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"After years of enlightening the dance music scene to the global groove, Quango re-emerges to bloom into the new century" - XLR8R

"Bruno Guez and Quango have assembled a futuristic beat orgy that's out of this world!" - SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER

"The re-launched Quango has the magic. The deep vibes can't be denied." - BPM CULUTRE

"Much of Quango?s output was astonishingly ahead of its time and presaged today's ubiquitous and constantly mutating global ethnicities-plus-electronica groove esthetic. Now Quango is back to move the sound further into the future." - CMJ

"Quango is a guiding light for world flavored electronic music." - LOS ANGELES NEW TIMES

Press Release

NEW YORK -- March 13, 2001-- Palm Pictures and Quango Music Group announced a joint venture to relaunch the Quango label. A new slate of compilations are set to be released in 2001.

The story of Quango begins with a battered mix tape made by Bruno Guez that fell into the hands of Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records and Palm Pictures. The forward-thinking global grooves that scratched their way through the speakers inspired an imprint deal for Quango via the Island label from 1995 through 1997.

The vision for Quango was created by Bruno Guez, the popular Los Angeles-based DJ, producer and tastemaker. Guez was joined by Jason Bentley (KCRW/KROQ DJ) to create the Quango aesthetic via compilations and artist albums that are widely acknowledged as being ahead of their time.

Releases included the first Kruder and Dorfmeister EP and Talvin Singh's Anokha. Compilations included Quango Abstract Vibes, Quango World Groove and the Journey Into Ambient Groove series. In all, some 28 titles were released through Island featuring early tracks by the likes of Tricky, Sneaker Pimps and Basement Jaxx, among many others.

Fast-forward to 2001. Bruno Guez and Chris Blackwell have again teamed up. Guez has compiled a series of releases that further push the notion of a global future sound. Featuring tracks from a combination of now-known (Jazzanova, Fila Brazilia, Tosca) and soon-to-be-known artists (The Funky Lowlives, Radar, Kaidi Tatham), Quango continues to be on the leading edge of global culture.

Quango is also developing a new, fully featured Web site to be launched this spring at In addition to information on the label and artists, the site will feature a Quango radio module, a lifestyle section with city-by-city culture guides and a global products marketplace.

Quango will continue to introduce new artists that cross boundaries and push the envelope of progressive global culture, Guez commented. I am thrilled to be working with Chris Blackwell again, who saw my vision from the very beginning.

I am very excited to be relaunching the Quango label with Bruno Guez, said Blackwell. We introduced the label first a few years ago when I was at Island, and in a very short time Quango created a following for their beautifully structured musical soundscapes.

The six Quango compilations slated for release this year are:

Quango Cosmic Funk -- London's most modern hybrid of dance music fused with modern soul, featuring The Funky Lowlives, Neon Phusion, New Sector Movements and more.

Quango Mystic Groove -- A downtempo excursion into the Asian underground, featuring dZihan & Kamien, Nitin Sawney, Najma, Stoppa & Nobby and more.

Quango Brazilified -- Where Brazilian rhythms collide with club culture, featuring Jazzanova, Mr. Gone, Da Lata and more.

Quango Space Jazz -- A downtempo excursion of trip hop, jazz and rock, featuring Tosca, Akasha, Love TKO and more.

Quango Dub Selector -- A contemporary look into modern dub by electronic artists, featuring Groove Corp, Seven Dub, Keiser Volten and more.

Quango Lush Life Electronica -- Hybrids in ambient electronic music to chill to, featuring John Beltram, Move D, Soul Circuit and more.


  1. Dub Selector (2001) - Various Artists [FR] [DE] [UK]
    1. Tempest Dub - Cottonbelly 2. Police And Thieves (G-Corp Remix) - Luciano 3. Le Dub - I:Cube 4. Rock It Tonight - Seven Dub 5. Babylon Dub - G-Corp 6. Andub Head Yudu - Grant Phabao 7. Dubolition - Grant Phabao 8. The Only Redeemer - Noiseshaper 9. A Dub Experience - St. Germain 10. How To Find Royal Jelly - The Lost Skrolls 11. Rain Showers (Bronx Dogs Dub Mix) - Sizzla 12. Divers - Boozoo Bajou

    Twelve electronic flavored dub tracks - compiled by Bruno Guez to keep you grooving with never-before-on-CD gems from Cottonbelly, Luciano, Sizzla, and St. Germain. Up from the deep bass vibrations of modern sound systems emerges a ruff n' tuff international crew continuing the legacy of dub. Inspired by the original dub scientists of the '70s, these next generation dub lovers pay their respect in a dub stylee with electronic decks and effects.

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