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Body music

Parent categories: body - music

Related: body genre - dance music

Subgenres: electronic body music - disco music - house music

Tracks that contain body music in the title: Body Music (1981) - Strikers

House and disco

Disco and house are two music genres that were specifically made for dancing on the dancefloors of discotheques, later called clubs.

I have come to believe that disco and house are essentially the same music forms. Technology has changed, the drugs have changed, but disco and house are both music to dance to - music that the body feels and responds to first. [Feb 2006]

Not everyone understands house music

"Not everyone understands House music; it's a spiritual thing; a body thing; a soul thing." --Eddie Amador, 1997

See also: house music - 1997

Sampled from: "Together Forever" (1982)

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