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Breast fetishism

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Russ Meyer (March 21, 1922 - September 18, 2004) [image from Supervixens (1975)]

Chesty Morgan in Il Casanova di Federico Fellini/Fellini's Casanova (1976) - Federico Fellini

Chesty Morgan in Measurements: 73FF-32-36 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine) via http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0074291 [Nov 2004]

Breast fetishism

Breast fetishism is a pronounced fetishistic sexual interest in female breasts, their shape and most often their size. Quite common in American and Japanese culture, this fixation has led to cultural acceptance of and a predilection for female breast implants. Many adult film and pornography stars have capitalized on this cultural phenomenon by having their breasts enlarged to implausible sizes.

Although it is a cultural phenomenon in the adult film world, that can be seen as a reflection and exaggeration of the real world. Large breasts are seen as symbols of sexuality and attractive to men in large portions of the Western world. Sociologists and others have often tried to explain this in terms of natural selection and biology but conflicts exist over what is the true reason for men's attraction to large breasts. This can be seen in the rise in ordinary women getting large breast implants.

Not all breast fetishism concerns size. Some individuals have a fetishistic preference for breasts with large, dark, or puffy areolae (commonly, though incorrectly, referred to as "puffy nipples"), or to unusually long or thick nipples. These variations are all sufficiently common, for example, to rate individual binaries groups on Usenet. The puffy fetish, in particular, can be somewhat controversial, as this is a manifestation most common in pubescent girls (though it is not unknown in older women).

There are also a fetishism that deals with lactation. It is quite common in many hentai games/anime/manga, where busty girls will be able to lactate, despite not being pregnant.

More recent breast fetishism can be in part linked with the Canadian actress and glamour model, Pamela Anderson. She helped to amplify and normalize the trend, and her enhancement seemed to increase her stardom, and on some level render breast implants more permissible for women.

In comics, animation, and video games, where gravity is not a limiting factor, large-breasted female characters are fairly common; this is particularly true in American comic books, and Japanese anime and manga. --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breast_fetishism [Apr 2005]

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The big-breast lover

There’s something very lovable about the big-breast lover. They tend to be open, outgoing, physical, accepting of the flaws of women, happy with the functioning female body. They like the body that gets pregnant. They like the body that gives birth. They like the body that lactates. There wasn’t the picky demand for perfection. They tended to be more rural men. They tended to live in the red states rather than the blue states. They were often slightly less educated. They were the kind of guys who in their personal ads would say, “Fats welcomed! All ages okay!” They loved mom. --Dian Hanson (2005) http://www.sexwrecks.com/2005/02/dian_hanson.html [Jul 2005]

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Geographical differences regarding small breasts and big breasts

Q: Has your research shown a change over the years in what visuals turn men on?
A: Absolutely, but not in every country, say France, they kept the same visual esthetic pretty much front to back. The very first images, they were reasonably slim women with smallish, high-ish, firm-ish breasts and that’s where they are today. They started there; they stayed there. Latin-American countries, kind of the same thing, the butts and thighs got a little bigger with time, but still very similar bodies, always a slightly fuller figure.

The countries that were actively involved in World War II, Germany, the U.S., England, they all came out with the same alteration in the body type. Somehow the French escaped it. I can’t tell you what the Russians liked because the Russians just weren’t making any porn magazines. The U.S., England, and Germany before the war had the same sort of body type, which was influenced by France.

France was a major influence around the world, not just fashion and food, but erotic interests. They were the major producers of erotic magazines before the war, and everyone went for that same body type, young, high-breasted, and symmetrical.

After the war, the U.S., England, and Germany all came out with a desire for a very voluptuous figure. What was popular right after the war became more exaggerated into the 1950s and 1960s. All three countries began making magazines with breast emphasis in the 1950s. --Dian Hanson (2005) http://www.sexwrecks.com/2005/02/dian_hanson.html [Jul 2005]

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