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About a half an hour train ride from Antwerp, which will bring you right into the center of the city. From there, head down via the Galeries St. Hubert to the Beurs for second hand vinyl on the main boulevards. Afterwards, stop for a drink at Fontainas or the Zebra.

Galeries St. Hubert (1846), Brussels

Galeries St. Hubert (1846), Brussels

In 1846 King Leopold I laid the first stone for the construction of the royal galleries Saint-Hubert in Brussels, designed by architect J. P. Cluysenaer as an enclosed shopping environment with a glass and metal roof. Although other enclosed galleries had been built in Europe, St. Hubert would be the oldest covered gallery to survive to the present day. --http://history.sandiego.edu/gen/soc/shoppingcenter2.html [Feb 2005]

Nuit de Chine

Nuit de Chine is the Brussels equivalent of Paris's Un Regard Moderne. It is one of the premier erotic shops in Europe. Visit their site at http://www.nuitdechine.be [Dec 2005]

Librairie Darakan

Visited Librairie Darakan (9, Rue du midi, 1000BXL, tel 02 512 20 76, email Jacques@darakan.net) A good selection of cult and fringe and erotica, books, cds, videos and DVDs. Jacques, the owner, speaks french. Ordered Underground Moderne, the book, there by phone today. --jahsonic 30 Aug 2003

Radio Panik

Whenever I am in Brussels, I tune into 105.4

Cinema Nova

Rue d'Arenberg 3
1000 Brussel
Avant Garde and Experimental http://www.nova-cinema.com/



  • Annick Tapernoux (jewellery), Vieux Marché aux Grains 28,02/512 43 79.
  • Christa Reniers (jewellery,top),rue Antoine Dansaert 29,02/514 17 73.
  • Les Précieuses (jewellery and bags),rue Antoine Dansaert 83 ;02/503 28 98.
  • Christophe Coppens (hats,bottom),rue Léon Lepage 2,02/512 77 97.
  • Elvis Pompilio (hats),rue du Midi 60, 02/511 11 88.
  • Hatshoe (shoes from Véronique Branquinho and Dries Van Noten and hats from Cécile Bertrand), rue Antoine Dansaert 89A,02/512 41 52.

    Eating out

  • Mappa Mundo, rue du pont de la arpe 2-6,02/514 35 55.
  • Da-Kao ,rue Antoine Dansaert 38,02/512 67 16.

    Second Hand Vinyl

    1. Pêle-Mêle, Lemonnierlaan 65, tel : (32) 02/512.29.91
    2. Arlequin Records, Rue de l'Athenée 7
    3. Disc O Sold, Adolphe Max 105
    4. The Collector, Beursstraat 24
    5. Discomania, Boulevard Lemonier 35

    New Music

    1. Dr. Vinyl, Groot Eiland 1, 1000 Brussel: new records, specialised in vinyl.
    2. Music Mania, Greepstraat 4, 1000 Brussel

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