene; B&S is modeled on the legendary Loft, right down to the alcohol-free juice bar and fabulously crisp sound system. The crowd— a utopian mix of black and white, male and female, straight and gay, drugged and undrugged, shirted and shirtless— clearly don't recognize the rockist version of disco as the death of community and meaning. Soul classics by Stevie Wonder and Curtis Mayfield are dropped next to '90s deep house anthems, as if they're all part of the same sonic-spiritual continuum. Krivit sometimes cuts out the testifying choruses so the audience can participate, call-and-response style. --unidentified author

Every week for over two years now [July 1998], committed patrons of The Feeling have been privy to a varied, expertly mixed selection of music--from extended, loft-classic DJ-booth jams to Kraftwerk, Fela Kuti, and straight-up, pumping deep house music--all spun by a group of DJs that has been doin' it well from the get-go. Francois Kevorkian, producer, studio owner (Axis), and DJ extraordinaire, brings together an expert panel of DJs--Joe Claussell, Danny Krivit, and occasional guests--to form the "Body & Soul All-Stars," a summit meeting of the high council of beats, if you will. The crowd is as enthusiastic as the music is sweet. Loving and appreciative of each track, they come dressed to work it out properly: gym bags, backpacks, and towels are common accessories, and many bring an extra shirt to change into after working up a sweat. In short, it's good vibes all around from a party which is not afraid to affirm something in this time of musical and clubland ambiguity. On the real, if you go for music and dance, you owe it to yourself to check it out. --Darshan Jesrani [2002]


  • http://www.bodyandsoul-nyc.com Body and Soul web site
  • http://www.wavemusic.com Wave music, Francois K's label


  • Body & SOUL NYC, Vol. 1 - Various Artists [1CD Amazon US]
    1. Living in Ecstasy - Fonda Rae 2. Being Single [Mood II Swing Remix] - Valerie George 3. Until the Day - Funky Green Dogs 4. Time and Space - Francois K 5. Dangerous Vibes - Roy Ayers 6. Desire [Masters at Work Dub #3] - Nu Colors 7. Prayer - Jephté Guillaume 8. Why We Sing [Church Mix] - Kenny O. Bobien 9. Can You See the Light? [K.O.T. Mix] [K.O.T. Remix] - The Voices 10. It's Alright (I Feel It) - Jocelyn Brown 11. Escravos de Jo - Kerri Chandler 12. Don't She - Don-E
  • Body & Soul vol. 4 - Various Artists [1 cd, Amazon US]
    1. Fade - Solu Music feat. Kimblee 2. What A Surprise - Cooly's Hot Box 3. Give It Up - Rain, a Lil' Louis Painting 4. Father - Kenny Bobien 5. Earth Is The Place - Nathan Harris 6. Flying Saucer - United Future Organization 7. Conquistador - GU Essentials Pt. 3 8. Star Suite - Mondo Grosso feat. Monday Michiru 9. Slavery Days - 3 Generations Walking 10. Keep On Movin' - Frankie Knuckles feat. Nicki Richards 11. Finally - KOT feat. Julie McKnight 12. Stay - Calyn

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